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  1. 1. Looking at the HCAD maps, the property is owned by Ybarra Investments, Inc...which is the company that owns Gringo's, Jimmy Changa's, and Bullritos. 2. Not sure of any dirt moving on the north side of 10 near Barker Cypress, but there is a lot of dirt work going on north of 10 between the Gardens of Westgreen and Sam's (just east of Westgreen). There's a restaurant going up on this site and it definitely looks like a Longhorn Steakhouse, but I'm not 100% certain.
  2. Robin, I remodeled my home here in Katy a few months ago and have some great contacts for everything you're wanting to do. Send me an e-mail from my profile page and I would be more than happy to pass along their information.
  3. BWW has a sign out right next to the pad site containing Zales. I think it went up recently b/c I just noticed it this morning.
  4. Kudos! Complaining will not make it go away. There's nothing anyone can do to stop the new Wal-mart...it's pretty much already here. What, do a few of you people actually think that your complaining will lead to the following conversation in Bentonville, Arkansas? "You know that new location that has taken a while to complete in Richmond? Well there's a small, but growing grassroots faction of people in Katy who don't want another location there...even though we're not actually building this store in Katy. I think they're up to about 100 members, but I think we better just pull out. It's not worth the PR nightmare of having to deal with these people complaining on HAIF. I hear there's a regional grocer by the name of Fiesta that's looking for another location in the area." Try doing something with more of an impact and that's actually constructive...like not shopping there. There's more power (mediocre at best) in the number of non-shoppers, not complainers.
  5. The Fort Bend Now publication ran a story January 23rd on the Baker Street Pub & Grill coming to La Centerra. The opening is projected for March or April. Baker Street Pub & Grill To Open Ninth Location In Cinco Ranch's LaCenterra
  6. Mission Burritos has also been added as a tenant. It will be located in the courthouse building near Jamba Juice. The article can be found here: Burrito food chain to open in LaCenterra.
  7. Panera Bread must have pulled out. I stopped by La Centerra last Friday night and noticed the Panera Bread signs that were on both sides of the space they were to move into were covered up. I thought it was odd they had plastic and tape over both. I went to the La Centerra website and Panera Bread is no longer listed as a tenant. The sushi restaurant going in is called Kenzo Sushi Bistro.
  8. You're right Erick, this was of interest. If you start at the top of the page and hit ctrl+F and type in gang it will search the page for you. What you would find is interesting. For the most recent report (9/24/06-11/30/06) there were a couple of different gang "crimes". It seemed that all of the schools had their share of "Gang Graffiti", but one school stood out with citations for "Engaged in gang membership". And which school do you think that was? None other than Morton Ranch H.S. with 4 citations. The next closest school was Mayde Creek H.S. with 2 and another coming from Cullen Park. These two schools seem to fit in better with Alief than Katy. Any parent that says they would rather have their kid go to Morton Ranch or Mayde Creek over Katy, Taylor, Cinco Ranch & Seven Lakes either (1) doesn't know any better or (2) can't drive their kid to one of the other schools.
  9. That is what was previously announced, but I heard they decided to build elsewhere. I tried sending an e-mail to their corporate offices and haven't heard back yet.
  10. Here's a link for a story that the Houston Business Journal had yesterday: LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch prepares for retail opening Also, LaCenterra's website updated the construction photos. Construction Photos
  11. Where did you get $4.60? I don't take Westpark everyday, but I do so several times a month and didn't think it was costing that much. Well, I pulled the map from HCTRA as of 9/1/2006 (Westpark Schedule of Tolls) that shows where the toll booths are and the cost. From Grand Parkway, the first toll is just before you reach Mason Road (Cost = $.50). Next toll is before FM 1464 (Cost = $.50). The third toll is before Sam Houston Tollway (Cost = $1.00). The fourth toll is just after Fondren (Cost = $1.00). The final toll would be either the exit for Post Oak (Cost = $.25) or Westpark Dr (Cost = $.25). So, if you were to go from Grand Parkway directly to the end of Westpark it would actually be $3.25 each way ($6.50 round trip). I'm not saying this makes it cheap, but your calculations are $54 a month higher ($9.20 - $6.50 = $2.70 {$2.70 X 5 days = $13.50} $13.50 X 4 weeks = $54.00) than what they really are. It's still $32.50 a week to sit in traffic. You're right, we (the "obnoxious" Katy commuters) will never go away. We are about as likely to leave as the resource sucking cockroaches that live in or near areas like West Oaks. Just hop on the bus, we could use the extra space.
  12. Oct. 27, 2006, 10:21AM Airport construction ahead of schedule Business aviation facility awaits clients By HELEN ERIKSEN Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle A developer for a new business aviation airport located between Katy and Brookshire said the facility has largely been completed ahead of schedule and is awaiting clients. Construction on Houston Executive Airport, located north of I-10 and west of FM 2855 in South Waller County, began last November, and part of the facility is open, owner Ron Henriksen said. The facility is expected to officially open in the first quarter of 2007. "It's amazing what we have accomplished out there," said Andrew Perry, the airport's executive director. "We have basically built this airport in a year, and that's unheard of." Henriksen and Perry discussed plans for the development during an Oct. 26 business development committee meeting of the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce. Henriksen, a Houston businessman, purchased a 1,980-acre rice field near the Igloo Factory and Interstate 10 to develop as an airport to serve west Houston business and general-aviation clients. "The contractor asked for 400 days to complete the work, and the weather has been good enough to allow us to do it in 250 days," Henriksen said. The airport is pre-leasing hangars. One year after opening, the facility is projected to have 25 T-hangars, one community hangar, one corporate hangar and an airport park. Aircraft will include 18-30 based planes with 45 operations per day. "We hope to meet these projections, but we've got a lot of work to do," Perry said. The runway has been painted, drainage ditches are in place, and the electrical work is being completed, he said. "Once we have finished with the electrical work, we're ready to go," he said. Frank Lombard, chairman of the chamber's business development committee, said the airport would serve the growing business community, and he called it "a fabulous asset for the Katy area that's rapidly taking shape." The airport is being built in phases. It replaces Air Rice, a private airport built in 1962, primarily used for crop-dusters. Phase 1, expected to cost between $30 million and $35 million, will cover 191 acres, and future phases will be built out as demand warrants. Meanwhile, the undeveloped land is being used for agriculture. The initial runway is 4,500 feet, but future plans include lengthening it to 7,000 feet to accommodate larger planes. Asecond parallel runway may also be added later. Plans also call for business aviation flight department facilities, and instrument landing capability will be added later to comply with Federal Aviation Agency standards. The Henriksen Jet Center main terminal will be built with an arrival canopy, Perry said. The developer's initial plans to build a private aviation airport on 575 acres in Fulshear's extraterritorial jurisdiction faced opposition from Fulshear and Katy-area residents as well as local politicians and environmental conservation groups. Airport representatives said the new site is closer to the interstate and has additional space for expansion. For more information, visit the Web site, www.HoustonExecutiveAirport.com .
  13. There are three Hilton Garden Inns around Houston. One is on the W Sam Houston Tollway S that is 6 stories tall with 118 rooms and 2 executive suites. Another is on the northwest side of town by Willowbrook Mall that looks to be about the same size. The last one is near the Galleria on Sage Rd. that looks to be 8 stories tall with 182 rooms and 30 suites. I can't imagine it being the size of the Galleria location. If it's on par with the size of the other two locations, that would be almost twice the size of the SpringHill Suites in front of Katy Mills. The SpringHill Suites is 3 stories with 69 rooms. I tried finding a website for KEIV Hospitality Group to possibly get more information about the 3rd hotel to no avail.
  14. Here's an article that showed up at Chron.com: Oct. 24, 2006, 11:32AM Second hotel planned in city of Katy By KIMBERLY PI
  15. I visited the Hines website (The developer) and there was some updated information. It says that construction of the infrastructure will begin in late 2006 or early 2007. The website is here: Hines
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