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  1. You got it right, 18 feet. It is a pretty amazing project. If you have a chance,travel to A&M to see and hear the sights and sounds of construction for yourself, I'd highly recommend it, it is intense just to be in the area.
  2. Nate, the flags were put up there in celebration of the topping out of the construction by the work crew. Anyone else doing it would not have been redass, it would have been dumbass.
  3. I stepped away from this thread for too long, thanks mods for cleaning up the mess.
  4. Since late November I have been going by every weeik or two to snap some photos of the construction at Kyle Field. This year the focus is on the east and south stands, next year the west stands will be imploded and rebuilt from scratch. http://scotchtx.imgur.com/
  5. The crane is there for additions to the lobby of the Bright Complex and a new nutrition center. Contrary to what I said earlier, it seems like the above rendering will be more similar to the finished product than I first thought, for better or worse.
  6. The artist who did this often posts his work on his website even when the actual design is not the final version of a project. Some ideas of his may be incorporated into the final design, but I imagine the new/renovated Kyle Field will look much different.
  7. A quick & cheesy photoshop. After the lights go out.
  8. The facade and neon has been restored, the crown even spins. Funds are still being raised to renovate the inside:
  9. I love the finished product! Here are some pictures I took last year of the completed Military Walk:
  10. Construction in progress at the new Scott & White, on February 7, 2012.
  11. Site work is well underway, I'll post some pictures as structures go up. I need to update many threads with some pictures. The Texas A&M Health Science Center in Bryan has about three buildings now.
  12. Odd that *** bar would be censored. I think I heard that there was indeed one there. Somewhere in that area was a place called Fish Richard's that seemed to be very popular as well.
  13. I thought I read that Safeway moved then became AppleTree, I honestly don't remember and went shopping there during the transition. Evem if it was already AppleTree, I'd bet the process was so far along that they just went ahead and finished the new building. Call up Jim, the current owner, I bet he'd know some the history, or could get you in touch with someone who would know.
  14. You could scan in photos at a Walgreens and have them put on a CD, though it would be better if you still had the negatives in good condition.
  15. This is and as far as I know has always been BTU.The Bryan ISD building was a bank previously, as was the old Bryan police station. The current Health Dept. at WJB and Texas, kind of behind the Dairy Queen, was for sure a supermarket. I also don't remember the College Station Piggly Wiggly at all, was it beside the K-Mart?
  16. Bryan's list especially will need some detective work, but narrowing the list to true modern day supermarkets helps a lot. Just for starters: Current: Kroger Signature- Boonville and Rudder HEB- Tejas Center Walmart Supercenter- Briarcrest HEB Pantry - Old Hearne Rd. (near Texas & 21) Village Foods- Briarcrest (formerly Appletree) Appletree(has new name) on Hwy. 21 the Mexican market on Texas might qualify as a "supermarket", but I've only been in there once. Previous(most recent first): Albertsons Townshire (was only around 8 years or so?) Kroger on Texas Ave. (closed when store on Boonville opened) HEB Pantry, Townshire (closed when HEB-Tejas opened). Food Town - never went there, may not qualify as supermarket. Downtown Bryan, south of MLK. Winn/Dixie - 29th St. (currently Brazos Valley Council of Governments and Chamber of Commerce offices, closed mid 90's) Food4Less - Manor East Mall (took over JC Penney spot, closed early 90's) Jewell - smaller grocery store near Luby's (not open long, closed early 90's?) Safeway/Appletree- Briarcrest and 29th (where Brazos Bingo is now, moved to current Village Foods location in late 80's) Piggly Wiggly - Mary Lake and Texas Ave. (Aaron's Rental now, closed late 80's), was previously Orr's? Safeway or Weingarten's ? - on the bend, Texas Ave. (where Whiskey River is now, closed mid-80's) Safeway - WJB and Texas. (currently Health Dept., closed early 80's) Kroger that predated Manor East Mall, current building contains Hasting's. (moved when store on Texas opened?) Feel free to post corrections and I'll try to find out better info as well.
  17. Bryan project approved By CASSIE SMITH theeagle.com The Bryan City Council on Tuesday approved a development agreement with a company that plans to build a project that would include retail space, restaurants, offices, entertainment venues and, possibly, multi-family housing. When complete, the Highland Hills project would be worth about $53 million and is projected to add about $44.6 million to the city's property tax base over the next five years. The 42-acre development is bounded by Briarcrest Drive, Earl Rudder Freeway, Boonville Road and Tom Light Drive. In January, the City Council agreed to expand a tax increment reinvestment zone to include the project. The designation allows the city to use money from rising property taxes in the area specifically for improvements in the zone...
  18. Well, they aren't close together, but there are a number of bars/potential bars along College Ave. Coming from Texas A&M you have Carney's, The Ptarmigan, possible new bar(s) accross the street from P-Tar's, Graham's Nightclub and Whiskey River before hitting Downtown Bryan Graham's is right next to the former "Bryan Arms", which I am surprised they kept standing for a remodal, as I probably would have just bulldozed the place and the club(s) at carson and College are just a few blocks away.
  19. I have long felt that this area, and actually the entire area south of Coulter, north of Villa Maria, between College and Texas Ave, are ripe for redevelopment. This location, located between Texas A&M and Downtown Bryan, has the ability to become a great trendy area for the grad student/recent grad types that have been historically underserved.
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