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  1. We just bought a bungalow in sunset heights. One of the rooms has some nasty 70s or 80s looking carpet in it, but I pulled up a corner and there are the original hardwood that are in the rest of the house underneath. I did not post in the general home renovation section because we are not looking for a recommendation for just a "floor guy." Looking for a recommendation for someone you used to actually remove carpet or some overlay and salvage the original hardwoods underneath. Is there a go-to heights guy for this in the way pfister seems to be the go-to pier and beam guy (at least from my searches on here and asking around).
  2. I have not been yet, but two weeks ago Anvil has supposedly started a Tiki Tuesday night with proper drinks and food. Going to try to make it out tonight and will report back if I do. Certainly the "vibe" will be off but would be nice to at least have the drinks made right
  3. If we sent you an email but didn't receive a response, can we go ahead and assume our name is on the list?
  4. It looks like a Preway. They usually go for less than a Malm. Looks like it is in good condition. I would guess you could get $500-$600 bucks for it, but would probably be a pain to ship.
  5. http://blantonmuseum.org/works_of_art/exhi..._cool/index.cfm On display 2/22 - 5/17.
  6. apower

    Eames stamps

    Someone is me. Our post office got them in today.
  7. apower

    Eames stamps

    They were supposed to be released 10 days ago, but our post office doesn't have any still. Someone should post if they actually get any in Houston.
  8. apower

    Houston Googie?

    There is a strong west coast prejudice to the history of googie, but Wildwood developed essentially around the same time and is extremely concentrated. This site is pretty good - http://www.doowopusa.org/index.html
  9. We met with several landscapers. The absolute best that seemed to connect with our MCM ideas was Portia Leyendecker. Unfortunately she ended up out of our price range. We decided to do the "design" ourselves and just get someone to do the heavy lifting parts. We had one person come out and tell us that they would never plant horsetail and another that they wouldn't plant an agave for us because we had small children living next door. Since I didn't actually contract Leyendecker, my recommendation is limited somewhat, but from the interaction I did have I fully believed that she "got it."
  10. apower

    Houston Googie?

    Is this the church on the way to Glenbrook Valley from the Highway? If so, I think it has to be the Googiest church going. Maybe someone with an older knowledge of Meyerland can answer this. There is a Mexican place next to Belden's called El Ranchero that my wife and I agree must have had a previous life as a Googie diner. It has all been covered up now but there are enough hints that I think we are right.
  11. On the general topic. Does anyone here have horsetail? We just planted a lot of it in a long planter running the width of the front of the house. Having terrible problems keeping it watered. We planted it in mulch, but most times it seems to be in rocks. Could that be part of the problem? Rather than hand watering every night we may just have to get some kind of drip system. Any horsetail tips?
  12. We have been talking about roadtripping out there for the day to see the Rauschenberg pieces at the Museum of the Gulf Coast. Is there anything else interesting to add to a road trip between here and there? Port Arthur, Orange, Beaumont, anywhere else on or off the beaten path? Also, do you remember any more specifics about the neighbor (street names/subdivision name)?
  13. A more "aggressive" disdain for McMansions in the new today - http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5hQlKz_U...S82a5gD8V651UO0
  14. Hey GoAtomic, I can't find your card. Our bathroom remodel is finally underway but has been going poorly. I sent you a PM hoping that you still have some selection available but haven't heard back. In the mean time you can read about our issues here -http://www.lottaliving.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=11614 Email me. (sorry to everyone else for the otherwise PM)
  15. What are people's thoughts in general on the idea of Formica on walls? The previous owners of our house painted every last surface with cheap white paint including the paneling. We have been toying with the idea of covering the paneling with formica instead of luan or something else. This is the design - http://www.formica.com/publish/site/na/us/...9012.0001.html# And we were going to hang it horizontally instead of vertically. We plan to be here for a while but not the rest of our lives so I'm worried that it would scare off even modern minded people that would be looking at the house.
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