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  1. http://wtaw.com/2015/09/11/blinn-college-sees-design-of-new-west-bryan-campus/ Slideshow presentation
  2. Sorry, forgot to post some pics from about a week ago: Quick pic from a few days ago:
  3. Yes, that area is very close to Atlas/bio-corridor. It will be very interesting to watch grow, very exciting. By the way, thanks so much for providing pictures. I used to update with pics quite a bit a few years back, and a few of your posts remind me to post some pics stuck on my computer that I neglected to upload.I'm pretty sure you can post the full size pic and it will auto-resize.
  4. Thanks, I think I could,d get that shot from a lower angle and the track might hide some of the parking lot, etc. I'll see if I can make that shot happen one of these days.
  5. Once 2015 rolls around the outside will look coordinated, the interior will certainly be unique, but I am confident it will look great both in person and on TV.
  6. The vertical bricks are part of the brick panels. The bricks on those panels are real, but not of a normal thickness. There will be some "visible seam" issues, but apparently they will look better with some age.
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