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  1. You're probably right. One day (maybe sooner than we think), downtown Houston will be the hottest shopping area in the city. The Galleria will still be the Galleria, as long as it stays relevant and keeps adding amenities, but downtown will be the place to go. Just look at what's going on in downtown LA, a place no one 5-10 year ago would have said would be able to attract the likes of Gucci or Whole Foods, let alone Ross Dress for Less. Houston, as we all know, is behind on trends by 5-10 years. As these luxury residential towers fill with the richy rich, they will start to demand better and better retail. The more of these rich peeps there are, the more the retailers will want to be close to them. If the wave of luxury residential continues - and it will - we'll start to see some cool stores open. Within 10 years we might even have a Gucci
  2. The back of the Texaco building better stay that color! Texaqua
  3. If the retail is successful, they should just turn (part of) the GRB into a mall.
  4. It's true! Critical mass is coming! Once these are built and there's more activity and cache to the area, developers are going to flock to build because the market demands it, not just because there are incentives. The incentives were genius and necessary to getting the ball rolling, though. Next phase is retail. Retail will have A LOT to do with making the area more attractive for more residents and visitors. And more residents and visitors will attract more and better retail. As of now, we're already getting very close to that critical mass that some retailers look for in locations, especially if the demographic that rents or owns these apts/condos has desposible income. All we need is for Midway, Houston First (yes you, Rick Can't-o), Houston Center, etc, to hire some decent retail leasing agents, take a note from Dene Oliver and sweep retailers off their feet, and get the party started! Someday downtown will rival the Galleria Area for retail, seriously. Someday downtown will have an Apple store, a Whole Foods, a Chanel, a Dior, and whatever fäncÿ retail we can think of. The fundamentals are getting there..
  5. The Convention District and other areas sure are looking spiffy in this document! Also, if the plans come to fruition, the "Shopping District" along Dallas might actually shape up to be a destination worthy of some good retailers. Central Houston 2015 Priorities
  6. Same ladies that opened Tout Suite are behind this. I'm loving what they're doing over there!
  7. Yes, there is a retail task force trying to make that intersection the heart of the "Retail District." That could be a decent intersection and Dallas will ultimately become a decent shopping street if Midway, 1111 Travis, 1111 Main, and the Downtown District pull off some nice improvements and do a good job leasing. But, with all these higher-end hotels, DG, and improvements over by the GRB, it's getting easier to envision retail wanting to be closer to those amenities. And, right now, Main and Dallas is pretty down-and-out feeling. I've taken retailers by that corner for years and, just about every time, something crazy is going down as we're touring. It's sad, really. A lot would have to happen in order for that to be the center of retail downtown. Could happen...and I hope it does, but we're still a long way from that intersection being attractive to retailers.
  8. All this is great news for retail. Soon there will be enough activity for some better shopping downtown. With all the hotels and convention activity, it won't be long before we start seeing some much more interesting retailers take interest. Only thing I can't figure out is where they will go? GreenStreet/Dallas, Avenida de las Americas, Main St? It's almost like the GRB is being positioned like a mall. With its orientation to all these high-end hotels and green space, maybe that's kind of what it should become, at least in part. Since some restaurant space will be built along Avenida anyway, why not go full-on with retail space too? If I were a retailer, I'd want to be as close to the hotels and the foot traffic as possible. Avenida de las Americas and around Discovery Green makes sense, especially with all the improvements being made. It's also enough space to get a decent density of shopping, yet small enough as to not be overwhelming. It's kind of like a combo of some of the Vegas and Asian city (Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, etc) convention center/mall/hotels and, say, Union Square in NYC. Well, sort of. Things could start getting really interesting over there...
  9. C2H! Wow!! What a letter..can I copy it for another letter to Midway Apologies for my previous posts. I've always had a ton of respect for you, your viewpoints and passion...since the early days of HAIF (before the first website crash). In my previous posts I was just hoping to get across what you so eloquently did in your letter to Midway. Seems like a bunch of us were hoping Alessandra would be a masterpiece and usher in a new day for architecture and development in Houston. Even so, I think these are exciting times in Houston and developers are getting better. Let's keep the pressure on these guys!
  10. Couldn't agree more with por favor gracias and Monarch. To also use the word of one of my favorite posters...DUDES, I don't usually get into this kind of hyperbole, especially on a website like this, but, heck, oh well. We on this board probably represent the most passionate voices on architecture and development Houston has. That's valuable and we should use it. I find it sad that C2H and others feel such powerlessness and disillusionment as to say that Midway and other developers "owe us nothing." That's simply not true. We are residents, businesspeople, students of this city. We entertain our clients, families, selves here...spend our money, make our lives here. Developers develop the buildings and spaces where we do those things - spend our money and build our lives. They sure as heck owe us, the city, and everyone who makes it possible for them to build and profit from their developments a great deal. We need to feel more empowered to make changes we'd like to see here. The faster we do, and more vocal we are, the quicker we'll start seeing really awesome s#%t! Developers do take notice of what people say. They are ultra-sensitive to the market and to their friends', neighbors', cousins', sisters' co-workers' input. On a totally different yet somewhat related topic - I happened to be in a meeting with TXDoT the other day and they have completely reimagined their plans for I-45 and 59 around downtown because of "all the uproar" residents in the surrounding neighborhoods made. It was remarkable to hear how TXDoT has changed their tune and are now considering things we'd only dreamed of a couple of years ago such as tunneling highways and creating parks on top of them. All because of the input people gave them! They actually admitted to that very thing. The only neighborhood that they said didn't create a "big stink" was the Near Northside. So, guess what, no plans to radically change I-10 there. The elevated freeway will likely remain.
  11. Excited for mediocrity...so Houston If we do not start demanding better from our development community, design professionals, management districts, elected officials, etc...and just "kick back with a six pack," as just about every apathetic Houstonian does, we'll continue to get more of these bland and predictable Hotel Alessandras...and we'll deserve it. I invite you to attend a development community board meeting in NYC, Chicago, LA, Boston, SF...anywhere good design flourishes, and see how many people "kick back with a six pack. That's precisely why so much Houston architecture and urban development is so underwhelming...no one ever speaks up about it.
  12. Yeah, I agree with Señor Huge. Not thrilled about this ol' bait and switch that Midway just pulled on us all, even if this current version is "better" than the shanty-town box they were going to build. Actually, makes it even worse that they strayed that far from the original. You've got to wonder why the original drawings were released in the first place. Is Midway that dense or did they intend to deceive. We can always write wonderfully nice things to Midway on their website: http://midwaycompanies.com/about/contact
  13. "Uncertain" is right. This one might be going another direction.
  14. As great the added density is, and as crappy the current retail is that's currently at the site, this is yet another nauseating example of a cookie cutter apt building resulting in net loss of retail in an urban neighborhood. This one being on Main St stings a little more too (along with its twin next door).
  15. Not sure, but they're likely doing the street and sidewalk widening that's been in planning for quite a while. I think the south side of the street will get 10' - 12'-wide sidewalks!
  16. Thanks and welcome to the site, Surge Homes! Either option sounds great, especially for the location. However, the one thing that Midtown, especially Main Street, desperately needs is decent retail. At least 8,000 sf of retail is essential to any project being built on Main Street in Midtown. I'm sure you're aware of what's happening on the Sears site and the other surrounding sites. It would behoove you and your investors to capture that additional income stream.
  17. Wheatley is a beautiful school full of history. I would be extremely sad to see it go. "Change" does not have to mean tearing everything down.
  18. Yeah, the proposed hi-rise apts (with approx 20,000sf GFR) is slated to go on the block where the old permitting building is located
  19. Yes, the whole block including the gas station
  20. Also, word on the street is that Trammel is going to build another midrise just north of the one going up right now at Main and Hadley. Where will I ever sell my gold from now on?!??!!
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