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  1. Former Architectual Antiques

    Bruce Bowen's Architectural Antiques ain't there anymore? Sad. Loved browsing through his stuff.
  2. I think KHOU brass are finally realizing how useless TV traffic reports are. They're also a huge waste of expensive air-time.
  3. Houston Armed Forces Induction Center

    I was inducted into the service in 1961 at a large barn-like building on either Caroline or Austin outside the downtown area. I remember it looked like a recreation center on the inside. It even had a gym. I've read that it closed in 1966. Does anybody know exactly where that old facility was?
  4. My wife and I ate there once when we lived in Fallbrook in the late 70s. I remember it was a gimmicky place with lots of gimmicky decor and waitstaff dressed in really old fashioned style. I don't remember the food being anything special. We didn't go back, if that says anything.
  5. You Can Go Home Again

    Am I the only one here who sometimes uses Google Maps Street View to visit and explore my old neighborhoods? It's really eye-opening to "go back" to the neighborhoods I lived in when I was a kid back in the 50s. I can click my way into, through, up and down almost every street and all around the town. It's really sad to see houses I lived in that looked really nice long ago looking ragged and rundown today. Some of my old stomping grounds in Pasadena have really gone to seed or don't exist anymore. Does anybody else do this?
  6. Pasadena hospital

    Southmore Hospital was on Southmore near the intersection with Pasadena Blvd, formerly Tatar Street. It's still there under the name Pasadena Health Center. Pasadena General was about a mile north of there on Pasadena Blvd (Tatar) a block north of Thomas St. It has changed hands several times over the years, most recently in 2012 when Pristine Healthcare LLC bought it with grand plans. Here's how the Houston Chronicle reported it in August of 2012: "Pasadena city officials are celebrating the arrival of Pristine Hospital which is set to take over the old Kindred Hospital building located at 1004 Seymour St. (a street that crosses Pasadena Blvd) City officials indicated the renovated 110,000 square-foot hospital facility will bring 150 new jobs to the city within six months and another 150 over the next three years. The deal for the 32-bed acute care hospital was inked after Pristine Healthcare LLC met with the Pasadena Second Century Corporation (PSCC) Board of Directors. The board eventually offered a $150,000 incentive to win the development away from the Texas Medical Center. The incentive will be paid based on the completion of certain job creation benchmarks and will be used to fund building requirements mandated by the American with Disabilities Act and asbestos removal. The healthcare company is planning to invest $7 million to renovate the structure. Pristine Healthcare currently operates two outpatient psychiatric facilities in west Houston but plans to headquarter at the new Pasadena facility, which has been vacant for two years." It appears that 7 million and all those hopes went down the drain. Google Maps Street View taken two years ago shows Pristine Hospital is closed and boarded up again, probably for good.,-95.2011789,3a,60y,139.31h,86.73t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sCXtFQT8c6ukulBd6rPjVvQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
  7. Recent stories about Muhammad Ali and his refusal to be drafted here in Houston back in '67 has me wondering where the Armed Forces Induction and Processing Center was. That old barn-like building where I was processed in 1961 was closed in 1966, but I remember it was on San Jacinto somewhere just south of downtown. Does anybody remember the address?
  8. 95.7 The Spot Lisping Announcer

    Lisping never held Barbara Walters back.
  9. Record shop on Belaire Blvd.

    Don Janicek's record shop.
  10. Motorcycle Dealers in the Houston Area

    I bought a Honda 350 street bike at Gulf Coast Honda in 1970, and rode it to and from work on the freeways and all over the place for several years. Great little bike with plenty of power to compete on the freeways. I laid it down on wet pavement one morning on the way to work and got up with a broken left wrist. The bike had a cracked handlebar grip and a busted headlight. Easy to repair, but I had to wear a cast on my wrist for a month. I think about that bike when the arthritis in my left wrist starts acting up.
  11. Voss Road Rapist

    The apparent fact that he's still locked up years beyond his original parole eligibility date tells me he probably hasn't been what we would call a "model prisoner". He was denied parole in May of last year because of the nature of the crimes he committed. Here's what the parole board wrote about him last year. "THE RECORD INDICATES THAT THE OFFENDER HAS REPEATEDLY COMMITTED CRIMINAL EPISODES THAT INDICATE A PREDISPOSITION TO COMMIT CRIMINAL ACTS UPON RELEASE. THE RECORD INDICATES THE INSTANT OFFENSE HAS ELEMENTS OF BRUTALITY, VIOLENCE, ASSAULTIVE BEHAVIOR, OR CONSCIOUS SELECTION OF VICTIM'S VULNERABILITY INDICATING A CONSCIOUS DISREGARD FOR THE LIVES, SAFETY, OR PROPERTY OF OTHERS, SUCH THAT THE OFFENDER POSES A CONTINUING THREAT TO PUBLIC SAFETY. " Wow. If he's that bad he needs to be put away for life, but he wont be. He'll get out some day, and I predict he will go back in for committing new crimes.
  12. Voss Road Rapist

    His name is Sandy Sanderson, and he was sentenced to 50 years in prison. That was decades ago, so he's probably out by now and I have no idea where he is, if he's still living. He's mentioned in the first paragraph of this Texas Monthly story from 1996. I'm not a Westchester Alum. I just Searched for Houston Voss Road rapist and found this article.
  13. Houston 1967 street view question

    I agree with Tumbleweed. I'm going out on a limb, but I'm sure this is the intersection of west bound Calhoun Street with Dowling or Chartres.
  14. Here's a link to the best history of Houston's freeway systems ever written, with hundreds of historic photos showing how it was created and developed into the nightmare it is today. In the chapters on the Loops, there's even an amazing photograph of the ammonia cloud enveloping the West Loop interchange on the SW Fwy on May 11, 1976. You can spend hours sifting through this incredible E-Book.
  15. Problems for Law Officers

    Some people with drones are causing problems for law officers. A week or two ago in Lufkin, a man coming down from a meth high started threatening his family and firing his gun out the window onto a golf course. When he barricaded himself in the house and threatened police responding to the shots, police closed off the area, and evacuated houses on both sides and even closed the golf course. Several police agencies responded to this with dozens of officers - Lufkin Police, Angelina County Sheriffs and the DPS. The standoff lasted several hours, but police really got concerned when they learned aerial video of the whole scene from a privately-owned drone was uploaded to the Lufkin Police Facebook page. The video revealed locations of the officers who were surrounding the house, and that really got them alarmed. They immediately deleted the video because if the man in the house had seen it he would have known exactly where to shoot. Fortunately, it ended peacefully when the man surrendered after several hours of negotiation and no one was hurt. The owner of the drone hasn't been identified or found, but police are still looking for him.