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  1. Between Tidwell and Parker all of the ROW aquisition is on the opposite side, so none.
  2. The best word for this immediate area going back 50 years is "dump" not "historic" in any sense. It was very 50s-60s era commercial industrial mix with a railroad spur right through the middle of it. The only thing memorable or consistent about the area that felt like they tied together were the two big water tanks, they were very similar to each other...they had a nice giant water tank-ey aesthetic that really tied everything up in a beautiful bow.
  3. Personally I think it looks fine. I dont see what makes it any more or less stylish than like Broadstone Waterworks. I suspect based on that rendering that, like Broadstone, its going to use a significant amount of brick to match the Braun Waterworks shopping center, for example. So Im not sure the idea that they are just plopping down something generic here without any thought is borne out yet. Perhaps you have more information.
  4. 100% substance is boring, which ironically seems to be your problem with this building.
  5. I find it shocking that s3mh thinks a new development in the Heights is a shit sandwich...
  6. Really? It is only 1100 feet TOTAL from Jenson on the West to Meadow St on the East. Everywhere on this whole site plan you posted is less than 1/4 mile from anywhere else. This phase is only about 1/5 of a mile by 1/5 of a mile total.
  7. Rendering realistically shows the one guy who turned the wrong way down Shepherd.
  8. The major difference is that they seem to have purchased a home on Dorothy St to use as an additional entrance/parking.
  9. The main downside I guess is that through traffic on Heights/Waugh will now have a light to stop at.
  10. Arrive is an apartment brand name (similar to Gables which had been on the property). The property itself is actually being named "Arrive River Oaks" and so the shops are the Shops at Arrive. It makes more sense for this company and their partners, who has no Arrive apartments in the area to make their apartment brand the primary name, while it made less sense for Gables to do so, because there is almost a Gables on every corner.
  11. I have not been to the High Line, but I know Houston, and also know enough to know that downtown Houston is also not Manhattan. I understand the potential, but the highline is 3 or 4 times as long as the maximum possible distance here and its not like theres destinations nearby. I could be convinced if maybe there was at least something at one end or the other of the pierce that people would want to walk to, so it would continue to be a transportation benefit. A park? I'd want it on the ground, then existing real estate doesnt have to interact with it in new and creative ways to begin with.
  12. For what benefit? Are they going to allow commercial development underneath it or something? It seems like a park on the ground, would be superior in basically every way, to an elevated park that didnt have to be elevated. Seems like they'd basically be having to maintain this giant structure long term just for the convenience of not having to cross streets to walk the length of the park, and giving up ease of access, interation between the park and the streetscape, etc.
  13. https://www.gq.com/story/houston-restaurants-capital-of-southern-cool
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