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  1. I'm hunting for ground level solar panels for a photo shoot. ANyone ever see such a thing in Houston area?
  2. here's some more pics of Schlumberger bldg: http://homepage.mac.com/tarsky1/schlumberger/
  3. I recently toured and photographed the building complex for a film shoot. Lots of empty mid-century wood panel/green shag rug offices - and lots of spacious warehouses. Many of the warehouses were used to repair oil field trucks. Has a military base feel. My tour guide showed me some fifties vintage air raid sirens he found and old telephones. Very cool place. I can post a link if anyones interested.
  4. Hi, my name is Bobby Bennett and I was a student at Pilgrim Elementary. I was a member of the Boys Choir of Houston in the alto section directed by Paul O'field. We used to practice at the Poe Elem School. I had the first line of the movie The Pied Piper of Astroworld!! Do you remember sitting in front of the Alpine Sled??? I was the guy who said,"Hey Soupy, where are we?? What kind of place is this??" Well, that's me!!! I was actually looking for the movie footage. Email me, i would love to chat with you!! Contact me @ bennettbuzz88@yahoo.com....talk to you then! Bobby
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