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  1. "Debbie Does Dallas"? Never heard of that one. Is that a new show on HGTV?
  2. RedScare, The new CVS is at Yale and 20th where the old Danburg
  3. If they change the Foley*s at Northwest Mall to Macy
  4. Somebody wake me up when they finish the Katy Freeway. On second thought, don't bother. I'll probably be long gone by that time.
  5. In doing a search for Playland Park and the races they used to have featuring AJ Foyt and Billy Wade led me to a blurb about there being a racetrack at Arrowhead Park. I am pretty sure I know where it was because I remember seeing the monorail off South Main past where it makes the bend at the conjunction with Holmes. However, all my searches for Arrowhead came back with the stadium in KC. Now, there used to be stock car races in the late 60
  6. I say goodbye and good riddance! The name
  7. Do you mean the one across the bayou?
  8. Out of all the grocery chains in Houston, both past and present, Fiesta is my favorite. We normally shop at the one on I-10 at Blalock or the one at Willowbrook, but even the older, less appealing stores like the one on Shepherd at 25th usually has nice produce. I love going to the Farmer
  9. That last good Corvette was the '67 Stingray. I never liked them after that.
  10. How about this one? Boom ba ba boom ba ba boom ba ba "Buy your Chevrolet from Persia. Mike Persia Chevrolet. Buy your Chevrolet from Persia. Mike Persia Chevrolet." BTW, there was a post about Tommie Vaughn's passing last week.
  11. There is only one Fiesta left in Austin - on I-35. There was one on SoCo, but it closed. There are stores in Dallas and Fort Worth and possibly one in Waco. Randall's is - well, I could care less, actually. I detest Randall's and avoid them like the plague.
  12. Wow, lowspark, I had forgotten all about the playground below the movie screen. You are so right that it was a different time back then. The
  13. Maybe it was the food what done 'em in, and that's why they are haunting the place?
  14. Dora's tush isn't as pert as Tiff's, and Dora has seen better days physically, so I doubt she would be hired at any upscale joints.But then, Dora will definitely give you her phone number.
  15. It would depend on whether Tiffany gives me her phone number or turns me down flat!
  16. What I am uncomfortable with is that Tiffany at Pappasito
  17. That reminds me of the black tie cattle auctions they used to have at the Shamrock Hilton.
  18. My guess is that apartment construction will outpace house construction. That means more of the same for AISD.
  19. Well, you know how those Utahans like to party and raise hell.
  20. Are they the ones whose chirping grows louder and more persistent until they drive you to buy insurance?
  21. Those aren't those really dangerous tree frogs, are they?
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