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  1. If they tear it down, hopefully they build something on the site that keeps with Houston's architectural tradition. Like perhaps 17 standalone CVS stores on the site.
  2. Does anybody have an idea what the LED lighting will look like? I read where it's supposed to be in the east and west recesses of the building. So is that just like a stripe, or something most substantial?
  3. actually the federal prison downtown looks better than this. At least it has some landscaping around it. This looks more like soviet style tenements or south side of Chicago section 8 projects to me.
  4. You guys don't get it. The number one city where Dallas' hotel visitors come from is Houston. We demand excellent hotels. The number one city where Houston's visitors come from is Dallas -- they're fine with lesser hotels. case closed
  5. For comparison: The W Dallas has 252 hotel rooms and 61 residences. Roughly 13 stories of hotel and another 20 of residences + lobby + convention rooms. That makes it 33 stories and 439 feet. Extrapolating that to the Houston one..243 rooms might be about 12 stories of hotel. For the condos, the W Dallas has about 20 stories with 61 condos. That's about 4 per floor. They built a second tower next to it that has 83 condos in 15 stories, which means about 5.5 condos per floor. So for the Houston tower, if it has 234 condos, that could be another 43-59 stories, depending on how many condos/floor they do. So in summary, we could be looking at a 55-71 story tower. Between 700-900 feet tall. (rough math)
  6. it's a huge box with a butt crack. Still disappointed with it.
  7. are we talking about this conceptual building? It appears to be about 2 feet from the Cosmopolitan
  8. Love both buildings. Any guesses as to the type of hotel that goes in there? Looks to be a good fit for a W or even a Ritz
  9. wasn't the office design leaked in the prior hotel/apt renderings? Wasn't the office in the background? Or was that just a filler building that's not meant to represent the office building?
  10. I used to live across the street from that Whole Foods in Austin. The traffic was ridiculous around there. Painful. The parking in front was nice for odd-hours trips. Otherwise you could forget about finding a space to park. I see nothing wrong with the parking lot in front of the on in BLVD place. I mean it's not like it's out of place for the surrounding area.
  11. it was ridiculous that Houston had to suffer even more atrocious traffic today so Obama could raise money immediately after he mourned the dead at Ft Hood. (sorry it had to be said...)
  12. awesome. For perspective, that would be the tallest building in Austin. By over 10%.
  13. This area is going to be absolutely amazing. Aside from 609 Main and the Chevron tower (hopefully being redesigned...), this is next on my list of favorites. The developments along Post Oak are quickly turning that street into a true signature boulevard. Very impressive.
  14. If the erection lasts more than 4 hours, I urge you to please call a doctor
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