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  1. My mother grew up in the sixth ward and went to St. Joseph School. My parents were married there, and it's where I was baptized. I have pictures of the inside that were taken at their wedding in June of 1947.
  2. My high school senior picnic was at the Humble Country Club. I'm trying to find out where it was located, but can't find any information. Does anyone know about it?
  3. Bought my senior prom dress there in 1966. Still have the dress and the yellow plastic Scheps hangers.
  4. I took lessons there from 1972 to 1974. In the summer of 74, a tornado took off part of the roof. After it was repaired and the rink re-opened, it had new management. I resumed my lessons, but the atmosphere was entirely different. They combined my adult ice dancing class with one full of teenagers. It was not fun any more, so I quit soon after. It stayed open for a few more years, but I think they closed it down before they tore down the building to build Town & Country mall.
  5. Where is the link to that? The only one I can find still requires the street address. Thanks
  6. I recently began scanning all the color slides we have, and ran across some color photos of Holt Street in Bellaire. As you can see, from one of the pictures, the house across the street closed in their front porch. The original pictures were taken in 1957, and the color slides were from late 1959. The picture of the children on the driveway is facing west - toward Post Oak.
  7. I'm pretty sure that there was also one on the Katy Freeway, just west of the beltway. It wasn't there long and is now the Market Place flea market. We used to go there (flea market) on Sundays in the 70s when all the other stores were closed. I think my parents went into Kennedy & Cohen once to look at TVs. They had to sit in a waiting room until a salesperson could come and take them around the store. I think they left because the waiting room was full and they didn't want to wait.
  8. I went to Westbury (Class of 66) and I have that yearbook, plus the 64 and 66. I still have a little rebel doll (packed away) and a silver rebel charm.
  9. I asked my dad (he's 86 and grew up in West University) if he knew what it was. He didn't remember it at all, but he told me that the building on the southwest corner of Bellaire and Stella Link was National Instruments, where he worked at the end of the war. I agree that it looks like it's probably for auto racing, especially when you look at the large area it covers.
  10. I may be completely wrong, but here goes. I think the street was West Belt (now of course the SH tollway, or Beltway.) I remember the restaurant - went to a wedding reception there - but like you, I can't remember the name. My brain is trying to tell me that it was (something) de los Martinos, but I am not sure. I am going to do a little research and I may get back to you.
  11. Forest Park - Lawndale has a Catholic section called Garden of Gethsemane. I believe there's an area in that section called Baby Land. I found an obituary that states: (Infant Son) was born Houston, Harris County, Texas, June 10, 1956. (Infant died June 10, 1956 Houston, Harris County, Texas, at less than one year of age. His body was interred Houston, Harris County, Texas, Garden of Gethsemane-Baby Land.
  12. Sage and Globe were sort of like Walmart and Target. They had groceries and also other items. Here is a discussion about both: There was also a Denny's nearby. I think it was right on the corner of West Belt and I-10.
  13. I worked at Sakowitz in the late 60s and those apartments were scary then. I knew someone who lived there, but she wouldn't let anyone come over to visit her. The store that was in front of them was Sage. It was similar to Globe.
  14. I loved that! What memories. I was 18 and had just graduated from high school. I had listened to KILT since sixth grade, but when I was 16, I switched to KNUZ. I liked Paul Berlin's morning show and would listen while I got ready for school.
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