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  1. I remember a discussion in the 1970s about a location out west where all the highrises lined up-downtown, med center, galleria and sharpstown. The idea was you could get a shot that looked like manhattan from new jersey. Does anyone know a location where this could happen?
  2. Littering is more prevalent in Texas but it is also a common element in lesser developed countries, and in areas like Appalachia. I teach a cultural landscape course in Florida and when I show students slides of the Texas landscape, there are always comments about the litter. In fact, I now tell them that you can always identify a Texas landscape because roadside beer cans are 30 feet apart.
  3. I was told that the rose garden was there in the thirties. My grandfather had a wreck there. Folkore that I heard in the 1960s was that the fountains were put in at public expense but were actuall the cooling mechanism for the Warwick.
  4. The original version began in Florida in the 1920s. A series of spanish and italian styles (italian renassaince, spanish renassaince, mission, spanish eclectic, monterrey style) were popular, and elements were mixed together to create a new style by a would be architect (Addison Mizner never could pass a college entrance exam) with an eye for style, elite connections and a desire to be a society architect. He connected with Stanford White, met his first patron, Paris Singer and came to florida and built some 40 houses in Palm Beach. By 1926 he was disgraced, having developed the boca raton hotel and falsely marketed its earnings and potentials. The "style"stopped at this point. It was apparently revitalized in the late 1970s and early 80s when the boca raton historical society began promoting the city founder, Mizner and Neo versions of his architecture. By 1990 it was the dominant style, with many communities banning any other style. Even McDonalds must build in this style in some communities. I am trying to come to grips with its rise in popularity.
  5. Are these infilling or rebuilds, or whole developments by the likes of lennar and centex, as we have here.
  6. The german library of information in NY published a periodical in the us called Facts in Review. It is full of maps. They show things like the Czech threat to the existance of germany (czech bombers could reach all of germany, hence the nation is living on borrowed time till they annex Czechslovakia. Never mind that there was not a Czech air force. Others show the polish plans for invasion, britian as the aggessive nation (compares the area of german to the area of britain and its commonwealth)
  7. I am doing research on neomediterranean architecture in south florida. This would be a revival of the 1920's Addison Mizner architecture. In many communities in Palm Beach county, it is illegal to build anything else. Clearly it is dominate after some time in the 1980s: pink stucco with red barrel tile roofs. When I left Houston in 1979 it seemed that the garage dominant L ranch style was still the main style. I wonder if there is any of this post 1970 revival architecture in Houston. Is is common anywhere, or was it a trend at any time?
  8. When we went to see movies that were boring to children, I remember watching the red blinking SAGE department store sign on Hillcroft. I also remember it being nicer in the snack bar and enjoying the playground.
  9. Urban planning would control the mix. There would still be low income apartments in every neighborhood but not in the densities that undermine communities.
  10. Cargo Houston, which also sold fillmore and Avalon posters. I had forgotten about Gramaphonics
  11. Hello, I did not see your posting about mrs. deats till today,

    Feb 12, but I replied.

  12. once magical place. My love for Architecture began as a young boy, hanging out at Westbury Square. (Tom Williams) Very well put. I had the same experience, and also it stimulated my interest in architecture. Now I teach an upper division college course on the American Cultural Landscape, with an emphasis on vernacular architecture, and it started with the contrast between tacky ranches (not the tasteful mods) and the european influence square. We have many new urbanist projects that attempt a similar thing here in south Florida, but none of them have the feel, the smell, the magic of that amazing collection of independent craftsmen and shops. I cant imagine how such a collection could have come together.
  13. I do.. she was my first grade teacher at St. Thomas Elemetary school near Meyerland Plaza in about 1958-59. Then soon after that she started "The Little Red School House" which I understood to be a day care???(I was 7 at the time). Wasnt it on Fondren road? And wasnt it also called "Mrs. Deats Country Day School"
  14. I may be thinking of the KPRC theme they played.
  15. I vaguely remember the day that John Glenn orbited the earth, they announced they were sending a texas cows into space and it would be the first "herd shot round the world". I also remember their theme song being slightly celtic, and their placing some emphasis on both Scot and Irish culture.
  16. I joined in the summer of 06, looking for pictures and information about houston skyscrapers. I was shocked to see a thread about the neighborhood where I grew up. It is my favorite thread on HAIF.
  17. Bravo, best post ever. As always, you have a way with words.

  18. You mean water and concrete. Subdivisions often get romantic names, and automobile oriented street names are strongly influenced by subdivision names. It makes sense that when the subdivision precedes or is built at the same time as the street that they would influence the street names. My guess is that some subdivider was mystified by the bray spelling, and it reminded him of the scottish brae.
  19. as for Westbury.....was Fondren Middle a feeder? I lived on arboles street, and spent 7th grade at johnston, then was transfered to fondren the year it opened. I think landsdown was the boundary that year. The students I knew at fondren either went to sharpstown or westbury. This would have been in the late 60s. Everyone I knew from hillcroft east went to westbury and from fondren road west went to sharpstown. In between seemed mixed.
  20. I have been trying to remember the names of las conseulas and tin tin cafe for years. I remember the family hand and I worked at hobbit hole, but I also remembe the family child, and there was a kundalini (sic) restaraunt behind "a movable feast" which was on westheimer, that had the most excellent enchiladas and salads.
  21. Was it La Merida? It was on canal, but I dont remember where but the most remarkable thing about them was their refried black beans.
  22. I remember it too, more than one persons high school experience was wrecked by it. I remember a similar situation at A.S. Johnston, where they were lined up and anyone with long hair, or the wrong clothes got kicked out. One girl was told she was a slut by the assistant principle for wearing a peasant blouse. I tell my 18 year old daughter the list of proscribed clothing, fashion and hair situations, and she looks at me like I am from mars.
  23. I have a theory that San Felipe was the original road from harrisburg and later houston to San Felipe, capital of austins colony. Washington, north of Buffalo bayou went to Washington on the Brazos. If so these would have been the first roads coming into houston from the west. The only competitor would be old richmond road, which might have been of the same era.
  24. I remember it and ate there- Yoakum on the south side of alabama. It was a small chain, and this was one of the last ones. I went by there in the 90s and it was gone.
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