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  1. But Red, in the picture you have posted it's the guy on the train, not Hitler, that truly disproves Slick's conjecture. After all he was noted most for losing battles to Ethiopians and "making the trains run on time." As a result, he and his mistress were shot, unceremoniously hung by their heels from meathooks, and displayed on a Milan street. If summary execution and public degradation are the best one can expect from running an efficient rail system, it's no wonder John Culberson has done his level best to kill the University Line.
  2. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, these distressed potters never heard of the Brass Maiden?
  3. Had my 65 yellow GTO stolen from the Delman parking lot. On the plus side my date was impressed with the excitement of it all. Don't remember porn at the Delman, although the Bellaire Theatre showed porn for a few years in the 70s. From the mid-70s Cinema West on Richmond Ave pretty much had the porn franchise nailed down on the southwest side.
  4. From the Houston Tomorrow page linked above: "...including such streets designed to be more appropriate for major transit investments - to prioritize pedestrian realm over automobile speed" That's exactly the kind of pie-in-the-sky statement that gets residents along the proposed Univ Line so upset. The idea of retro-fitting an important auto thoroughfare like Richmond Ave to engineer in less mobility (in this case "automobile speed") than currently exists drives most Houstonians nuts.
  5. LRT - A? I'm pretty sure there will have to be a serious rethinking of the entire University Line EIS if the Line is going completely airborne On the other hand, the people bitching the loudest about the need for grade separation will be very pleased I can't really envision the connections to the Red Line at Wheeler Station, but then I'm not an engineer
  6. Let me just repeat, grapefruit Pelligrino is so clearly the missing ingredient in Houston's yearning for walkable world classness that the author of the essay should immediately be inducted into the Houston Tomorrow Institute's Tragically Hip Hall of Fame - there to join Peter Brown and Christof Spieler as walkable/mixed use/TOD/rail prophets without honor in their own town. In this case, I believe the Crossleys could dispense with the customary 5 year waiting period that Frank Wilson's induction made necessary...
  7. a quick google reveals the Baytown Lowell Lammers probably died in 1989 (1940 census shows him living in Houston). would follow editor's suggestion & look for Houston metro/Baytown area Lammers and maybe you get lucky & find a child or grandchild.
  8. Opinion mostly with little hard data, a long discourse on a specific set of aesthetic preferences, and too many non-American English "u"s = tough for a Houston boy to uncritically accept I'm guessing it was the Big 3 conspiracy reference that struck the chord in Slick, reading & reading & reading down here in autotyrannyville. Still, the grapefruit Pelligrino and an oversupply of yoga centers are clearly key building blocks for the return to greatness of America's formerly vibrant urban cores...
  9. man, before the Flagship was built on Pleasure Pier! so cool. they wouldn't have had to pay me anything to act in the show - just let me drive that gold '63 Stingray...
  10. Ah yes, we can now add to Slick's economic profile three (3) houses (only 1 of them as old as 40 yrs, the others presumably newer) to go along with the Mercedes Benz, Prius, and extensive world traveling. And all that while providing support to your rather large family of public transit riding immigrants. It is clear, Slick, why you cannot be defeated - you are the Bill Gates of the Bayou, the the Rockefeller of Rail. IOW you're flush pal, and in America that gives you the right to condescend....
  11. So to summarize to this point in what promises to be a thread rivaling the Univ Line thread for pegging the off-topic meter: Slick is: a near-constant world traveler with a family composed entirely of 3rd world immigrants, all of whom prefer any form of public transit over individual transit and an owner of 1 luxury car whose ownership demographic is in the top ~1% of the world's population, with a 2nd car whose ownership demographic is in the top ~5% of the world's population - and in the top .0000004% of the smugness demographic and a person who apparently has been forced against his will to live in: a city that not only ignores the voters, but also rules through a combination of communist and southern kneejerk anti-tax policies in order to carry out the nefarious decades-long conspiracy of GM, the US, state, and local governments, concrete corporations, Big Oil, and Rush Limbaugh to kill all public modes of transit that don't burn petroleum products. and in a nation that through its economic imperialism and bullying foreign policy literally is consuming all of the resources of planet earth in order to satisfy the insatiable consumerism of its overfed, automobile-dependent, single family house-dwelling population Slick has nevertheless chosen to remain in this hell on earth and fight the good fight to bring enlightenment to the thoughtless hedonists that make up the US population The rest of the posters on the thread (including yours truly) are: reduced to banal responses to each new Slick post that launches a new tangent only faintly related to the thread topic and that ability makes Slick an accomplished troll, b/c the posters on HAIF are for the most part an intelligent lot given to interesting & informative discussion with a dollop of good humor and wit.
  12. it's pretty obvious you don't believe the expenditure of taxpayer $$$ to build or expand communities differs from the expenditure of taxpayer $$$ to support some specific product, industry, or endeavor that otherwise would be non-competitive in its market. there are innumerable benefits to the entire population of a community of any size that follow from laying infrastructure that supports "local" socioeconomic activity - including the building of housing in whatever form. the insanely rapid growth of the suburb/cities of Katy, Pearland, Humble, Conroe, etc has destroyed thousands of acres of previously useful (in the environmental & agricultural sense) coastal prairie. in return we (all) get insanely rapid growth of jobs as all of the economic activity niches get filled - construction workers, doctors, lawyers, barbers, restaurants, retail stores of every kind - the list is long. of course your condemnation of "government subsidies" for suburban infrastructure rings a bit hollow since you favor even greater government subsidies for urban infrastructure if and only if that infrastructure includes 2 steel rails and some overhead electrical lines.
  13. The quality of segregated education for school age members of the segregated caste may be "good" or not relative to the rest of the non-segregated population, but it doesn't matter if the caste is prevented by cradle to grave segregation from full participation in the economic life of the nation. And I do believe that African Americans comprise a caste, and that our caste system has operated in ways similar to caste systems in other societies. The Warren Court asserted in Brown v Board that separate can never be equal in access to public educational resources, but that finding hardly encompassed the totality of the exclusion of blacks from the social and economics benefits of 1st class US citizenship. Your belief that the "frightening" statistics regarding the present African American population have little to do with desegregation seems wrong to me b/c I think the effects of almost 100 years of legal segregation, and of the de facto segregation that has an even longer timeline and continues to exist in certain forms today, remain woven into all facets of US society. All of those threads eventually will unravel, but we're going to need a few more generations for that to happen IMO. In that sense, I consider desegregation to be a process, not something that was accomplished by legal rulings 50-60 years ago & govt. policies since, and that process is far from complete.
  14. You could say the same about the advent of mass single family housing after WW2. Previous options were CBD tenements or the family farm. Not that the impulse was new. Americans have been drawn to the outer edge of the city since the 1st generation after Winthrop's group settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony & established Boston. It is not really a mystery why affordable, boring, orderly, single family neighborhoods would appeal to working American families, except to Slick & other folks that share his particular vision of what the past must have been like.
  15. Thanks for replying to my question with your own real-world experience rather than comparing Houston & other auto-centric American metro areas to "Europe" The point of my question was to elicit some opinions on whether urban planners are "fighting the last war" by pushing for mass transit-dependent development that purports to create a number of "walkable" villages (village is the term for these nodes of dense development meant to attract young professionals used by planners in San Diego CA) that presumably will have a greater sense of community than suburban single family housing. The San Diego example has not been a success, and job mobility among young professionals seems to be factor in that failure to create stable communities. (One example is the University City or "UTC" village that has kind of a Mason-Dixon Line of young professional renters of mid-rise condos, apts, townhouses on 1 side, and older, mostly retired single family homeowners on the other - 1 side highly mobile, transient, and the other going nowhere but "isolated" according to New Urbanists in single family housing.) Slick might say (will say) that if the city of SD just built out a complete rail system in its topographically difficult terrain everything would be ok. Somehow, it just doesn't seem that simple...
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