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  1. Maybe it's because there are lots of us computor nurdds on here?
  2. If we shipped them to SoDa, maybe no one would even notice?
  3. What, me sarcastic? No, I was serious. I think the residents should band together and physically confront the criminals and take photos and video of their activities. I am sure there will be the argument against this idea for it being too dangerous. But, sometimes you have to take chances in order to keep your home and neighborhood safe. If drug dealing gets out of hand, then next thing you
  4. The ones they showed would take their clients through a split in the fence and do their thing. After the ladies left, they showed what was behind the fence - something like a tarp on the ground amid a pile of junk.
  5. I think I see now. So, if Timbergrove is underwater, then at least the bikers can cross the bike bridge. OK, so I
  6. What we need is a vigilante group to go around and shoot people who are dealing drugs, soliciting prostitution or whomever they find suspect of any other nefarious crime. Yes, I said
  7. I think with a little hard work and determination, Houston can regain the top spot again!
  8. RedScare, I know exactly what you are talking about, especially regarding the houses in the Heights. There were a number of wonderful mansions torn down, and one in particular, the Mills House, the largest and possibly the most beautiful in the Heights was razed and replaced by an ugly apartment complex. And when I had heard that the Cooley House had been torn down, I wanted to cry. However, back when these structures were being torn down, no one wanted a huge house in a run-down neighborhood. They tried to save the Cooley house, but it was vacant, and transients were living in it. It not only became an eyesore, it became a hazard. So I can understand why it had to go. That is why I am so grateful to Alan Bies who bought and restored the Milroy House, and to Bart Truxillo for his work on the house at Harvard and 18th. I firmly believe they are greatly and directly responsible for the resurrection of the Heights. That being said, had I been the owner of one of those old Heights mansions, and I was told by the government that I could not tear down my own house and build what I wanted in its place, and if no one was willing to pay a fair price, I would have not have been a happy camper. After all, this is Texas, and we Texans don
  9. There was also a theater called Almeda Theatre that opened in 1941 that was located at 5614 Almeda Boulevard. Anyone recall this theater?
  10. Many of the old theaters are still around today, but in another form. The Alabama is now a Bookstop. The Tower is ??? something, but not a theater. The Heights is an antique shop. The Stude is a church, I think. The Garden Oaks used to show Mexican films, but not sure what is in there now. I don
  11. Wasn't there one at S Main and OST? I could have sworn there was still one on 43rd between Jester and Rosslyn, but that one is a Mitiburger. Same concept, I think.
  12. Anybody remember Shopper's Fair? That was the very first discount store that I can remember here. There was one on Shepherd at Pinemont across from St. Pius.
  13. I went to Love Elementary across the street and next block down, and even at that age, I had high anticipation of the new cars coming out every year. Back then, all the car makers revealed their new lines at about the same time (October). As the time neared, I would walk by that very showroom every afternoon on my way home just to see if the new Fords were out yet. That photo must have been taken in
  14. As I recall, most or all of the 7-11s becaume U-Tote-Ms (You tell 'em "U-Tote-M"), and then became Stop-n-Go later.
  15. The draw bridge pictured above is to be part of the hike and bike trail.
  16. Clark Motors in on Shepherd. They have been in Houston since the 40
  17. I am not an engineer, but it seems to me there would have been a way to add a small strip to the side of the existing bridge on 11th. Maybe it would have been wide enough to only allow for one-way traffic at a time. But I was at or by the bridge site enough to know that bike traffic across that monster bridge was very sparse. Many people used the hike and bike trail that ran along the bayou, but very few ever used that bridge. The worst case of bike lanes on streets that I know of is at 43rd and 290. There were three eastbound lanes at that intersection, and creating the bike lane cut that down to two lanes. You now have people jockeying for position to get ahead of the traffic and still be able to cut over to the right lane to turn. It also
  18. HeightsGuy, my grandmother lived at Waverley and 14th, and, as a kid, I used to go down and watch the trains pass along there all the time. So I imaging a great deal of my desire to see rail along there is out of nostalgia. I really haven
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