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  1. Makes you wonder if the submerged car drove into the water or was parked there. At some point people will realize that this area floods.
  2. That's what crossed my mind but the concrete columns threw me off because there do not seem to be enough to support a deck with potential traffic above.
  3. Based on the current construction of the hole along the bayou with the concrete columns throughout, any ideas whether this is going to be somehow filled in or left to be a detention reservoir?
  4. I just spent several days in Toronto staying downtown. They have a great tunnel system full of shops, services, and food courts. Their tunnels are very similar to Houston in terms of structure and accessibility but they have a far more extensive number of businesses. I wondered the same thing regarding street life but honestly I thought they had equal amounts on the street as they did under. The big difference was the number of people living in downtown Toronto who used the tunnels as their primary method to get to and from places. This was proven to me the one morning that I went down for
  5. What I'm not sure about on this is how these replace the current restrictions which require a 75% vote to "amend". They are posting on WH bulletin board that since this is neighborhood resident driven (vs being WHCA driven) that it only requires a 51% majority to "replace" the current restrictions with completely new restrictions per state law. If this is true then what is the purpose of the 75% written into the previous restrictions. If you push hard enough, they will send a list of changes that they put together because enough were asking. There are quite a few changes but most serve to m
  6. Picks in. This confidence rating system makes you think way too much but does make it interesting.
  7. I'm in once again. Was hoping to sign in as an official future SEC member. Instead we are still waiting to see if we can find a conference that will take us and so I guess you'd call it that we are "speculative???" SEC member.
  8. Agreed that the knock on Greenwood has always been which schools it was zoned to. Also, even though you find some excellent quality, the homes were built (according to a neighbor that was living in area in early 70's) by a multitude of builders so you have to really look at each one individually. If you are looking for a great neighborhood with excellent schools, look just across 1960 to Huntwick. We have several friends living there and they love it because of the kid friendly environment and activities.
  9. I understood from a friend of the Derr's that after they sold their house in the Heights a few months back, that they were going to renovate the washateria into a house that they would live in themselves.
  10. I've always understood that the poisoned rats go to water. It doesn't kill them right away but instead kills them later after they have vacated the premises in search of some water to quench their thirst. And I'm sure there is a "Rat-ologist" or other expert on the BB that can confirm this, but this has worked for us at our place we have in the country where the mice seemed to always find a way in. Haven't seen evidence in several years now that we use the blocks. On another note, I'm glad the lab worked out and is such a defender of the property. Seems I recall you trying to find a home f
  11. I'm a fan of d-con rat poison. Because I have 3 dogs, I've bought the blocks that I can put behind the fridge or in the cabinets. Its worked in the past fairly quickly (days) and then I can just throw away the blocks without worrying about cleaning up residual poisons. You also get to see if they eat the poison. You just have to make sure you go into the kitchen before the dogs to make sure one of your supersized rats hasn't used the block as a soccer ball. I used for mice and they nibbled on blocks but never moved them. http://www.d-conproducts.com/
  12. To get the motorcycle endorsement now, you have to take the 2 day safety course (mine was really 1 1/2 days as we finished by 11 am on Sunday). You get a certificate that certifies you completed the course and this certificate takes the place of the drivers portion of DPS certification. You still have to take the written test at the DPS office. I don't remember how many questions but by the time you take the course and if you read the book once it will be pretty common sense. Seems like there were a couple of questions that could have tricked you but you could miss several and still pass s
  13. http://blogs.chron.com/primeproperty/2011/02/a_new_kroger_neart_the_heights.html
  14. Kinkaid has 28 points left,with 346 total score Hwy6 has 86, 324 Aggie has 66, 305 20th Street has 117, 280 Bob has 95, 231 Based on 20th Street picks left, he might catch Hwy 6 based on all but VA Tech & Nevada being opposite picks. I didn't look at every possibility but it looks like Kinkaid and I either run out of points or have too many similar picks to Hwy 6 to beat him and his points that he will gain on similar picks. Sorry Bob but just too far out. Guess since I'm out I can just focus on Cotton Bowl.
  15. You did stack a lot of points towards the end and definitely a risk taker with 31 on Wisconsin/TCU and 32 on TAMU/LSU which are both coin flips. The good news is you could be set for a big comeback while the rest of us run out of points.
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