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  1. Southmore Hospital was located on a street named Southmore. The hospital closed in 1999, it was sold to HCA who bought it and immediately closed it (they didn't want the competition). Pasadena General Hospital was located on Pasadena Blvd. I believe that street was once named Tatar. Pasadena General was renamed once or twice. I don't know if it has closed or not. Red Bluff Hospital was located near the intersection of Red Bluff and Pasadena Blvd. I don't remember when it closed.
  2. It looks exactly the same. Thank you, harementire for the info.
  3. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks, native_Houstonian for solving the mystery for me. I found it to be an unusual item, and my own Google search yielded nothing.
  5. sootycat

    What is it?

    Can anybody identify this medal? I'm guessing it is Catholic, but what kind of medal is it?
  6. I seem to remember an apartment complex on Edgebrook called Arlington Square and it having a nightclub in the complex.
  7. If memory serves me correctly, there was a Chi Chi's on 45 South in front of Baybrook mall. An Olive Garden later occupied the building when Chi Chi's closed. The Olive Garden is now on the opposite side of the street.
  8. Were there residential houses directly in front of MD Anderson hospital during the 70's? I remember a parking lot being in front of the hospital and the area I'm curious about would have been directly across the street from the parking lot.
  9. I couldn't open the links you included,however, there was an upscale, ladies clothing boutique in Pasadena called Ella Pryor. It may have been called Ella Pryor Fashions, but it was always just referred to as Ella Pryor. An interesting side note, I always see an older, fashionably dressed woman at my job. I asked her if she was from Pasadena. She said yes, so I asked if she had ever shopped at Ella Pryor. She said, "Yes, all the time!" It closed in the 80's I think. It was in a strip center on Richey Street.
  10. Thanks. I understand it now. It takes me back to the Pasadena of my youth.
  11. I forgot all about that red sign that said Pasadena Plaza. I wonder where it went to. Probably a trash heap. Anyway, I'm having trouble orienting myself to that picture. Are the cars parked on the Plaza parking lot which would now be the Mi Tienda parking lot?
  12. Mi Tienda has never been a Randall's. That has been the only grocery store to occupy that building. It sits on or near the location of the old Pasadena Plaza shopping mall, which was torn down.
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