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  1. I would rather see a "destination" along the bayou rather an "event" as a means to draw in tourists. Naturally, we could have both. But I'd like to see ongoing activities more than anything.
  2. At one time not so long ago, there was at least one used car lot on every single block between Tommie Vaughn and the North Loop. I haven
  3. No, I mean my mom wouldn't let me see it! Still won't!
  4. I have seen a number of links to some of the many stories from this site, but, as you can see by reading the stories, there would be plenty of areas of interest that could be covered by boat. Buffalo Bayou I was looking at this site just this morning and saw the photo of the drawbridge that is directly under the Hwy59 overpasses. I never knew this bridge existed, and I have been here for 57 years! Has it been that well hidden? Or am I just blind to my surroundings?
  5. Develop a riverwalk along Buffalo Bayou from downtown to Montrose. Put up some kiosks or booths along the bayou; maybe have a monthly arts and crafts fair. Build a few stages along that area for concerts. Have the City run or contract out a boat rental facility, or offer historic tours through downtown along the bayou. Naturally, occasional flooding would have to be considered.
  6. I never saw that movie. When it was released, my mom wouldn't let me go see it because she said it would be too scary. Now, my son said it wasn't that bad, but Mom still siad "No!"
  7. Back in the late 70s, I believe many of the rooms at the Carrousel rented by the hour. They advertised X-Rated movies in the rooms, and there was a club at the motel where many of the women there had
  8. Sprawl is a "choice", and I am Pro Choice.
  9. There is a suburb in SE Houston that is car-free. It
  10. Two of my favorite places in South Austin are Matt
  11. Just found this on Paul Boesch's military record: Paul Boesch served in the US ARMY during WWII and eceived many awards, including a purple heart and cluster; a silver star and cluster; a bronze star and cluster; a French Croix de Guerre with star; a Combat Infantryman's Badge; a Distinguished Unit Citation, & a distinguished citizen's award from the 121st Infantry Association.
  12. I bought my place in Bastrop a little over a year ago, 8 acres off Hwy 304 on south side of Cedar Creek. My girlfriend is the one looking for a house there, and she will move just as soon as her one in Houston sells.
  13. Love all the rain, but I got a small taste of things to come. I grilled hamburgers last night and I was swarmed by an army of small mosquitoes!
  14. After the person told me that, I recalled how many listings there were in that area for 5-acre lots. It makes sense now. Thanks for the link, RedScare. That looks like quite a bit of useful information.
  15. People who go on and on and on about how they were abducted by aliens as though they were the only ones who had ever been abducted by aliens or that their alien abduction was more bizarre than anyone else
  16. While in Bastrop recently, I made mention of an area with nice homes on large lots. I questioned why someone would want that large of a yard, and I was told that, since the area had no sewer system, 5 acres was the minimum lot size to support a septic system. Is anyone familiar with this rule? Is it a local or State requirement?
  17. My dad went to a wrestling match one time and was standing in a small group as Irish Danny McShane walked by. Someone yelled something not-so-nice to McShane, and he whirled around and saw Daddy and threw a punch at him thinking it was he who made the comment. The blow just grazed my dad, and he was more surprised than he was angry. McShane and Curry were from an era that included Pepper Gomez, Killer Kowalski, Mr. Moto, Dory Funk, Junk Yard Dog. Haystacks Calhoun (or maybe it was Uncle Elmer) used to come into the ring accompanied by a couple of chicks. Not girls, but live chickens. My grandma used to watch wrestling from the City Auditorium religiously, and I would watch it when I stayed with her. Paul Bosch still fought on occasion in the early 50s. Few people know that he was a highly decorated war hero from WWII. I also remember an old lady who always sat in the first row used to yell at the bad guys, and would go after them with a folding chair when they were thrown out of the ring. I
  18. Since we are on Daylight Savings Time, how many hours difference are we from Zulu Time?
  19. It was Bull Curry. He was huge and so hairy that he had just one eyebrow that went all the way across his forehead. All the kids would flock around him, and he just loved the attention. He may have been a terror in the ring, but he was just a little kid at heart.
  20. Many a time I walked through those doors to be greeted by a one-eyebrowed hulk of a gentle giant. Any clue who he was, Tbird?
  21. Even though I have a clear recollection of things when I was 3 and 4 years old, my memories of the Playland races are a bit fuzzy. But there may have been underlying reasons for that. I remember the very first circus I went to, and all I remember from the event is standing on the steps of the house still crying about the poor guy who someone had shot out of a cannon. I may have been frightened of the races, or maybe by a crash or two. I just don
  22. Roger Ward, big Indy racer. Billy Wade, local sensation. You are so right, Tbird. Even as I wrote that, something didn't seem right. Thanks for the correction. BTW, Billy's brother was my once upon a time father-in-law.
  23. The drill team in the photo is the Reagan Red Coats. They were pretty famous in their day.
  24. According to my research, Queen Theater was located at 613 Main Street in Downtown.
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