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  1. abcd, you may want to get in touch with the fellow that has this FB page. He helps mortgage customers of BOA as well as other big banks. https://www.facebook.com/keepbankofamericahonest. I have been following it for a while now. Hope you can find some help. Edit to add another link specifically speaking of Chase: http://www.keepbankofamericahonest.com/index.php/forum/2-announcements/107-j-p-morgan-chase-delays-modifications#107
  2. The lineage as I remember goes: 7-Eleven (Houston market area) was sold to NCS (National Convenience Stores), parent company of Stop-N-Go. Some stores were sold/closed by NCS due to overlap and the rest were rebranded Stop-N-Go. NCS was aquired or sold the stores to Diamond Shamrock, which once again sold/closed overlaping stores, which were next changed over, merged or sold to the currently known Valero. I don't have the particular dates though.
  3. Anyone know about the dirt moving going on at FM 2920 & FM 2978. Northeast corner is a large tract. Also, a tract on FM 2978, just north of Woodlands Pkwy on the west side. Construction trailer has Woodlands Estate on it.
  4. That April fools joke was covered well by the Woodlands Online Community Portal. The Grand Texas development is slated for Tomball, Texas. I'd like to hear more about the Conroe development.
  5. I have been wondering the same thing. All I could find was this: Denise Ksiazek of Cypressbrook Company represented Magnolia Enterprise Partners LTD in the sale of 9.24 acres and approximately 44,000 SF of industrial buildings, located at 5510 – 5514 FM 1488, Magnolia, Texas. Maureen Hemsley of Prudential Gary Greene represented the buyer, Leopard Properties LTD. MAGNOLIA TOTAL RESTORATION 5510 FM 1488 RD LEOPARD PROPERTIES LTD 5514 FM 1488 RD
  6. "Hanna-Barbera Land" was the first amusement park at the site of the now Splashtown.
  7. Wonder if it has an in-store bank & medical clinic?
  8. As of this post, Garden Ridge at 242 & 45 is fully engulfed in flames. Here is the live feed from ABC 13: KTRK ABC 13 Live Newsfeed
  9. Pizza Hut has picked up one of the pad sites & will be joining the center. Also, just noticed the Radio Shack there the other day as I stopped in OfficeMax.
  10. It is just some flood control work.
  11. Anyone know where this particular location is?
  12. Actually, the Burlington location was originally a Venture Store. When they pulled out of the market, K-Mart scooped up several of their locations, including this one.
  13. What's on your mind?

  14. Bachanon, I can't believe you left Woodforest National Bank off your list. They are headquartered here. Even during this tough economic time they are still expanding all over the eastern US.
  15. There is still suppose to be one in Rosenberg.
  16. This business venture seems to be running very much behind schedule. Wonder what the hold up is? Anyone hear anything?
  17. So do the automated payment machines for parking at the Texas Medical Center. I paid my fee with a twenty and you guessed it, an assortment of the dollar coins come jingling out. Ugh.
  18. Well, for the FM 2920 location, it was short lived. We ate there a couple of times and the food was good, however passed by a few days ago and it is all boarded up. What's up with that?
  19. We've got several folks that occasionally stop in at the old Heights Hospital and pile up a buffet breakfast from the cafeteria and bring it to the office and only spend a couple of bucks or so.
  20. Its a Property Commerce development, currently touting a Cheddar's Restaurant & NTB, in addition to 3 or 4 more pad sites.
  21. In a first of its kind deal, two hospitals are partnering on a 24 hr freestanding ER in TW. Their doing something that makes sense. Two traditional competitors for business in North Houston plan to jointly open and operate a $7 million freestanding emergency center in The Woodlands. The partnership between Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital and Tomball Regional Medical Center will be the first such joint venture in Houston and Texas. The 11,000-square-foot facility, scheduled to open in September, will be a 24-hour emergency center with up to 10 treatment rooms, imaging equipment and an on-site laboratory. Both Memorial Hermann and Tomball Regional Medical Center had been eyeing this location, which is about 10 miles from each of the existing hospitals at a point where their market areas overlap. "We got together and said, why compete? Let's do this together," says Steve Sanders, CEO of Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital. Lynn LeBoeuf, CEO of Tomball Regional Medical Center, says it is unusual for two health care organizations to come together in this way. "We didn't think it made sense to duplicate costs," he says. Ann Ward, vice president of communications for the Texas Hospital Association, says the association believes this is the first such collaboration between hospitals in the state. "It makes sense to put an ER in a community without having a whole hospital," she says. "It's probably market-driven and it probably will help to take some pressure off the flagship hospitals' ERs. It's an innovative way to address some of the problems hospitals are facing." Although the ER venture is a new one, Tomball Regional Medical Center already has affiliate relationships with Memorial Hermann for managed care and other specific services. But both hospitals are experiencing big strains in their ERs. "Our respective ERs are very busy -- we're overrun with patients," Sanders says. "We both have utilization issues." He points out that population growth in Montgomery County is moving north and west, and this ER will be located at the far west end of The Woodlands. LeBoeuf says the market area is expected to grow by 20 percent over the next four to five years, a projection that is also not lost on other hospitals and emergency health care providers. St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, for example, opened a freestanding ER on Kuykendahl in The Woodlands in December, about five miles from the planned Memorial Hermann-Tomball facility. St. Luke's already has a full-service hospital and ER in The Woodlands just off Interstate 45. The Memorial Hermann-Tomball ER will be located in leased space in a strip center that is currently under development at Woodlands Parkway and FM 2978. For regulatory purposes, the ER will be operated under the Memorial Hermann umbrella. And, as a hospital-operated facility, it will receive more oversight and scrutiny than the independent physician-owned emergency facilities that have been popping up around Houston, Sanders says. Emergency survival Emergency physician Dr. Toby Hamilton says physician ER facilities are likely driving hospitals to expand their ER capabilities. Hamilton is a partner in 24 Hour Emergency Room, which operates facilities on Tomball Parkway and in Sugar Land and has two more slated to open in Katy and Conroe (see "Dueling Sugar Land ERs create healthy alternative," Dec. 7, 2007). "This trend is emerging quickly in Houston," Hamilton says. "Physicians are getting into this market, and now the hospitals want to get in on it." But at the rate these facilities are opening, some in the industry believe not all of them will survive. Houston Business Journal
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