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  1. Well, it is located on the corner or POST OAK Place and POST OAK Parkway, and 100 yards from POST OAK Park.
  2. Next on the list is Wellborn at Old Main: http://transport.tamu.edu/video/WellbornUnderpass.mpg http://tamunews.tamu.edu/2011/05/06/campus-construction-update/
  3. Plan Overall: http://www.gonkgonk.com/FM2818.pdf
  4. A&M just needs to build more dorms on-campus so less people would have to drive from off-campus.
  5. Very nice! Although it is sad to see one of my most visited buildings change so much, this will be a great upgrade for the University.
  6. More: http://www.kbtx.com/home/headlines/41994837.html (Larger Image)
  7. This was disappointing. College Station and Northgate could use some more urban development / midrise buildings.
  8. I hope they eliminate some of that sprawl and allow it to be more of a walkable campus like the Main Campus. Let's not make this another West Campus design.
  9. Lots of commercial on the frontage (plans show a mall and a town center), and residential south of that. It will be interesting to see what Bridgeland will do now that this other developer has a jump on them with the mall/town center thing, while they are still waiting for the Grand Parkway to be built.
  10. Too late. Another developer have already bought the land between the Bridgeland border (Cypress Creek) and 290.
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