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  1. What about the old Spolyar's Holiday Motel at 10001 South Main Street?
  2. If they put the tracks back through the Heights, I would love to see a spur going through
  3. Growing up on 14th and Beall, and again while living in Timbergrove on Bay Oaks, I would hear the noises from the Eureka yard with the engines revving up and freight cars banging together. It was quite loud at times; loud enough to startle a visitor hearing it for the first time. But I got used to the noises, and, in fact, grew to like the sound being a train aficionado as I am. I would often walk down to the overpass and watch the switching operations. But they cut off that end of the yard, as well as all the track east of the yard that ran through the Heights.
  4. Yes, post them here! Actually, I wish we had a category just for historic Houston - stories and photos.
  5. You mean blending into the surroundings like he did downtown with all the gaudy, garish, glowing blue lights? Not only are those lights an eyesore, they are nearly blinding at night. I can
  6. But, what sort of grass mileage did it get?
  7. My ride. OK, so I don't ride it anymore. But I used to. It was as solid as a Rock, and eventually sank like one!
  8. Yeah, but who would want to be a Teasip from Lamar? Keep in mind this question comes from a Reagan Rat.
  9. As far as I can tell by looking at an aerial photo map, there is one set of tracks from The Woodlands to Spring, and at least two sets of track all the way in to the North Loop. From the Loop to Downtown there are two parallel routes that rejoin at a point just north of Downtown and I-10. The eastern segment is joined by the line running out US 59 at around Collingsworth.
  10. What an ugly piece of crapulence that is!
  11. I passed this site just this morning. They have poured a couple of the driveways so far. I did note the Web site of the builders. Hovnanian Enterprises
  12. Was this building called Farb Tower? Farb built a tall building named for himself sometime before Carolyn divorced him and took all his money.
  13. The main thing is that Houston is the city of my birth, and I am very proud to say that. This is a great city to make a living raise a family in. I
  14. Oh, yeah? And just what was hit ERA for those two outings???
  15. Pope John Paul was a foreign head of state, he was never a resident of this county, he never personally did anything to benefit this county, and, in fact, he never even visited this county. Why should we have a county park for him? If someone wants to pay tribute to someone because they are a religious icon, then locate the tribute on the property of a religious institution. My personal feeling is that the pope and his organization has done and are doing a great deal of harm to the world, especially to Mexico with its assinine stand on birth control. Houston is experiencing the negative effects that doctrine with the flood of illegal aliens we have in this city. No, I do not want my tax dollars spent on that man. But then, I didn
  16. Seems like when a great number of pictures are posted, people should provide a link to them rather than post each and every one of them on the page. It would take cut down considerably on the amount of storage space needed, and it would make posting the photos much easier.
  17. It is my feeling the METRO is somewhat of a dictatorship and is gonna do whatever the hell they want to do no matter what the voters want them to do. I think there needs to be a great deal more accountability from the transit authority. I thought their handling of Shirley DeLibero and her fake degree was irresponsible and a bit racist.
  18. This could be a house on Crestwood on the eastern edge of Memorial Park south of Memorial Drive. If so, the photo would have been taken from the River Oaks golf course and across Buffalo Bayou.
  19. If you look at the far right building, the thing on top is the Weather Ball that indicated the weather forecast by using different color lights. This was discussed here recently.
  20. Great photos! Feel free to post more if you like. The first photo must have been taken just before construction on the Humble Building began.
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