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  1. I have a not-so-fond memory of that drinking fountain. I went to the zoo with my mom and my sister’s first-grade class, so I would have been 4, and the year would have been 1952. There were two drinking fountains side-by-side; one being the loin and the other was, I think, a hippo. The group stopped for a drink, and there was a mad rush for the fountains. Well, even though I was only 4, I was a heck of a lot smarter than those durn first-graders. The dummies were all in one long line at one of the fountains, and no one seemed to notice that the other one wasn’t being used. So I walked up to the second one. Just as I started to take a drink, the whole group (it seemed) started laughing at me. I was at the “wrong” fountain. OK, it’s 1952, and it was Houston, so I think you get the picture. I believe that incident, as traumatic as it was being taunted like that, actually made me more aware growing up to the idiocy of and the mental pain caused by segregation, and of Jim Crow attitudes. So there was a positive side to this bad experience. But I will always remember that lion, and how it had such a huge influence in my thinking growing up.
  2. Mary Kay was one of many reknowned Reagan alumni. She would never tell her age, but she graduated with Racehorse Haynes, so it was easy to figure out.
  3. I was there around 1980. Somewhere in my box of photos I have pictures of the pool, including two showing a guy in mid flight jumping from the cliff above. He was wearing a swimsuit, but I don
  4. I unhooked my TV last January, but about a week or two before the vote on the bailout, I was at GF
  5. Tbird, sorry you had to get rid of your car. I was going to invite you to enter it into the Bastrop Car Show this Veteran
  6. I never considered the problem of non-working traffic lights until I talked to some Houstonians in Warrenton/Round Top the other day. Are those intersections being treated as 4-way stops? Or is someone directing traffic though them? I always thought manual traffic control would be a good use for otherwise useless METRO Bus Cops. Any time there is a wreck or stalled car on the freeway, I think they should send a Bus Cop out to control traffic around the incident.
  7. Can anyone recommend a good company for an A/C install in The Woodlands? I have a friend there in need of a new system. I tried the N,A,R.I. site, but they didn
  8. Ain't that the truth. I'd sooner believe Flynn than those two Bozos.
  9. Another crackpot raking in the dough from suckers who but into this horse hockey.
  10. I understand why you would say that, but in a way, I disagree. I don
  11. I was living in Timbergrove when Alicia hit. The eye passed right over me as the winds were strong in one direction, then calm, then strong again in the other direction. I lived on Timbergrove Street and Jester backed up to Turkey Gully. I lost power for 9 days because the power feed came from Wynnewood rather than Jester, and I was one of, if not the last one to get power back in all of Timbergrove. I had a limb fall and slightly dent my car trim, but that
  12. Unless it's burried in one of the links here, no one mentioned cash! Some stores wothout power may may be open for cash sales, and it just makes sense to carry some extra cash with you in emergencies.
  13. This is similar to growing your own tomatoes to save from having to pay $2 a pound for them in the stores. After buying the plants and all the materials, watering and feeding the plants, you could easily cut your cost down to about $8 a pound. Yes, you could do your own electrical work, but it could cost you much more in the long run.
  14. I have a friend in Corpus I tried to find accommodations for here in Bastrop. They got a couple of rooms at Roadway Inn in Austin, so there are still rooms to be had in this area. I am smart enough to know that there is no way to say for certain where the storm will come ashore, or where it will head afterward. I am not in a direct path at this time, but could get some pretty bad stuff before it
  15. I saw an organ grinder numerous times at Merchants Park, usually in front of Walgreen's. I miss all the push carts selling tamales around town, although I'm not sure I would buy from those vendors today.
  16. Was that anything like Captain Harold's Theater in the Sky (I think that's what it was called)?
  17. Ray Naggin' has already taken precautionary measures - he has moved all school busses to the Astrodome.
  18. Well, at least the name is current. I mean, isn
  19. No, it was my dog Heights2Bastrop that convinced me to make the move here. He was a pretty smart dog, but not as influential as my cat, FootInMyMouth.
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