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  1. Eric Barajas is hot! They should let him try a newscast shirtless, he always looks like he's about to bust out of that suit, like the Hulk or something.
  2. Houston State University ( I don't actually know if the state funds UH-D)
  3. A stand alone Nordstroms? Is it a real one or one of those Nordstrom Racks?
  4. Oh I love Pappasitos, everytime I'm back in Houston it's one of the first places I have to eat. Usually either the one on I10 near BW8 or the one on 290 near Tinseltown. A Pappasitos in Uptown would work out much better.
  5. I know Saturn V has to be inside to perserve it, but could they stand it upright somewhere in Houston, and then incase it in a giant clear glass box, kinda like the glass pyramid in Galveston, but a box instead of a pyramid? I'm trying to switch from night shift back to day shift, so I might not be making any sense. But it could be like Houston's Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty, or something.
  6. And then some people think we have the whole Minneapolis/St.Paul thing going on, and that they're both downtowns.
  7. In that America's Plaza rendering, looks like a rail line going through the middle. Or maybe it's just a row of trees, I can't tell.
  8. If they really do build that tall Deyaar tower, it could block the Mercer, at least at one angle.
  9. Who puts on the Nutcracker Market each year at Reliant? Is it the Ballet?
  10. What exactly is a World Expo? Is it like a big fair or something?
  11. Any rumors as to what the skywalk is gonna end up in? Are they going to be building a department store of some sort (maybe a Nordstroms?) or are they going to build space for more smaller retail stores, in that grassy area? Or is this the area they were talking about buidling an aquarium?
  12. So I heard a Chick-Fil-A is going into the new Oak Forest shopping center.........is this true? I love their sweet tea.
  13. They wouldn't get rid of the Water Wall...........would they?
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