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  1. How does this building’s approximate dimensions compare to the nearby Boone Manor? Is it a smaller foot print but taller? Twice the height?
  2. Yikes, that's unfortunate to hear. I just checked the street view around that underpass and there's a guy standing there looking at the new townhome construction. It makes sense that this is a north-south pedestrian corridor. I wonder from where and to where are they going.
  3. What's going to happen to the rest of the Montalbano proper to the west of this plat? I just visited an open house on Dart this past weekend with a 4th floor patio with great downtown views. Although the noted plat doesn't block the townhome's view of downtown, I can't imagine the remaining Montalbano property will stay as-is for long. The townhome is listed mid $600k now. I wonder how much would losing the downtown view affect it's value.
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