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  1. As far as the inner-loop. the Palace Lanes on Bellaire Boulevard are still open, but Stadium Bowl on Braesmain closed down. I used to hang out at the Gulfgate bowling alley as a kid.
  2. Anyone who has ever read the Sig Byrd story on Vinegar Hill should enjoy this photo:
  3. Here is my working list of restaurants and clubs: Famous Chicken House - Telephone Road Old Munich Inn - Telephone Road Old Hickory Stick - Telephone Road Old Mexico - Gray Foote's Cafeteria - in Bellaire Galli Spaghetti House - Telephone Road Mr. Sirloin - Telephone at 610 Liberty Hall - Red Beans and Rice Valian's - both the restaurant on Main and the pizza place on Shepherd Big Humprey's Pizza - Belfort Italian Beef House - Telephone under the Coca Cola sign Samperi's - Telephone Road Ray Hay's Broiler Burger - Telephone at Dumble Leo's Mexican - 2203 S. Shepherd The Whistle Stop Bar-b-que - Old Galveston Road The Cellar Door Bar-b-que - two locations Cardet's Cafe (Cuban) - 1927 Fairview The Hoagie Shop - 3507 S. Shepherd Zorba's - 202 Tuam Alfred's - On Rice and Stella Link Marini's Empanda House - Westheimer Swiss Haus - In the Village The Village Cheese Shop - In the Village Captain Benny's - in the boat at Greenbriar and Main Sonny Look's - on Main The Hobbit Hole - 1715 S. Shepherd St. Michel - 2150 Richmond Prufrock's Tavern - 423 Westheimer Joseph's Wine Shop - 1408 Westheimer The Chicago Pizza Company - 4100 Mandell Chaucer's - 5020 Montrose Cody's (really a jazz club) - 3400 Montrose Mrs. Me's Cafe - Dunlavy at Indiana La Bodega - 2402 Mandell Weinerschnitzel - Westheimer at Commonwealth Spud-U-Like - 416 Westheimer Butera's - 5019 Montrose and the Grocery Store on Bissonet Matt Garner's Bar-b-que - Gray (Good as it ever was) Las Brisas - 614 W. Gray Captain John's - W. Gray at Woodhead Gantry's - 1658 Westheimer (now Marks) The Wine Press - W. Gray Renu's - 1230 Westheimer Mana Eleni - 1115 Missouri U.S. Bar & Grill - 1220 Taft Quasimodo's Sanctuary - 1985 Welch (now Mockingbird) Metropol - 1007 Waugh Missouri Street Cafe - 1117 Missouri River Cafe - 3615 Montrose Albritton's Cafeteria - Waugh Glatzmaier's - Old Market Square Landry's Seafood - 2912 S. Shepherd The Stables - S. Main at Greenbriar
  4. That record store started at the corner of Greenbriar and Bissonet next to Alter-Alley (clothing alterations). Here is my one good Ronnie Bond story. I was in his record store one day, and since I was a regular, and we had talked about Bruce Springsteen at Liberty Hall, he told me that Bruce Springsteen tickets were going to go on sale the next day at Foley's downtown at 10:00 am. I asked how this could be true as I had heard nothing about it on the radio or in print. He said he got the information from a reliable source. Well, the next day I show up at Foley's at 9:45 to wait at the door, and the only other person there was Ronnie. I told him he must have gotten some bad information, because there was no way only two people would know about such a big event. I could tell he was beginning to have his doubts too, but since we were already there, we waited until 10:00. As soon as the doors opened we went upstairs to the ticket booth. I walked up to the window and said "Do you have Bruce Springsteen tickets for sale" and the clerk replied "Yep, we sure do". I then asked which tickets they had left and was told that I could sit anywhere I wanted, I was the first customer. I bought 4 tickets on the first row center isle. The show was at the Coliseum. At one point in the concert Bruce jumped into the audience and stood on my chair for a minute or so playing Thunder Road. He always put on a great show. There is a video of Really Red playing at the Isand on YouTube
  5. This is from a Texas Montly article on Montrose. I think this photo was meant to capture the diversity found in the neighborhood at that time
  6. The picture was taken at a black tie gala for the opening of Niemann-Marcus benefiting the Texas Heart Association. John played in the orchestra that night. The orchestra was called "The Heartbeats" and was made up entirely of doctors.
  7. I would add The Metropol to that list of dance places
  8. Clifton Chenier I bought a T-Shirt at the Juneteenth Celebration that was based on this photo. It was one of my favorite shirts, but I finally wore it out.
  9. This is one of the last public photos taken of John Hill and Joan Robinson Hill shortly before she died:
  10. Don't forget Consolidated Arts Warehouse where Chelsea Market is now. I thought Austin had more of a punk scene than Houston. Raul's lasted quite a while and the Continental Club had a lot of punk bands back then as well as Club Foot for some of the bigger names. I saw The Ramones at Liberty Hall in 1977 and again at On the Border out Telephone Road (I saw Joan Jett there too) Iggy Pop at Cardi's and at Club Foot in Austin (I saw U2 at Cardi's too believe it or not when they were unknown in the US) X at Fitzgeralds Big Boys and the Dicks - from Austin - several places Really Red Billy Idol The Clash I saw a many more bands that would be considered more New Wave more than Punk
  11. My company rented that suite for a luncheon several years back. There roof had leaked for several years and there had been a lot of water damage so all of it wasn't open (but I did peek). As can be seen from the photos it was wonderfully tacky. Elvis would have felt right at home. There was a mini scoreboad that had been tied into the scoreboard at the Dome so it would show the same as what was being displayed on the dome board. The technology was very 60s and looked quite antiquated.
  12. Anderson Fair - The Peanut Gallery - Tortilla Flat
  13. Here is the HCAD record for the property. Looks like no one knows who owns the land and no one pays taxes on the property: HCAD Kuhlmann Cemetery
  14. If it was published I've never seen it. I've only seen reference to it. I may get a mention in the next edition because I helped her track down the location of the Reinermann family cemetery in Cottage Grove. This was another cemetery where most of the people in the cemetery were moved. In this case to Glenwood and Washington cemeteries. It didn't look like everyone was moved though, and now there is a warehouse sitting on top of it.
  15. Is this the Trevia Wooster Beverly book called "At Rest"?
  16. Here is another historical footnote to this story. The John Henry Kuhlmann that was married to Wihelmina Moehr was a Junior. His father was John Henry Kuhlman Sr. and his father's sister (his aunt) was named Catherine. Catherine Kuhlmann was married to Henry Henke of "Henke and Pillot" fame.
  17. The deed records for the cemetery metion a 20 foot wide road for access to the cemetery from the public road. Has anyone seen any evidence of such a road. It could even be on the S. MacGregor side I suppose. Quit Claim Deed State of Texas, County of Harris Know all men by the presents: That we, August Kuhlmann and George Kuhlmann,Jr., of the County of Harris and State of Texas, for and in consideration of the sum of Ten ($10.000) Dollars, and other valuable considerations to us in hand paid by Henry H. Kuhlmann,Jr,of the County of Harris and State of Texas, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do, by the presents bargain,sell,release and forever quit claim unto the said Henry H. Kuhlmann, Jr, his heirs and assigns, all our right, title and interest to that certain tract or parcel of land lying in the County of Harris, State of Texas, described as follows, to-wit: Two (2) acres of land, more or less, in lot 9, of the West one-half (1/2) of the Luke Moore League in Harris County Texas, described by metes and bounds as follows: Beginning at an iron pipe which is located North 63 deg 5 min. East 105.85 ft. from an iron rod which marks the most Easterly corner of that tract of land conveyed to M.C. McGehee, Jr. by MacGregor Drive Development Company, by deed recorded in Vol. 991, Page 441 of the Harris County Texas Deed Records; Thence North 64 deg. 30 min, East 295 ft. to an iron rod for corner; Thence South 25 deg. 30 min. East 295.18 ft. to an iron rod for corner; Thence North 25 deg. 30 min, West 295.16 ft. to the place of beginning; save and except from the above described tract or lot occupied and known as the graveyard, or cemetery, and being 30 ft. by 30 ft. in size, and containing 900 sq. ft. in area, more or less, and save and except also a roadway twenty feet in width from the said graveyard lot, or cemetery extending across the said above described land for the purpose of ingress and egress to and from the graveyard or cemetery. To have and to hold the said premesis, together with all and singular the rights, priveleges and appurtenance thereto in any manner belonging unto the said Henry. H. Kuhlmann, Jr., his heirs and assigns, forever, so that neither we, ourselves, the said August Kuhlmann and George Kuhlmann,Jr., not our heirs, nor any person or persons claiming under us shall, at any time hereafter, have, claim, or demand any right or title to the aforesaid premises or appurtanances, or any part thereof. Witness our hands at Houston,Texas, this 13 day of June, A.D. 1939 George Kuhlmann, Jr. August Kuhlmann. John Henry Kuhlmann's wife Mina's full and maiden name was Wilhelmina Moehr and they were married September 25th 1884.
  18. This was a family cemetery for the Kuhlmann family, but is possible that some of the neighbors were also buried there, but I doub't anyone well known. I've never seen a cemetery survey for that cemetery so I don't know who is buried there. I believe that John H. Kuhlmann and his wife Minna owned that land. Their homestead was right off Calhoun Road and it was still there when I was growing up. My parents banked at MacGregor Park National Bank (now Johnson Funeral Home) and directly behind the bank was the Kuhlmann farmhouse. There was no farm anymore, but there were several outbuildings and a rather large chicken yard with chicken coops. We used to go watch the chickens whenever my mom would go to the bank. John H. Kuhlmann was born in Harris County around 1857. His children were named Christian, Katherine, Mary, Adolph, and John T. Kuhlmann. John T. died before his father and two children did not survive childbirth. If I were to guess the area of their land I would say Scott Street on the West, Brays Bayou on the North, Kulmann's gully on the east, and Griggs Road on the South. Apparently Griggs road is the south line of the Luke Moore league. I think they also owned some land in the Tierwester league. The land that the cemetery is on is two acres, but the cemetery itself is only 30'x30', so there probably aren't that many family members buried there.
  19. Tierwester is another interesting character. Here is a write up on him by a local historian: Henry Tierwester Article I was disappointed that the map did not show up larger. The notation for Tierwester says "Tierwester 1/3 League" . The writing on the road says " Road from Galveston Houston & San Antonio RR and Gulf Colorado RR Crossing to Pierce Junction & Houston Road or Brays Bayou Road. The gully is marked "Kuhlmann's Gully" The Griggs road is also marked "South Line of the Luke Moore League" I grew up a few blocks from Kuhlman's gulley, but a bit further north than the section depicted on this map. The map drawer didn't extend Kuhlmann's gully to Brays Bayou as is really the case.
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