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  1. I live in the hope that Innes's toxic personality and reputation will catch up with him sooner than later, and that station owners will come to their senses and realize that he's more trouble than he's worth.
  2. Really! I honestly did not know that. Thanks for correcting me. Maybe the big worldwide Raffles didn't appreciate a locally owned restaurant using their name.
  3. Wasn't there a Ruggles on Westheimer just east of Montrose. I remember it was trendy and over-priced, owned by a man and wife whose names were always in the gossip columns.
  4. Ruggles was a trendy yuppie eatery in the Montrose area.
  5. Anybody here remember the Four Palms? The Four Palms was a neighborhood bar on Telephone Road just south of Holmes Rd, which is now the South Loop 610. It was locally famous (infamous?) in the 50s, 60s and 70s for being what was then called a "pressure cooker club". It was like a singles bar, except everybody was married to somebody else and nobody cared. Lonely and bored housewives went there during the day whilst their husbands were at work, and the joke was that they kept dinner warm at home in a pressure cooker, hence the club's nickname. The ladies were there to meet their boyfriends, or just have a good time with anybody who showed up. Most of the time it was just for drinks and dancing, but the lighting was kept low enough for some making out, for those so inclined. It was common to see a man come in the front door, hear a woman's voice say "oh my god it's my husband" and then see her slipping quickly out the back door. Lord only knows how many divorces, and new marriages, can be traced to that place. Ah yes. Those were the days. I confess I went there a few times, during my misspent divorced period in the early 70s. Met some great ladies and I've always wondered whatever became of them. I also wonder how many of today's 30 and 40 somethings grew up eating those pressure cooked dinners prepared by moms who spent their afternoons at The Four Palms.
  6. Here's a reposting of something I posted here in 2006 about the Cinema West and its owner Joe Spiegel. The original Cinema West was in a strip center on West Alabama, out where it merges with Westheimer. The guy who owned it was an interesting guy. Joe Spiegel graduated from the University of Houston with a business degree in the mid 60s, and his father gave him a hundred thousand dollars to start up his first business. Softcore porn was common at that time, but Spiegel could see that hardcore porn was slipping into the mainstream. He thought it could be profitable, so he took advantage of the public's relaxing attitudes and opened Houston's first hardcore porn house. It made so much money that Spiegel was able to build a free-standing adult theatre on Richmond, and open another adult movie house in the Rice Village off Kirby - Cinema West II. His long range plan was to use his adult theater profits to buy legitimate family movie houses and ultimately get out of porn altogether, which is exactly what he did. At one time in the 70s and 80s, Spiegel owned several neighborhood houses around the city. In his spare time, Spiegel was a big softball fan and player. He organized and sponsored teams in the city softball leagues and tournaments for a long time, and they were good. He had their trophies on display in the Cinema West lobby. I always liked Joe Spiegel. He wasn't a porn-meister, and he never got involved in producing adult films. He was, and probably still is, a smart businessman who used the growing popularity of adult movies to launch his business career.
  7. I can help with a couple of these. Ted Shaw is still living, hale and hearty and retired. Larry Rasco passed away in the 80s. Bob Boudreaux now lives in Europe where he's an actor and a producer at the Prague Shakespeare Company. He's also on Facebook. You'll love his cover photo. I recently spotted him in one of the chapters of the TV mini-series about Albert Einstein in 2017. He played an American congressman.
  8. barronracing74 - I strongly suggest you give this gentleman a call.
  9. As Specwriter has noted, until the early 60s the postal service divided its service areas into zones numbered with one, two, or three digits. I worked in the Clear Lake area at that time and I remember our zone was just "58". The area was growing so fast the postal service needed more zones which called for more digits, so they came up with the "Zone Improvement Plan" - which created the five digit ZIP codes we now use. The Clear Lake ZIP code became 77058. It still is.
  10. ****It's like he thrives on pissing people off**** That's what he's paid to do by idiot station managers who rely on idiot consultants to tell them how to run their stations.
  11. Am I the only one here who remembers Ice Land? It was an ice rink on Calhoun just east of the UH campus. I skated there several times in the late 50s. I don't know when it closed, but the building lived on as a large maintenance facility for UH. It came down some years back to make room for all the new buildings on the east side of the campus. A large parking garage now sits on that spot.
  12. Innes has never found a bridge he couldn't burn. Let us join hands and pray that he will someday run out of bridges. And let us not forget that WE the listeners have all the power in this on-air relationship. WE own the tuning dial and the off/on switch.
  13. The restaurant was Raffles, a high pay grade fine dining restaurant. Raffles has restaurants, resorts and luxury hotels all over the world, but, not in Houston anymore. Don't know when it closed. Maybe when oil went south in the 70s and a lot of big companies folded or moved out of Houston taking a lot of Raffles' deep-pockets clientele with them.
  14. ***Something tells me Innes will end up at another Radio Station.*** Never fear. He will end up somewhere else because assholes always do, thanks to idiot station managers and their idiot consultants who think obnoxious and controversial generates ratings.
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