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  1. I drove down North Main from downtown recently, and I noticed that very little has changed from the North Main I remember from my high school days.
  2. If the Saints care about their fans, then they should relocate to somewhere where there is a cheap supply of brown paper bags.
  3. This is probably not what you are looking for, but you may find it useful. It
  4. One of the things that gave me the biggest kick was to watch a boat racing across Lake Travis toward the shore to the right, turn and slowly motor past Hippie Hollow, then crank it to full throttle and speed back across the lake from where they came. Real subtle, huh?
  5. Austin landmark, The Oasis Restaurant, burned down Wednesday morning. Although the Oasis offered one of the most spectacular views in all the Hill Country, the food there was some of the worst I have ever had. It makes me question the cause of this fire. The owners have vowed to rebuild. I loved going there, so I hope they rebuild their food quality as well.
  6. Now I see why they were at the car lot!
  7. I think it was the green hue that some were attracted to.
  8. Just a bit of trivia here. Northwest Mall and Almeda Mall both opened at the same time. They were duplicates of each other, not only in the architecture, but in that they had the same stores in each. All the shelves in all the stores were stocked exactly alike.
  9. Actually, Dixie and Ron are the ones who bought the house next door from my mom. That
  10. Red light - warmer weather. White light - cooler weather. Green light - no change in view. Blinking light - rain is due.
  11. Are you saying the Olsen Twins are now being replaced by the Paris Twins? The name of the guy she is going to marry is Paris Latsis.
  12. I had heard that the Chiefs were relocating to Dallas and changing their name to the Dallas Texans?
  13. Ah, hah! So that's what happened to those guys! Those two dudes used to be in the parking lot of Clark Motors on N Shepherd. They disappeared some time ago and I wondered what happened to them.
  14. My main reason for moving to Bastrop was to get away from Houston and to be in a more laid-back surrounding. I absolutely love it there. I should be finished with this job here in Houston in a few days, then I will be in Bastrop permanently.
  15. Not sure I understand your question, RedScare. Stone veneer had no influence one way or another. I like the above house because of the design, especially given the fact that all the houses from bayou to bayou flooded. The single room on the ground floor is like an enclosed porch, and little damage would result from another flood. I also like the house because the original owners of the property were best friends of my family, and the wife was my godmother. Another feature is the drainage ravine in the back yard and easement, and the original place was terraced. It has great possibilities.
  16. Victor, I lived on 14th between Beall and Turkey Gully next to the tin house. It was the family residence from
  17. I was baffled by this post because I couldn
  18. The weather globe was advertised on TV and radio, and there was a jingle that went with the ad explaining what the colors meant. Does anyone recall the words to the jingle?
  19. I thought Houston was going to get it for sure, especially when the Houston Group offered both Janet and Michael in the deal!
  20. My girlfriend went to a shower last night, and I told her how to get there:
  21. It just makes sense to have a main road on both sides of the bayou, otherwise you would have congestion crossing bridges, or else you would need at least 10 bridges along the way.
  22. I can't believe no one has picked the Cotton Exchange Building.
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