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  1. My favorite cheerleading group is the one from Al Edwards High School. Those girls really know how to
  2. Kind of spooky that London's transportation system is being discussed. This is a big reason why I didn't want Houston to get the Olympics. We probably would have become a target.
  3. The area where I was raised is called Clark Pines. It is comprised of West 14th and 14th 1/2 west of Dian. From Dian to Shepherd from 16th to 13th is Heights Annex. You won
  4. I sure do need a good riding lawnmower for my place in Bastrop. I wonder if I could swap my wife for a decent one?
  5. Well, I got off to a great start. I almost didn
  6. Key Maps not only show subdivisions on the maps, they have a list of subdivisions in the index.
  7. Yeah, but once they bathed it in bright blue light, it would have been transformed into a thing of beauty!
  8. Maybe some of you caught this episode of
  9. I'm with BayouCityGirl - my highest priority is waking up in the first place. One of these days, I'm gonna be really pissed when I don't wake up.
  10. I'm way ahead of you guys! There's no way in hell I'd paint over that lettering. But then, there
  11. Thatnk, Subdude! They can tear down those old icons from the past, but no one can destroy the memories of them.
  12. Just shows to go you how tasteless the networks are and just how low they will go with this "reality" TV crapulence. Is common decency and family oriented programming that far out of style?
  13. The Exxon Building most certainly was called the Humble (silent
  14. Do you have a photo of Pier 21 Restaurant? It was on Main or Fannin just south of Holcomb. The front center of the building was the prow of a ship. I went to a number of dances at Sylvin Beach including (ahem) both of my senior proms. Anyone ever go there before? Is it still in operation?
  15. My mom used to live next door to Dixie, and she and Ron bought Mom's house. That was the only house I ever knew growing up.
  16. What about King's Court Motel at 9100 South Main Street? Edit: Also known as King Motel At 9101 South Main St.
  17. I never went to the Yacht, but I used to see it when we went out South Main. It was owned by the Prince family of Prince Edit: The Yacht Restaurant On South Main St. May 31, 1951
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