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  1. Well, I appreciate the feedback to my initial posting. It is not so much that I care "if there is another house like mine somewhere in the vast land that is the USA", I'm ticked because we paid what I consider to be a good deal of money for what we thought was a one of a kind home that is now available to everyone for a drop in the bucket compared to what we paid. And, the plans were published in Southern Living by the architect we hired, Ken Tate of Madisonville, La. (www.kentatearchitect.com) He did have direct oversight and was solely responsible for the publication of these plans for pu
  2. I hired a fairly well known architect located outside of Texas to design our home here in Houston about 10 years ago. We signed a standard AIA document. This month, I discovered that the architect has published our house plans in the current issue of Southern Living Magazine. Our identical house plans for which we paid over $60,000 are now available for purchase through this magazine for $3,000. The architect is now telling me that he "owns the plans" per our AIA contract. However, I was under the impression that he "owned" the plans as protection for him so that we would not sell the pla
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