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  1. This tower is making a much bigger impact that I thought it would. I think it's coming out better than the renderings.
  2. Great plan. Great rendering. How depressing it would be if city leaders didn't aim high. Imagine what you'd end up with if you didn't at least try for the best in the early stages.
  3. I like it. It looks like it will be as good as Santa Monica Pier and that can be a lot of fun. For an amusement park pier this is pretty good. And it certainly beats watching the Flagship hotel fall into the ocean a little at a time over the next several decades (that was plan . If you were expecting them to build Walt Disney World on that pier then you were setting yourself up for a major disappointment. People are going to love this.
  4. This will make Galveston an even better place to visit in the summer. It can only help out the local economy by bringing in more tourist. Sure there will be more traffic and I have no idea where people are supposed to park. But who cares, it's not like we get a brand new, restored, old fashioned, amusement park built on the historic site of a legendary amusement park every day. Amusement park piers are all over the country and now Galveston will have one AGAIN. When it comes to this sort of family destination, the Houston area is WAY behind our peer cities (no pun intended) - I love Fertitta for bringing a little color and light-heartedness to SE Texas. It can't all be about refineries and factories. People need a place to go for fun.
  5. I think this project deserves its own thread. Here are some new renderings. This will be very cool for Galveston. http://blog.galveston.com/what-to-do/coming-soon-galveston-island-historic-pleasure-pier/
  6. Soapboxmom is just trying to promote her personal website. She is just a troll and should be ignored. I promise you not one of her post will make any difference to the development to EarthQuest.
  7. What if EarthQuest is the greatest single project EVER built in Montgomery County? What if it creates hundred of jobs and brings a steady supply of tourist dollars for decades like Walt Disney World has? What if soapboxmom is just another internet lunatic looking to promote her own sad website? Here are some helpful links: http://www.mind.org.uk/help/diagnoses_and_conditions/early_signs_of_mental_distress http://www.suite101.com/content/detecting-psychological-disorders-a42722 http://www.heartless-*******.com/heartless/collected_quotes.shtml
  8. I wonder how long ago Soapboxmom got fired from Marlin Atlantis. I can't wait for the EarthQuest to be built. Marlin Atlantis is going to make a fortune. Good for them. They are helping to bring jobs, construction, tourism and more family entertainment to the Houston area. This is a good thing. Mom, it's obvious that all your pointless dribble/rant is nothing more than a personal grudge you have against M/A. And just in case you haven't noticed - you are the only one interested about what goes on at M/A at this website. After 8 incredibly boring, repetitious, unproductive, negative post, no one is even participating in this discussion except to make fun of you. You're from Dallas. I think this is a jealousy thing. BTW, Disney did the same thing (using dummy corporations) in Orlando to acquire all the land it took to build Walt Disney World. America's #1 tourist destination. So what. Whatever it takes.
  9. I'm sure they will make an excellent liner for the bottom of your bird cage. Is life really that empty? This is getting scary. By all means archive if it will keep you off the streets at night.
  10. A sane person would never waste their time discussing anything with a troll like you. Your phony documents prove nothing. Stop wasting bandwidth. ...And Trae is right. YAWN!
  11. This is just the internet. All it takes is common sense to know when a person is full of it. There is no shortage of internet scams like your website. Sane people know poo when they smell it. You are trying too hard. Your lies stink with effort. This is just a ploy to get people to go to your website. You will be banned from this website soon enough - just like all the others. Bye Mister Nifty.
  12. You don't know what you are talking about. You are spreading a lot of lies on a lot of websites in the past few weeks. I've seen your posts at city-data, skyscrapercity , skyscraper page and houston dino park. It's always the same message and it is filled with misinformation, personal opinions and VERY FEW FACTS. I haven't seen one credible source back you up. You are considered a troll at those other websites. So now you come here. Please get a life mom.
  13. Isn't using HAIF to promote one's personal website forbidden? Soapboxmom has been using many forums to promote her own website and personal agenda. Don't worry tho, EarthQuest will be built one day. The latest news out of the EMCID is that they still have confidence that EQ will be built.
  14. Realscam.com is a crackpot website. Soapboxmom has been at every internet forum that has an EarthQuest thread trying to discredit Marlin/Atlantis and Trey White. She finally found HAIF. My guess is that this is just another NIMBY troll out to try to stop the project. The latest news is that EarthQuest is still a go. The NIMBYs are getting nervous. Marlin/Atlantis owns the land EQ is to be built on. I do not believe they are funding, building, designing, or managing this project.
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