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  1. I started a gallery of maps and interpretations of Historic Westbury

  2. My urban geography class goes online next week for the first time.

    1. Croberts


      Using information I first learned about through HAIF, I expanded lectures, and spent a full week on Freedman's town, from its founding to its demise, including animated aerial photographs and satellite imagery of the changes, ending with the results of historic preservation efforts to save the brick streets.

    2. Croberts


      Through research and discussions on haif I was able to add historic maps, and a full weeks material and discussion on revitalization, historic preservation, low income housing and the forth ward.

  3. Hello, I did not see your posting about mrs. deats till today,

    Feb 12, but I replied.

  4. Bravo, best post ever. As always, you have a way with words.

  5. Hey, Stu, on the westbury high page they are talking about the guys that got sent home for too long hair

  6. Just browsing your profile, I am class of 71 Westbury as well


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