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  1. Apologies for the truly awful quality of this picture (hey, today's weather didn't help any, either!), but here is a picture of the pool that's under construction. Yeah, I think I'll definitely have the binoculars handy in my desk drawer...
  2. My office window looks out over the pool construction. The pool will be amazing. It's really huge - it spans a good portion of the width of the building. I'll try to get a picture of it this week and post it here
  3. Surely the February HBJ rendering isn't what they plan on going with there. That rendering is Deyaar's Burlington at Business Bay project in Dubai. Would they just copy another project and plop it in Houston?
  4. I can see the beacon from my roof-top deck, and it points up at a decent angle. I noticed it last night as I was watching the fireworks over uptown. Might even require more like 120 stories to be hit, given the fact that the Deyaar building would be along Richmond
  5. If you notice the Transco beacon, it points up at an angle. It would probably take a 100+ story building to be in the path of that light, given that the Deyaar land is a little ways down Post Oak from Transco
  6. I hope the hotel is a Peninsula. I stayed in the one in Chicago and it's simply awesome. Either that or a Mandarin Oriental. I stayed at theirs in Miami and thought it was incredibly nice, also. I wouldn't call the Ritz a "very, very high end" 5 star hotel. Simply a 5 star hotel. 4 Seasons is in the Ritz category Maybe a Burj-Al-Arab - Houston? Now that would be cool
  7. What does the gateway building rendering look like? Hopefully it has a lighting element at the top. I'd also like to see an "Atlanta-style" cheat on the height by doing the build-up or crown on top
  8. It looks like Deyaar's CEO was arrested for a "financial irregularity", and they're in the process of finding another CEO and shuffling around board members. I wonder if that will have any impact on this project in Houston or not. They don't talk like it will impact their profitability and there's no mention of how it would change their strategy going forward. anyone heard anything new about this development? http://www.khaleejtimes.com/DisplayArticle...siness&col=
  9. anybody heard anything new about either the Ritz tower(s) or the Hanover tower? I noticed that Emporis just updated their site for the residential tower. http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/bu/?id=blvdpl...-houston-tx-usa
  10. They've always had a policy not to allow it, but nobody would ever tell you not to run the stairs if you were out there. I used to run them all the time when I was a student there. If the gates were open, I'd go right in. The gates aren't always open in the football off-season, though. The only time people will yell at you is when you take a dog down on the turf (idiots....).
  11. It's not new capacity if buses are taken off the same routes, as was the case with the Main street line. How can you distinguish which riders are new versus those who used to take the bus? Honest question, I'm not trying to nitpick here.
  12. babble babble babble. Can you please defend the cost of the new light rail, and lay out why you think it is a cost-effective solution? Please quit bringing up exogenous examples that don't relate to the rail cost. Thanks. Please lay out how you think spending Metro's money on light rail accomplishes Metro's mission. Thanks.
  13. The Katy freeway will have a vehicle count of around 250,000 per day, many of those with multiple passengers in the car, meaning that much more than 250,000 people will use it on a daily basis. All the light rails lines might average what, 70-80k(?) people per day, given rosy estimates....and would cost ~50% of the cost of the Katy freeway? No thanks. This doesn't even take into account the goods and freight moved along the Katy Freeway. I'm all for cost containment, but the Katy Freeway looks to be the better deal here.
  14. ok, let me try this again for you. my point is that light rail, with its new higher costs, is a complete waste of money. It's simply too expensive, and as stated in the original post's article, the cost would amount to giving each passenger a new Lexus. I have a problem with that cost. If Metro insists on serving the lines that it had previously planned on serving, then BRT would be a cheaper way to do it. Cheaper meaning more cost effective than light rail. Continuing with metro's current bus service would be another option, but perhaps it could be sped up with BRT or some kind of signature service that you talked about. I don't think MetroRail is useless, just quite expensive, especially these new lines that are forecasted to get much lower ridership numbers than the original 7 mile stretch. I'm a frequent Metro bus rider, and feel that many folks need to open their eyes and understand that their does exist public transportation in Houston - the bus.
  15. There's two things going on here: 1) I think we'd all agree that the park and rides are wildly successful. So yes, I would prefer them to a heavy rail, but I was pointing out that heavy rail would actually relieve congestion on the freeways if it went to the burbs. 2) BRT is a cheaper solution than light rail and goes to the same places that a rail could do. If Metro is insisting on serving the routes that they've designated for light rail, then BRT would be a MUCH more cost effective way to do so. I'm not sure if you're just playing Devil's advocate or if you simply like to argue for the sake of arguing
  16. The better, more cost effective solution is BRT. You're acting as if the only choices people have are trains and cars. Hello.....what about the bus? Light rail will do nothing to relieve congestion on the freeways. Nothing. Now heavy rail to the burbs would be an interesting idea
  17. And then parroted back to the masses through metro's mouthpiece, the Houston Chronicle
  18. Sorry, but this is the dumbest argument I have ever heard of. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  19. Wow, at that cost, rail is completely not worth it. BRT is the answer, in my opinion. It is MUCH cheaper than rail, can go to the exact same places and might even be faster. Trains look cool, yes, but for that price, we need to find true mobility solutions rather than wasting absurd amounts of money on trains that would likely do nothing to reduce congestion. We could design a cutting edge BRT system like that of Curitiba, Brazil instead of trying to play catch-up on the train game with all the other light rail failures around the US. "Vision" is not more expensive light rail, it's designing effective mobility solutions. A bus can do that if done properly.
  20. The tunnel system isn't a factor in the Houston Center area. I work in One HC, and the skywalks are nice to be able to walk over to the Park shops to eat or shop, and to the parking garages, but if Discovery Tower has a skywalk to their parking garage, then all people would need to do is walk to 5 HC to get into the skywalks to make it over to the Park shops. Not that big of a deal, in my opinion. Plus Discovery tower will have retail, so maybe there will be some dining options right there in the building without having to leave
  21. Probably will look like the La Quinta in downtown San Antonio...I don't have a picture, but they keep the traditional la quinta look with the beige color with the la quinta sign on top of a ~20-25 story building
  22. That's the La Quinta that's been discussed, I believe
  23. I like the design! I guess I'm a sucker for crown lighting, and I also like the way it has the curved pieces at the top. I think this will be a nice addition to the area. I look forward to watching it go up from my perch in One Houston Center
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