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  1. All you need to do to make this quote more representative of reality is replace "boldness" with "arrogance". Using PUF money, to which UH doesn't have access, to buy land in Houston under the guise of a "research hub" without the knowledge, much less approval, of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, only to admit that this "research hub" will offer undergraduate and graduate courses (which sounds a lot more like a university than a "research hub"-- whatever that term is supposed to mean) sounds about par for the course for "TEXAS". Never mind the fact that the PUF can in no way f
  2. No, it's not proportional to the surrounding tax base. Otherwise the state flagship universities (UT/TAMU) would not be located in Austin and College Station.
  3. UH has raised over $100 million per year in private donations for the last 5 or so years in a row. Most likely less than UT/TAMU, but more than almost every other school in the state except perhaps TTU, who probably raises a similar amount. The total budget of UH is ~$1 billion per year, if I recall correctly.
  4. This isn't like United vs. Southwest. This would be like GE creating 2 subsidiaries that operate in the exact same industry and then locating both subsidiaries' headquarters in the same city. And then giving one subsidiary a 5 times larger budget. UH and UT are essentially owned by the same parent company, i.e., the state. And both institutions' funding comes from the same pie. Instead of "wanting to get UT even more" because they have better funding, the solution is much more simple, just have the state give UH better funding.
  5. A: Live on campus. Your son will have an exponentially richer college experience this way. And no parking issues. Distant B: If you can't do that, there's a website and, I believe, an iPhone app that shows available parking in real time: http://www.uh.edu/police/UHlotmap.html Study this for a few days and look at different times of day. Figure out when lots are empty. Arrive and park on campus during those times. Use extra time to study, walk around campus, work out, play basketball, or lounge at the pool at the recreation center, socialize, etc.
  6. The idea isn't to create a giant stadium. It's to create a nicer stadium with better amenities and slightly more seats to impress recruits, retain coaches, and position themselves for the next conference re-alignment. Anyone who's actually been to Robertson knows that the seats and sight lines are great, but the amenities are severely lacking. We're talking about a 75 year old WPA project here. When the football team moved back to campus from the Dome, they never intended on keeping Robertson the way it was. They've made some improvements, but it's time for the next iteration of upgrades.
  7. They should just put it by TSU-- since TSU will be playing in the stadium too. I'd love to see several acres of land by TSU turned into a stadium and parking lots!
  8. I agree it's super ugly, but it's supposed to be made of brick and limestone, which you cant tell from the rendering-- so maybe it'll turn out better than it looks. I think the point is just to get more kids on campus as fast (and as cheap) as possible and not worry about the looks for now.
  9. Well, basically the goal is to have enough housing for 25% of the campus population, which is apparently what's necessary to be designated a residential campus. Which means the goal is for 11,000 beds, since enrollment is expected to grow to 40k+ or so.
  10. Sounds like UH got a bargain to me! Regarding the "6 million dollar" Wortham House: It was was donated. Regarding all the "perks": Even if you add up the cost of all the perks, you are still no where near the compensation level of other comparable positions in the state. Regarding the, *GASP*, 50,000 cadillac: Oh no! Someone who makes almost half a mil per year drives a 50k car? How luxurious! Regarding the argument that UH president doesn't deserve her relatively small compensation package because UH students are "poor" compared to, apparently, every other large school in the state: UH stude
  11. They have separate management, but both are primarily funded by the state. I think UT-Austin is big enough without having another feeder school that can transfer after 2 years. Why would we want an institution in Houston whose primary goal is to transfer students to UT-Austin after 2 years. That's what HCC, San Jac, Lonestar are for. Houston should focus on supporting the efforts of the school we already have rather than drool over being able to transfer to UT-Austin.
  12. Why would the state duplicate efforts by supporting 2 schools in Houston. If they wanted to give more students in Houston access to Higher Ed, then just give more money to UH to build more infrastructure.
  13. I wish the powers that be had allowed the UH system to set up shop at the HP campus instead of having Lone Star college set up yet another location in NW Houston. That area would have been better served by a location at which to finish a degree, rather than another place, in addition to Fairbanks and Barker Cypress, to get your first 2 years of schooling.
  14. UHD is part of the system. Just like UTSA is part of the UT system. However, they are separate universities that grant separate degrees. Just like UT/UTSA, for example.
  15. great idea. doesn't seem like one they're willing to consider though, for whatever reason.
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