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  1. It definitely doesnt look like its enough for the whole thing, but I bet its more than 10%. It looks like there are a fairly good amount of embankment dirt being built up on the site, just because the reconstruction of Memorial Dr even way beyond where the hills begin look like its several feet lower than the current roadway/original elevation.
  2. There is already decent size mound that has been sitting just north of the construction site (across Memorial Drive and the walking trail) that I think was saved from the reconstruction of the golf course.
  3. The complete impossibility of connecting these two lines with Memorial Park annoys me.
  4. Well, I can only speak for myself, but if that Barnes and Noble hadn't been built I wouldn't have even stepped foot in this shopping center at all for the last ten years. So I guess even if it supposedly did lose some aesthetic appeal, it gained a lot in utility from my perspective...
  5. I will say that this center is one of a handful of historic Houston shopping centers that are gems, so I hope they dont screw it up.
  6. Los Angeles is a much older city. It already had a population of 600,000-1,000,000 in the era where automobiles became ubiquitous, whereas Houston went through that era of its growth in the 1960's and 70s. I suspect that most of the inspiration of New Urbanism (especially that which has an American flavor) and things like main street theme park design, etc is all mostly just trying to replicate LA in 1915 or or 1925 or whatever.
  7. Hopping in an Uber or Lyft from Northwest Mall to your Downtown destination would probably actually shred the tube trip from Kings Cross to Liverpool Street plus the walk to your building in terms of travel time at most times of day.
  8. So transit would end up running down both the North and West boundaries of Memorial Park with no access.
  9. Pretty sure this actually did start as primarily a crusade against "affordable" housing.
  10. This site would require a stop to built on Post Oak Rd to have any access to BRT. It's almost a mile walk (and an uncomfortable one at that) to the NW Transit center and almost 2 miles walk the other direction to the first stop at Uptown Park. You'd likely need to take the bus (assuming a line still exists long term running directly parallel to BRT when all is said and done) to get to the bus.
  11. It's hard for me to imagine land here being worth the $75? or 100?/sf that it would seem like it would surely require for the condo owners to agree to a buyout compared to their market value as condos, especially with the access issues in this area. This land is not really easy access to the west loop or I-10 in any sense, as you would think it would be on first glance.
  12. They likely say that those two fields aren't moving because those two fields are still in the same location on the master plan, one just has its orientation changed.
  13. This exists within our state. In 2009, a new Texas A&M University-San Antonio was founded with eventual plans to reach an enrollement of 25,000+, and San Antonio is also served by the 35,000 student enrollment University of Texas at San Antonio.
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