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  1. 20thStDad, Wow, that's it ! Thanks for the great pictures and closeups !!! I can see a few pipes on it too which am guessing went underground to connect somehow to the house where the rest of the process happened, and now starting to remember about those also. arrow ============================================
  2. Thanks to all for the replies so far (and so fast, what a great forum !) I've been doing the searching using the terms suggested and now understand more about it - still found no pictures but perhaps aside from pictures in a catalog or brochure from a hvac company of those times, odds are there would not be many folks who took pictures in their backyard with the water tower in it. And I also know now this is a real memory as to these towers (getting older sometimes I wonder) - as per the posts that others remember seeing them and specwriter, your memories of taking down the towers in the 70's and the slats. I'll keep looking and searching for some pics of these and will post if find any. arrow
  3. Growing up in Houston in the 1950's, there was this what I call a water tower in the backyard; perhaps 7 or 8 feet tall, maybe 3 feet on each side of a square. It had wooden slats covering it, and I think it was for cooling the water that flowed thru it, and then piping that cooled water to the house, where then somehow air was pumped thru the ductwork, and it was what we called air conditioning. (before central air units some years later). Sorry I can't be more exact about this, was just a kid then and have not thought about this in years. I do remember the sound of water flowing thru it, but really didn't spend much time there as it seemed the wasps liked that area too. Am looking for pictures of such a backyard, residential water tower, or whatever it was called. (I don't think its the same thing as a swamp cooler, but really not sure). The pics don't need to be from Houston, but of course that would be great. Browsing the web searching for residential water tower air conditioning or related search terms has not been helpful, have gotten many hits about office or nuclear plant cooling towers though. Thanks for any pointers to such pictures or other search ideas or sites with such pics. arrow
  4. yes, that brings back memories of sitting at the counter and watching them prepare the food; i remember at either toddle house or dobbs, they cooked the hashbrowns in a circular metal ring; right next to the burgers and eggs being cooked, and close to the waffle maker with the batter oozing out of it. am recalling now about one's a meal restaurants and the 50s pre franchise burger places; gonna go search the haif threads for those.
  5. Very well done; have been looking for pictures related to this for some time; don't know if they have been recently posted to haif topics on this however. how can I search youtube for your other houston memory videos - i saw one today about majestic/lowes. PS if you know of any footage or pics related to the gateway swimming pool and skating rink, circa 50s or 60s, please let us know.
  6. Anyone have photos to post or point to about the weather eye; i think it was on the conoco buidling downtown. I remember the jingle from the radio ads - not sure if getting the colors right here red light warmer weather blue light cooler weather green light no change in view blinking liight, rain is due. I dont know if that bldg still exists.
  7. I remembert Gateway, both the pool and the skating rink. Had birthday party room at the rink, did the bunny hop and the hokey pokey there. about the "Bubble" that has indeed been a mystery; I was afraid of it and thus never went down it -- and have not ever been able to fiigure out how it was that one could breathe inside it. --> so if anyone knows how the bubble worked, please reply although maybe some things should just be left as a mystery, There was also a big tower like thing called, I think, the bobber, where you could jump on it and it would take you down to the water and back up. maybe 18 years ago I drove by where gateway was and walked to where the pool was - it was all closed down but the pool was stiill there - i saw some metal objects floating in the shallow end, perhaps it was remnants of the bubble or the bopper. other things remembered -- the monoriail test track near smain and ost kiddeworld on smain of course fallout shelter store on smain near ost playland park - i wasnt allowed to go but snuck there one time - remember a carny area like where they guessed your weight (maybe it was the race accident mentioned in other posts that was cause of parents not letting me go; I always thought it was not wanting me to be around carnival folks) saturday matinees at bellarire theater - stella link and bellaire - cartoon, serial, western and feature kitirik - went to the show once also -- guess they wanted to get adult viewers also with the black tights and high heels remember captain bob show also, as well as romper room - went to that once - i think channel 11 had studios in prudential building what about the weather eye - i'll have to see some other section of the web site for that -- anyone remember the song in their ad about it ? (I know, but its a good quiz item) Georg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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