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  1. Developers always say that. In Florida the growth management act ties development to natural area preservation, ie, for every X acres you develope, you have to preserve x acres or participate in some form of environmental mitigation. Native trees have to be preserved on properties, etc. Yet development here goes at such a rapid rate, it makes houston and austins growth rates in the 70s and 80s look like a depression.
  2. Manatees from Florida occasionally venture as far as Houston or Connecticut- about the same time that one was seen in Texas, another was seen in Connecticut, and moved back to Florida. It was tagged, and it has made the trip twice up north, and gets shipped back. I don't know where Mason park is, but in the early 1970s, I was on Braes Bayou west of Fondren at night, and we observed what we thought were small turtles on the concrete walking in circles- approximately 10 of them, walking in a big circle. We watched for perhaps an hour from the top while we talked, and then went down for a closer look- they were wood roaches, and they were holding their wings up perpendicular to their bodies and flapping them as they walked in a circle of perhaps a meter in diameter. Never seen such behavior before or since. The san francisco aquarium used to make a joke about everything being bigger in Texas, and claimed that the largest freshwater fish in the world were alligator gar from San Jacinto bay. In the 1960s there was a catfish restaraunt on the eastern end of lake steinhagen that had a mounted alligator gar that was between 8 and 10 feet long.
  3. It was in the lamar terrace area, south of westhiemer and west of post oak or even chimney rock I think. I went there in the 1950s, and lived in Lamar Terrace till 1958.
  4. I lived on Arboles street in Wesbury from 1958 till 1977 (At least my family did). I rememer watching them pave Hillcroft, hearing cows at night across Hillcroft, and watching the lights from the train from Arboles street, when there were few houses between that street and Main. I used to play on the ruins of the monorail that was near the corner of Fondren and Main. I remember "wolf corner" and the last of the red wolves, and the blue light cemetary (neither one are in westbury). Westbury Square was great in the 1960s. I remember buying posters from concerts at the Fillmore in San Francisco at Cargo Houstons, and Electric Paisley was my favorite shop. I was a blacklight artist for a number of years. I made sand candles with wax from the candle shop and scents from the "scent shop"- whose name I forget. I recently added a discussion in wikopedia on westbury square. It is interesting to note that the New Urbanists are now espousing westbury square type designs even in houston, and claiming to be the first to advocate pedestrian friendly cities inspired by Italy, and townhouses. The square was a good 40 years before its time. I remember the parking lot that was in a big hole, and I heard as a child that there was going to be a lake on the east side of the square. Does anyone know anything about this?
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