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  1. What do you think happens? This is a rare moment when the Niche strays off topic . . . .
  2. Gazing into the old crystal ball - I predict a lawsuit will be filed before the end of the year against METRO and the City of Houston that will further delay progress on the ill conceived University Line. Would any one care to wager?
  3. The real purpose of the cameras is to generate more revenue with less manpower. The fact that fewer people run red lights, cause fewer accidents, etc is a happy coincidence.
  4. Conservatives claim that the Chronicle is a left leaning, biased liberal rag. I have seen and heard liberals complain that the Chronicle is a conservative newspaper. Maybe we are all wrong and it is just a crappy newspaper. Sorry for straying from the topic.
  5. Thanks for confirming that Niche . . . and I agree he will likely return
  6. I believe the editor removed the "flame war posts". Yeah that anti rail crowd is a bunch of classless rebels - always railing against authority - actually clapping even though they were told not to. Civil disobedience at its most polite. I think many may have been charter members of the SDS - Probably some Weather Underground members in the ranks too . . . Arm The Spirit - The Weather Lives!
  7. Regardless of the wording, existence of a Westpark corridor etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum - The ballot read Westpark corridor and the very instant that METRO announced that the Westpark corridor really meant Richmond a hue and cry went up immediately from the anti rail on richmond coalition, there wasn't any strategizing, no attack plan - just a cry of foul. A cry that resonates to this day and will continue to resonate to the day the first train turns south on Cummins . . . . . The comments were about even - perhaps a posters report was biased? No TV because there was no bloodshed, there was no violence, and all in all it was a rather calm and respectful group which translates to boring to the big 3. Don't even try it - I already said I didn't go to the meeting, but that doesn't mean that I haven't spoken to several of the anti's (people that I trust to be truthful) that were at the meeting just to get their perspective.
  8. I must point out that Nmainguy was caught posting under the alias Aftonowl. Claiming to live in Afton Oaks and be a pro rail advocate. A rather nasty flame war ensued the details of which aren't worth repeating. I will not dignify his comments further as it might lend credibility to a real imposter.
  9. Election results are fact, no further discussion required. So having said that you must agree that George Bush soundly defeated Gore and won the 2000 Presidential election fair and square right? no bias, just fact. Yet you boldly state that only I would think Election Results are inherently biased. Go on with your righteous self.
  10. The ASS/U/MING is a very old joke, and slightly out of context. What it means is this - when ever one assumes they make an Ass of u or me. The point is that assumptions are always dangerous to base an argument on - if the assumption is wrong the argument is then pointless.
  11. Sorry Musicman my mistake. That you would have thought otherwise was a surprise to me as you are one of the few on here that sees clearly the majority of the time.
  12. I can only speak for those that I was actually in the voting booth with as to whether or not they read everything, and/or understood everything on the ballot. . . . . . those meaning me. I seriously doubt that every AO resident that voted read all of it and/or understood all of it. If that reflects poorly on my neighborhood so be it. All you have to do is read some of the posts on here (or any other forum) to realize that the number of idiots among the general population is a surprisingly high percentage. I am quite certain that Niche, Musicman and a few of the other posters on here that I respect probably feel the same way. I am also certain that there is a large number of posters on here that think I am an idiot - while they may deny it, most of them feel that way because I don't agree with the majority opinion of this post.
  13. I have been to a CTC meeting and that is where I drew my conclusion. Like it or not Musicman I am entitled to my own opinion - and sometimes it doesn't match yours
  14. The links are to sites that most folks would consider biased and all of the information is less than a year old, and the referendum was in 2002 as I recall. This hardly verifies your statement Jax . . . . but at least you went to the trouble of searching for the facts and for that I applaud you.
  15. As long as we are talking facts I suppose you have some data to back your first statement up. I would be most interested to know how that data was gathered and by whom. I think it is just speculation or wishful thinking on your part.In your last statement you give METRO far too much credit - I doubt that anyone believes that METRO was farsighted enough to play the Houston public as you suggest. The other fallcy in that last statemnet is that you assume like so many others have that the anti rail coalition is just AO - IT IS MUCH MORE! of course you are ASS/U/MING that every AO voter took the time to read every word on the ballot - I doubt that was the case.
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