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  1. Throughout my 53 year life, I'd guesstimate I've eaten at Whataburger perhaps 300 times. I've eaten at Sylvia's perhaps 150 times, and Whataburger had a good 25 year head start on them. We started going there not too long after her original restaurant opened in 1998. And we followed her when that restaurant moved to Westheimer at Dairy Ashford. One year I know we ate there an average of at least twice a month. We went there so often that they just stopped asking what we wanted to drink and just brought it when we walked in the door. I've had most of her enchiladas and oddly enough, the only one I didn't like was the basic, run of the mill cheese enchilada. LOL! Usually that's what I order to test a Mexican restaurant the first time I go. I figure if you can't make a basic cheese enchilada., you can't make anything else. My favorite Sylvia's enchiladas are the Hidalgo with red sauce, the El Paso, the Mexico City and the Morelia. When I go for lunch though, I get the carne gusiada. It's the best I've ever had, and I've had lots of carne guisada. Theire rice used to be the best I'd ever had too. But unfortunately they've changed the type of rice they used, going to a shorter grain and it's just not as good. Two or so years ago, Sylvia closed her Westheimer restaurant. We've been to the Eldridge one several times, but not nearly as much as before. Perhaps a dozen times in two years. The Eldridge one is a little far. Oh well.
  2. You should. My wife and I went there once. They had the greatest waiter ANYWHERE. The place was packed, absolutely packed, and there was exactly and totally one waiter. Yes, one waiter. And that's all they needed. This guy was awesome. No one, and I mean no one, was dissatisfied. He didn't seem to move at any kind of lightning speed. Yet he had time to chat with us for a moment, our drinks were always filled, our plates were cleared promptly and we didn't have to wait for a check. Utterly amazing. Oh yeah, LOL!, the food was outstanding, too. I had the snapper veracruz and it was awesome. I forgot what my wife had, but I do remember she loved it.
  3. I realize I'm replying to a 13 year old post, but I just came across something today definitive on this topic. I am looking at a July 10, 1992, Houston Post story on Goodyear putting the blimp base up for sale. There is an aerial photo of the base and it clearly shows the base is south of Meadowedge Lane. In fact, the hanger is backed up to Meadowedge and Holzwarth in the northwest corner of the site. Highway 6 is right. It is not on the same location as Planet Ford. Planet Ford is on the north side of Meadowedge. The Lowe's Home Improvement Store is on the site where the blimp base used to be. If you go to Google Maps and look next to the Lowe's, the hanger's foundation is still there... at least in the current satellite photo I'm looking at in March 2019. Switching to StreetView, you can't see the foundation from the roadways because there are trees and hedges lining the streets. But you can catch a glimpse as you pull into the Lowe's from Holzwarth.
  4. It's one thing to keep up with and stay informed on political happenings in this country, state, county and city. Yes, that is being responsible. Having a "conniption fit" at the sound of someone's name is far from responsible. It's silly, at best. Actually, if that poster was being serious and not joking (and it's possible he was joking), it's something worse, but the mods did ask this be kept civil.
  5. Yes, that is correct. It was a whimsical and eclectic kind of place, hence the full name Bobby McGee's Conglomeration. And the waitstaff did dress up in costumes. I never ate at the place, but a friend of mine worked there and I did go in once or twice to wait for him when he needed a ride home from work. He would come out in his costume. IIRC it was kind of a 1920s kind of outfit, but after 34 years now, I stand to be corrected. Obviously, considering the costumes, singing and decor, a lot of the workers were current or former drama, band and choir students and my friend was in all three in high school, so he fit right in. As I never ate there, I don't know what kind of food they served. I'm guessing it was... wait for it... a conglomeration of many different things, trending towards Bennigan's/TGI Friday's fare. Maybe someone who actually ate at the place will someday fill us in.
  6. I've been to one in Corpus Christi several times over the years and for a while, my niece lived a block away from another in San Antonio. They're good, trust me. Not as good as a Nathan's, but then what is. I prefer Wienerschnitzel to James Coney Island (or whatever they call themselves now). That's not meant as a swipe to James Coney Island. Both are good. I just prefer Wienerschnitzel to James Coney Island. Like I prefer gold to silver. But if you gave me a truckload of silver, you wouldn't hear me complain one bit about not getting gold. You win either way. So whether you have a Wienerschnitzel dog or a James Coney Island one in front of you, you have a pleasant experience ahead. I'm headed down to Corpus this weekend. If I can, I'm going to stop at one. I'll be thinking of you when I chow down.
  7. Thought you wanted to know about the restaurants on Dyna in the 1980s? I offered to help earlier in the thread. There's never been an IHOP on Dyna. There's a Denny's down I-45 at Aldine-Bender.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, one of my friends worked summers at the Bobby McGee's Conglomeration (the restaurant's complete name) and the Walgreens in the same Deauville Shopping Center. In each case, he worked very long and late hours. I believe one of the Aldine Roundup yearbooks had an ad for Bobby McGee's. I wonder if I can find it and post it here?
  9. Wow! Interesting stuff. I'm not so much into radio (the business side) as I am into popular culture history. I'm writing a history of the part of town I grew up in. Part of that history includes entertainment options, such as movie theaters, etc. So I do include a brief mention of some of the first radio stations in Houston, what they played and how they dramatically increased in number after WWII. One radio station - KLEE (now KILT) - built four transmission towers across the highway from what would be my high school. People were always asking me when they were erected. I was finally able to find out (1948) just the other day thanks to an obscure post in the Houston Radio History blog. This report might also fill in some pop culture gaps. Thanks!
  10. Wow... this was on May 15th, 1980, and the NBA Finals are in Game 6. We're more than TWO FULL WEEKS LATER NOW in the 2018 calendar and this year's NBA Finals have just started tonight.
  11. On May 15, 1980, I was more interested in graduating from 8th grade and getting ready for high school in the fall to be too concerned with boozers. Thank goodness that idiotic cross-district integration plan went nowhere. Considering the ethnic makeup of many of the surrounding districts now, it would have been a waste of time, money and students educations. Actually, forget the current ethnic makeup... even if things had stayed exactly the same demographically, it still would have been a waste.
  12. Aw man, you beat me to it. LOL! I remember going by this course as a kid when we went shopping at the Sears on Shepherd and Crosstimbers. Been awhile since I've been that way, and with news of Sears again closing stores (West Oaks), does anyone know if that Garden Oaks Sears store is still open? According to the Sears website it is, but you never know about Sears. They may have laid all the web staff go.
  13. OK, I've finally gotten Classmates.com to work. Grantham Texaco (9350 North Freeway) has its first ad in the Roundup yearbook in the 1969 edition (meaning it most certainly was open and operating in 1969, and very likely for at least some portion of 1968). Hidden Valley Texaco (no address given, but most likely 9155 North Freeway) has an ad in the 1966 Roundup. Its owner is listed as C.M. Futrell. BTW... Palms Nursery is listed in the 1970 edition, located at 8503 North Freeway. No ads for Wolfe, however.
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