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  1. Actually, there are only two lights in Bastrop, and another west of the city at 1209. I have made this comment before, that as far as I know, Texas is the only State in the nation that does not have an interstate between its largest city and capitol.
  2. The photo is looking south, isn't it? Buff Stadium is off to the left? If so, Prince's should have been on the left of the freeway and on the other side of Cullen. It's not what I can see, but where I remember Prince's being located. BTW, did you know Jax is the only beer that ever had a picture of its brewery on the lable?
  3. LBJ pushed through Civil Rights legislation when he became President. I wonder if it would have passed if it were left up to the public to vote on back then?
  4. I liked Lasher, but he was just too laid back, bordering on dull. He always reminded me of an old washed-up matinee idol from the 30s. Speaking of Pat Flaherty, he was one of 4 men who rode horseback into Houston back in 1952 to kick off the Houston Fat Stock Show and Rodeo. This was the start of the Salt Grass Trail Ride. Edit: Houston Fat Stock Show Rodeo January 1955
  5. Thanks for the photo, JR. I can see the Scott-Attwater sign on the right. I was trying to find Prince's, but I can't see a sign for it. It should be just to the right of the GAS*OIL sign.
  6. I saw a report years ago (possibly 60 Minutes) where they compared what the VA charged versus what Medicare/Medicaid (not sure which) charged. Of the examples given, one was for the same bandage. The VA charged something like 17
  7. Talking about old car dealerships, no one mentioned Frizelle Pontiac. They had a plane fly slowly over the city with a loudspeaker proclaiming,
  8. I believe the Grand Prize sign was at the exit for Buff Stadium right next to (or over) a boat place at or near the corner that sold Scott-Attwater boat motors. I remember that because I got a small boat for Christmas with a motorized Scott-Attwater outboard motor on it, so there was that name recognition.
  9. I never knew Pat Flaherty was ever on TV. I used to stay at my grandmother
  10. I disagree with the contention that Socialized Medicine won’t work in the US. Not only can it, it does work. I can attest to that. I go to the VA clinic in Austin, and I have never had better care in my life. When I have an appointment, I am usually out the door within 30 minutes of my appointment time. In some cases, I get called early and I am gone even before my appointment time. However, the services I receive are limited. They will do a coloscan test where you submit fecal samples, but they won’t do a colonoscopy. I have had kidney surgery twice to have large stones cut out, and I had my shattered wrist and torn rotator cuff repaired after a fall. Yet they won’t remove a planter’s wart from my toe. I am relatively healthy, and I have had few special needs outside of the mentioned surgeries, so I don’t know what the limits of available care are. But that’s the way I see Socialized Medicine – it should cover the basic care and emergencies, and focus mainly on preventive care. Things like organ transplants would have to be covered under private insurance. The medical profession is out of control. Costs are prohibitive, and thus insurance premiums are outrageous. If the government is going to supplement insurance costs, then all they are doing is supporting high medical costs. Instead of providing the insurance, why not provide the care instead. It would be a hellova lot more cost effective that way.
  11. There was a previous thread here about the monorail. I didn
  12. DVR, VCR, Tivo - sounds almost as confusing as in golf where they rerfer to a guy using a "metal wood". A 3-metal just doesn't sound Kosher.
  13. There is not a single bordertown I would set foot in today. It just ain't worth it!
  14. I realize that two new bars on the same street do not exactly indicate a trend. Does anyone foresee this area along W20th as a new hot spot for clubs and restaurants? Are there other new businesses going up along there?
  15. When I lived in Timbergrove, many residents sent their kids to Sinclair because Love was under funded, and the school was a poor performer. I looked at a recent list of HISD schools and was surprised (pleasantly) to see that Love was now rated
  16. JRH, I was looking at some pictures a little while ago of that snow in
  17. There used to be one at Tidwell at Antoine, but I think that closed. Don't remember one at 43rd and Jester.
  18. I just read an article that said Comcast will discontinue that commercial because a study showed viewers were annoyed by the character. The are replacing Sam with Billy Mayes, but only because the ShamWow guy was unavailable.
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