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  1. Added bonus of security helicopter flybys for Super Bowl LI. This guy tilted his prop when he flew between the Mickey Leeland building the adjacent one to its south.
  2. Does this leave HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) at the original campus on 249?
  3. I know what you mean regarding equipment staging or storage. There's definite site development working occurring here. That dirt mound in the middle is all fresh dirt brought to the site & piled about 12-15 high. The tractors are turning soil all the way to the north side of the property where the entrance ramp at I-45 from St. Joseph Pkwy. It's a misleadingly large parcel. (Random aside ... looks like Lorenzo's is coming to either where The Republic or Mr Peeples were located. Signs announcing "Now Hiring" at both locations. Too bad Black Finn couldn't come back.)
  4. Construction started on this little wedge of Houston terra firma right after the new year. The location is adjacent to the Houston Technology Center & the old Boy Scout office (most recently Mr Peeples). Location is between Pierce / St. Joseph Pkwy (or 45 Pierce Elevated) & Heiner / Brazos. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.7527004,-95.3748876,132m/data=!3m1!1e3 There also appears to be a bit of site work occurring on the even smaller triangular piece across Heiner from this & directly north of the old Boy Scout office. That 2nd piece of land nearly shares the parking lot of that Boy Scout office.
  5. Anybody with information regarding the new mixed use development east of Gleannloch Farms (between Champion Forest & Stuebner Airline on northside of Spring-Cypress). I believe this land is part of what was once proposed as a landfill site in the late-90s, adjacent to Valka Rd & across from FINS. Google search has only turned up title references & recent ownership changes. In driving past, the sign reference Betz Development, but nothing on their site. Nothing on Commgate either. Unfortunately, the sign on site is too small to be readable if driving. Yet, there appears to be plating that references mixed use. Hopefully there is some insights on here ... especially if relates to improved retail & restaurants. For example, we really don't need a FOURTH car wash between 249 & Steubner on Spring-Cypress. TIA
  6. Here's the latest information that I have - credible source: Property is owned by single individual now as he bought out his other investors. Property is paid off by current individual owner. Local known developer with a significant adjacent development has been negotiating a joint venture with the remaining property owner. Hang-up regarding JV relates to viewpoint towards recoverability of existing construction. Current owner believes that current construction can be recovered and built upon. Local developer for JV believes tilt-walls have sunk and the lot will need to be scraped. Fresh start necessary - redesign & construction. Additionally, local developer believes current layout will not be successful, but essentially a glorified strip center, unless anchor store is secured. High-density, upper-end residential may be necessary component as well. No projection in getting differing viewpoints resolved, but local developer is hopeful that a JV will be reached in time. Key for future commercial development: replacing stop signs with stop lights on Champion Forest between Louetta & Spring-Cypress. Otherwise, developmentally-speaking, intersection is a bit of a dead zone for the time-being. Lots of East-West drive-by traffic, reduced North-South. Look at Jones Rd near Cypresswood for positive reference point. Let's hope for traction on redevelopment because this is hurting all commercial corners of this intersection. Last note - I've heard that Kroger's may eventually expand physical size of store through use (inclusion for build-out) of open adjacent lot to the east of current store.
  7. Slash - Where did you get the info on Spring-Cypress going to 6 lanes east of 249? I'm curious because I really doubt this to be the case. This section of Spring Cypress was just widened from 2 lanes to 5 lanes (including the "death lane") about 4 or 5 years ago, if not more recently. I suppose that the section in front of the new high school could be widened to accomodate the new traffic to / from the HS, but it would most likely be from 249 to Old Louetta at most. The developers of Gleannloch Farms spent quite a bit of their own money to aid the precinct's road widening planning process because the ROW is narrow east of the train tracks due to the one neighborhood to the south and the large grove of pine trees to the north. (For those who have not driven this section of road, these 50' pines were planted several decades back to line the property's south boundary and are of high value to the community.)
  8. I'm assuming that you live in GLF. If so, then you must have missed the information about the Grand Parkway as it has been planned in these parts since, oh, the 1980s, or earlier I believe. More precisely, when my wife and I moved here in summer 1999 as well as when we signed our earnest money contract in December 1998, we were completely aware of the Grand Parkway development plans. Humorously, I remember speaking with one of the developers (Cannon) about the timeframe on the Grand Parkway at an HOA meeting in April 2000 and he said that the expectation is that we will be driving on it in 7-8 years - not that he was counting on this happening. If anything the developers ensured that the Grand Parkway was to run along the far northside of the property as the original designation was that the Grand Parkway would cross through GLF right down Northpointe Blvd. Wow! Wouldn't that have been something! My point is that any long term capital project is planned decades in advance. For example, the beltway / Sam Houston tollway was originally conceived in the 1960s. I know that MaxConcrete can better attest to the accuracy of this. Anywhere you intend to live, you have to be completely mindful of the range of possibilties for potential future development near you. If you buy a homesite with a beautiful wooded lot behind (but is owned by you or not part of your neighborhood), you have to be prepared that the owner of that lot will sell it or develop something on that lot that will adversely affect your home. These are all things that I considered when I was choosing my home location because no place is perfect, including my own, unless you have unlimited funds to spend.
  9. NOTE: Emphasis added.Editor - Thanks for summing it up here. This is same old argument and one that can be made throughout town. I remember growing up in Spring Branch east of Hammerly and Gessner, and on occasion late at night, I could hear the train that ran parallel to I-10 and Old Katy. I would guess that I lived more than 3 miles away with plenty of natural sound barriers (homes, trees, etc) between my home and the train, but sometimes the noise just carries for whatever reason. *~*~*~* In any case, I live in Gleannloch Farms and have been here for over 8 years. My street runs as a cul-de-sac in to the traintracks and I rarely hear it. My guess is that I am less than 1 mile, perhaps 1/2 mile away. As one of the early residents and someone who visited the community when the first buckets of dirt were being turned over, I have always found it mind boggling that people who move anywhere near railroad tracks (you couldn't miss them when driving to the neighborhood) or near an airport are surprised about NOISE. It was almost comically during the first few homeowners' association meetings when people would ask the DEVELOPER to do something about the train or the airport. Um, yup - those were here first... so no dice there. Random people would figuratively cry about how their salesman promised they couldn't hear the noise, particularly at night. Well guess what? The salemen DON'T live in the homes at night. Ha! In reality, the noise abatement has improved because the train company (can't remember which one) stopped idling their trains on the track section between Spring-Cypress and Boudreaux. Also, they were able to get approval to stop sounding their horn at Old Lacey Road since the road had been closed. So, I say to those who don't like the trains or planes - FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. It will give you something entertaining to do. Just remember that those on the other side of the debate will do the same. I personally know of flight school owners at Hooks that live in the neighborhood and they aren't interested in having their rights as a business impinged. And if you can get the trains to do something that you want, well, you might as well run for president because you just got an Act of God to occur. Oh, and for those that want to move, there will inevitably be some other misery that you will have to deal with (noise, natural disaster, cost of living, lack of shopping, crazy neighbors - something else). That's what makes life interesting.
  10. Since I'm the person who posted this thread originally, I will say that I have not heard anything new as I have not spoken to my contact to this information. While I am not familiar with the Hanover 55-story tower, this could be the same deal. The person who told me about this 66-story tower is in charge of the Galleria Area Chamber of Commerce and he was specific with his information. Also, he was not trying to overly sell the area as his statement was rather matter-of-fact (in the context of BLVD Place). Unfortunately, when I was told this info, it was not an opportunity to dig deeper with questions and I have not had the opportunity to talk with him since. So let the killing, speculating or ignoring begin.
  11. Rackne - in regards to your question on the stopped development, I addressed what I know of it in this thread (look at post #8). I don't have a more recent update other than the developer was going through bankruptcy proceedings, which can be very complicated and time consuming. Since they are sitting on a marketable asset, it was my understanding that they would be able to raise the necessary funds to restart their projects. But, alas, who knows!
  12. The houses are to the west of where they are cutting some trees in the Memorial Lakes subdivision (this maybe the wrong name) at Spring-Cypress and Huffsmith-Kohrville. The James family owned / owns property near the gully on both the northside (tree cutting side) and the southside of Spring-Cypress. The southside has Mr. James' vet clinic and is the side that I think will have the HS. I just find it interesting that the tree cutting looks selective since there is no bulldozing yet. Also, I don't see the cows that usually roam this property although their hay is out there in an adjoining pasture. My 2 cents.
  13. HD - just to understand if this development has any connection / relation to the post that I had about a possible 66-story tower in the Uptown area. I was told by the new chamber of commerce director about this, which I would assume would be a highly credible source. Yet, I have not seen any additional info on this board or elsewhere. You obviously are in the know / inside - any comments or thoughts? Thanks!
  14. I believe from what I read in the paper that the new HS is slated for the south side of Spring-Cypress. This would be the land wedge between Windwood Presbyterian Church to the west and the strip center to the east. You would have look on Google Maps to see how far south this drops. Actually, I believe that you can tell on the map site that the property south of Spring-Cypress and the north property, which did have common ownership, was originally a squarish shape. Look for the outline of the trees and easements. Kinda interesting. Nonetheless, I too am wondering why they are doing small scale, selective tree cutting. Anyone?
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