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  1. more clear cutting. Hotel? 249 at Perry
  2. Across the street is Orchard Park apartments, an independant living seniors apartments.
  3. Lindsey Phipps <LPhipps@maininvest.com> TojaniceCCEmily Johnston Nov 4 at 11:15 AM Hi Janice, Thank you for your inquiry. Mainstreet specializes in real estate development, investments, and operations in health care across the county. The project at the intersection of Grant/Perry Road will be a 94 bed transitional care property (70 skilled nursing + 24 assisted living). Feel free to visit our website at www.mainstreetinvestment.com for more information about us and our properties. Please let us know if you have additional questions. Thank you
  4. Looks like new construction going up across from Cypress Creek High School on Grant and Perry. There is a lot going on in this neighborhood lately it seems.
  5. property clearing and clean up on 249 and Perry for a hotel? I can't confirm hotel. I can confirm clean up. Rats are everywhere there. Also was told a new Cy-Creek agg barn was going in on Perry and Grant. Anyone heard anything about this?
  6. I noticed more clear cutting on 249 between Cypresswood and Perry near the Vet clinic. It is such a large area......surely not more apts. in this area. Just wonder if it is another Don Hand project?
  7. roadkill, he had been dead a few days when I took the pic.
  8. I took this pic from my truck window last week on Perry near Grant. Apartments going up on his land nearby.
  9. What is going on there. Looks like new construction on the southeast side of Perry.
  10. I worked in that area around the eighties and I remember a Goettee house that had a tree in the front yard with plastic lemons tied on it as if it were a Christmas tree.
  11. The add. is the same as the old Home Depot but I believe a new building is being built to the right of the parking lot, right next door to the Chinese restaurant and Zone D Erotica. I can't understand why they built a place, "where Houston Families come to eat and play", so close to the other establishment already there. Won't be dropping my grandchildren off at ITZ.
  12. http://www.itzusa.com/locationz.php Pleassseeeee give me back my Home Depot.
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