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  1. NRG purchased Reliant in March of 2009: http://www.istockanalyst.com/article/viewiStockNews/articleid/3080606 Our department moved into HP last Monday. 85% of Reliant retail employees will be in this building along with NRG Texas employees. Customer Service is located in the Travis Tower (across the street). All 11 floors will be occupied by the end of February. I love working in this area, but I can't afford $15 lunches at III Forks, McCormicks or Yao's, so I usually walk a few blocks over to the Park Shops or across the street to the Luby's express (no tunnel access from HP). Happy that Book
  2. I may be in the minority, or maybe Im not picky about grocery stores, but I like this Randalls. I never have to worry about a parking spot, the lines are short, I can get everything I need (basic staple items for the most part) and be out in a jiff. Its about 7 blocks from my condo so I dont have to drive far, and the store is clean - thats all I really look for in a grocery store. The prices dont seem that much higher, and If I want to buy beer or wine or liquor, I just head by Spec's warehouse on the way home. The only minor complaint I would have would be the check-out service, but what
  3. Its a CVS/Walgreens hybrid with all the modern conveniences that every midtowner has been DYING to have: 1. Bank of America 2. Midtown Cleaners #2 3. Subway 4. Starbucks This will be the first hybrid store that will not allow any street traffic whatsoever. All traffic to and from the store will be serviced by a drive-thru - automobiles ONLY!!
  4. Hopefully a new Bank!!! or a CVS or a drycleaners.....
  5. Thats exactly what I was thinking. Richmond Strip turned ghetto, Sheperd Plaza turned ghetto, and now its downtown. Midtown is the new hotspot, so you know it wont be long before it becomes ghetto as well. Actually the only area that I think has sustained its presence of not turning ghetto are the bars around Rice Village.
  6. Good news for downtown. Better news for the real estate market inside the loop!
  7. Drewdog


    Gotta love no zoning....... I hope midtown can turn it around, because at the pace we are going, Super Wal-Mart is going to start breaking ground soon. When that happens..... IM SELLING!
  8. I stopped by and peeked through the windows last Thursday. Great house, lots of potential. Has back wall of windows and a great kitchen layout. Also has a stone fireplace on the other side of the living area. Baths needed major updating. Back yard needs to be bulldozed and re-sodded (lots of gravel and overgrown crap everywhere). I drove by yesterday and it looked like they were replacing the driveway. The traffic is TERRIBLE on Memorial Dr. Regardless of what anyone says, backing your car up would be an accident waiting to happen. Its pretty much non-stop noise. I dont think it would
  9. Holy crap! I had a birthday (I think my 2nd or 3rd) at Scooby Doo Pizza (dont remember the Pipe Organ part). It was def. the Greenspoint location, and from what I remember (or at least from pictures) it was huge and there were alot of things to do.
  10. What is the general consensus of this area. Is it prime location for rebirth. Ive driven up and down Hammerly, Kempwood, and Long Point. The location is ideal to most downtown locations, galleria, energy corridor, and other major employment areas. Is it a safe bet to buy a home in this area? As of now, I see a few pockets of revitalization, but Im just not sure I can pinpoint a specific area. Ive found a home that has potential, nice quite cul-de-sac street, and has great curb appeal. Any thoughts on this area is appreciated.
  11. Check out the rendering of what the final completion will look like: Much different than the other renderings.... AWESOME!
  12. Drewdog


    Check out this article: LINK
  13. Drewdog


    It is in fact a bank! - Capital Freaking One I just called Tuscan Builders (I saw the sign while driving by daily after work). They said there is in fact going to be a Capital One bank there. Apparently they bought out Hibernia. I questioned her because its a huge lot - Is there going to be a huge parking lot there? She said she didnt know but its possible there might be retail that surrounds it. I guess thats a plus. IMHO I think Midtown needs more density - more residents - and more people who walk. BTW - Farb Properties has begun demolition at Bagby and McGowen, and should begin bui
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