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  1. Maybe this would be a good choice for an architcture/development firm looking to move their offices or looking to expand.(*hint*hint* I'm available for hire if they are expanding) I saw this building a few years ago and took some pictures from the ground.
  2. So the Antonov 225 Flew in on the 19th of May and could be seen from Lee Rd. Part of the tail was hanging over the fence alongside the road. Here are some images. It was still there as of 4pm today, not sure when it was scheduled to leave.
  3. Well after spending 10yrs of my youth in San Antonio and hearing the screeching sounds of the C-5 Galaxies every hour flying overhead in regular patterns of touch and go traffic in and out of Kelly AFB and seeing them up close and personal, you pretty much look at other plane and think "thats not soo big".
  4. I believe they came from the continental hanger, they were infront of me while it taxied by. Continental runs alot of golf carts on the ramp.
  5. And a few more if anyone is interested
  6. Well not the best quality but closer than you can normally get
  7. Maybe ill snap a few pics and upload them when i get back to work on fri. Until then ill get back to working on my golf game
  8. If I'm not mistaken I saw this plane today when I came back from my lunch break taxing by the cargo terminal about to leave.
  9. For years now, I've been advocating building either subway lines or elevated train lines for more efficient mobility and for safety, but nobody listens.
  10. lol, I'm one of them. Graduated in August of 09 with my Masters of Architecture and am unemployed. Im actually gonna start on my Law Degree this coming fall, god willing I do great on my LSAT this saturday. My luck, 3yrs down the line, the economy is still in the can so architecture will still be bad, plus there will be an oversaturation of lawyers which will then force me to Medical school.
  11. 900ft statue? Last time i saw it, it was more like 50ft. But I would also endorse the Buffalo Bayou idea, and yes i'm pretty sure that even Bill Gates could afford that. Wasn't it estimated at a cost of like 20 billion or something? That way the entire buffalo bayou complex that stretches through the cities center makes up Houston's version of Central park, nothing against Discovery Green. Perhaps even line it with low rise and midrise structures on the north and south sides of it as it snakes its way through the city. And along its backside, a rail system that connects UT and DT(NOT THE CURRENT STREET LEVEL VERSIONS!!!) Either elevated(like Chicago's EL) or Subway(ala New York). Only we could do one better by making either version alot more pleasing to the eye.
  12. Yeah, I met Joshua Prince-Ramus this summer and hes a no B.S. down to earth kind of guy. Hes concise and to the point when it comes to architecture. Thats probably why he started REX, to get away from being grouped up with that system that he worked under at OMA.
  13. I really don't see the electric car market taking off anytime soon either. If anything it will fall to the use of bio diesel and such which many are pushing for. In that case that would probably be the main fuel for any transit buses that would service to outter communities. Maybe everyone will have a diesel car or truck to drive. But its still gonna take something more drastic than just switching to alternative fuels or electric vehicles to totally change the mindsets and habits that are practically becoming human nature here in the Houston area. By that I'm referring to getting as far away from the city as possible.
  14. Lol, isn't this called price fixing? Didn't the govt catch Sutherbees and Christies auction houses conspiring to do the same with their business back in the late 90's?
  15. But the idea of $10-15 in 15-20 years is plausable if you consider that there would be inflation and other factors. No one right now in this current economy would pay that much, at least not most of us. But even with all the new construction within the city will still never pull in all those millions who live outside of Houston to live an work closer. People down here want their space and are still continuing to move out further and further. The sprawl is continuing and won't stop just because of the "possibility" that gas prices will be that high and a few midrises might sprout up. Looking at the outter reaches of the suburbs shows its stretching out into the prairie lands and woodlands areas. But lets say out of the blue people start moving into these revitalized areas that are targeted. This process, while good for a certain class of people, hurts others. To go in and practically force out people who have owned their lil homes for years is outrageous. These neighborhoods that have had generations of people growing up there are the areas targeted for such revitalization. This movement of development will force them out, just because they are poorer than the middle class and as such they don't happen to have such a higher standard of up keep that the suburbs do. It will probably become the complete reversal of "white Flight" and actually might just force the lower and lower-middle class to revert to the suburbs and there in start a vicious cycle. But of course thats not gonna happen because people here, for the most part, will probably stay where theyre at or continue to move out. Maybe some areas will have more move in, but not to the extent as youre comparing to NY or Europe. If anything you will see more bus services out to the suburbs, private and public, similar to The Woodlands Express extending its reach deep into the outter areas of the suburban sprawl. That would be the alternative to the high gas prices you estimated. BTW subways could work if they actually put a little thought and money into it. Anything is possible, it just costs money to do it, more money than anyone around here is willing to pay for though. But to say its not feasible because of uncontrollable flooding is simply an excuse to avoid the time and money it takes to actually build it.
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