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  1. Company modernizing sites on South College Avenue By CASSIE SMITH Doug Pederson and Jack Threadgill officially are turning a half-mile stretch of South College Avenue into Midtown. That's the surname given to five rental properties in Bryan that the pair are spending millions on renovating, hoping to turn it from what many described as an eyesore to a well-groomed area that will become a catalyst for future development. Twin City Properties Management Inc. plans to have a grand opening and ribbon cutting April 15 for the project. "We're transforming this neighborhood and it's going to be powerful," Pederson said. Pederson, co-owner of the real estate management company along with Threadgill, declined to detail how much they're spending on buying the complexes and then doing the massive upgrades. He did say that they're doing it without funding from the state, federal or U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The company is renaming Bryan Arms, Emerald Park, Monterey Oaks and Echols Street apartment complexes, along with a few houses, which will all be known as different variations of Midtown... "I'm absolutely convinced it's going to be spectacular," he said of the area along College Avenue that's bound by Coulter Drive and McKinney Street to the east and Rebecca Street to the west. Pederson said the company excels at buying older properties and modernizing them architecturally and aesthetically. Most of the complexes for the Midtown project were built in the 1960s and 1970s and will see the addition of central air and heating, new lighting, floors, roofs, plumbing and more. "All these properties together give us control of the neighborhood," he said, adding he wanted his tenants to feel comfortable and pleased with the surrounding area. Pederson bought all the properties along Hardy Street two years ago, which will be known as Hardy at Midtown, and is in the neighboring area. He said he also recently purchased several houses down South College Avenue, which will be known as Midtown Homes. The company, which started 20 years ago with one house and one property, recognizes that the Midtown revitalization is a wager, but Pederson said it's one they are willing to take. "The risk we're taking on here is huge. Everything is vacant," he said. ...The renovation The improvements will include adding washer and dryer connections, redoing the parking lots, fixing up the swimming pool and converting one-bed apartments to two, Pederson said. "We're looking to redo the property pretty much completely from top to bottom. Everything from roofs to flooring to plumbing and lighting fixtures," he said. Model units are scheduled to be available in March and construction should be complete in September, he said. Between Texas A&M and Blinn College, the student population controls a lot of the renting schedule, he said. "If it's not rented by Sept. 1, it will not rent. So we have no choice," he said. "It has to happen and it has to happen fast." The target audience for the units will be students, retirees, the working young and middle age, and single and married individuals, he said, adding it would be a melting pot of people. ...Pederson said he thinks the location for Midtown is perfect. "For me, there's something about being off the beaten path, but not too far," he said. Acting as a catalyst Pederson said city officials helped the company expedite the paperwork process. City Manager David Watkins said Bryan Arms was in awful shape when he first moved to the city. "What Pederson is doing to revitalize the area is exactly what the city is trying to encourage in older parts of the community," he said. "We are just absolutely thrilled like you can't believe at what he's doing," Watkins said. "Any time you go into an area that has a blighted image and someone improves the property, it encourages the adjoining property owners to do the same thing."...
  3. Former Bryan Air Force Base to be transformed into multimillion-dollar research hub and education center over next few years (May 2, 2016) Other links: Multi-million dollar research facility to anchor Riverside Campus hub Full steam ahead for RELLIS RELLIS Campus is an exciting project for Texas A&M, this community Texas A&M System breaks ground for first RELLIS facility RELLIS Campus showing signs of its commitment to the future
  4. This got dropped in favor of Blinn joining A&M at the Rellis campus, which already has a number of new buildings.
  5. Slideshow presentation
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    Redevelopment of Bryan's "Midtown"

    The City of Bryan needs to align at least two crossings of Texas Ave. between Rosemary and Villa Maria. The way the light cycles are now with akward crossings at Sulpher Springs/Eagle Pass, North/Broodmoor, Hensel/Inwood makes for less efficient east-west traffic and longer waits on Texas. College Ave is in a better position for continued development. It's already happening, just slowly.
  7. Scotch

    Redevelopment of Bryan's "Midtown"

    Bryan to review consultant proposals for Midtown Area Plan By Clay Falls | Posted: Fri 6:20 PM, Jun 15, 2018 | Updated: Fri 6:43 PM, Jun 15, 2018 Companies who want to take part in what the area might look like for the next 30 years were asked to send in proposals to the city. The Midtown area stretches around two square miles from Downtown to Northgate. With the help of residents and consultants, the city is looking to the area's future. Read more:
  8. Scotch

    Bryan Municipal Golf Course

    Ten year update can be summed up as: AgShacks takeover some established neighborhoods, a "SuperPark" is in the works for the old Muni site, and finally, a study is being done for the "potential" of this area of town, branded as Midtown. The area has had loads of potential for a while, it's nice that decision makers have begun taking steps to help the area redevelop in a more organized manor.
  9. Scotch

    Redevelopment of Bryan's "Midtown"

    Bryan working on master plan for area between Northgate and Downtown BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The City of Bryan is looking for new ideas for a large section of town. As the new super park develops at the old municipal golf course, they are now asking for consultants to look at ways to plan what they call the "Midtown Area." Friday, the city opened up the process to receive requests for proposals. Bryan city leaders are working on a new "go to" destination. The Midtown Area goes from just south of Downtown to Northgate... Read More
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    Queen Theater

    The Eagle: Long live the Queen: Community celebrates red carpet grand opening of Downtown Bryan icon May 5, 2018 KBTX: Sneak peek of The Queen's Grand Opening
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    Queen Theater

    History According to the Schulman Theaters website: “In 1926, Abraham Schulman moved to Bryan with his son Morris. Together, they purchased the Queen and Dixie Theatres on Main Street. The old Bryan City Hall was purchased in 1928 and converted into the Palace Theater - a premiere facility offering both Vaudville stage shows and the new talking films. The Queen Theater was torn down and rebuilt in 1939 with the first "conditioned air" system in any theater west of the Mississippi. After that, the Palace Theater was upgraded to include conditioned air as well. The three Bryan theaters ran successfully for many years, but days of single screen theaters passed and the Palace was the last of the three to close its doors in 1985.” The Queen Theater is an instantly recognizable landmark in Downtown Bryan and a favorite of photographers, both professional and amateur. There are numerous pictures of the Queen on the net, most from the past twenty years. Many are linked at the Cinema Treasures site and more can be found at Flickr. (Don Lewis’ photos of old signs and theaters are extraordinarily interesting and worth an hour or two alone). Here are some selected links to pictures of the Queen at Flickr: Queen and Dixie (circa 1986-88). The Dixie Theatre can be seen in dreary grey just a year or two prior to its reinvention as The Stafford Opera House in bright yellow. Queen (circa 1986-88) Queen (approx 2006) Close-up of crown A close-up of crown from another photographer, with more pictures from 2006
  12. Scotch

    Spence Park Renovation

    This is news to me. "Fitch" from a popular Texas A&M forum got the ball rolling on this, big time, he would likely know more details. This at least looks promising, even if vague. From KBTX, 2015: Group Working to Add Amenities, Renovations to Spence Park, about Fitch's website(since taken offline as far as I know) and efforts to build momentum for a project. From KBTX, 2016: Texas A&M quietly continuing plans for Spence Park renovations
  13. Thought I'd revive this thread since another theater is opening in the not-too-distant future. Bryan Queen Theatre: Early 1900's - mid-70's. Originally opened as the Exchange Hotel, late 1800s, became a theater, the Crystal, in the early 1900s, burning in 1914. Purchased by Shulman in 1926. Torn down and rebuilt in art deco style in 1939. Facade restored in 2011, interior renovated and reopened approx. 2016-17 as offices/meeting spaces. Dixie Theatre: older than 1913 - 197?, purchased by Shulman in 1926. Partially burned by fire built by vagrant in 1983. In the early 90's, became Stafford Opera House, then for about 1995-1998 it reverted back to the Dixie Theatre name from, later known as The Venue in mid-2000's. July 2008-201? known as Stafford-Main Street. Sold and after renovations operates as the Grand Stafford Theater. Palace Theater: 1928 - 1985, 1987 - present as an open air venue. Originally Bryan City Hall. Circle Drive-In:at least by 1952 - ?, NW corner of University and College Ave. Skyway Drive-In: opened prior to 1948 - 1967, site of current Tejas Center Manor East III: November 7, 1973 - 1994, large theater still in use by The Theater Company in the Tejas Center. Skyway Twin Drive-In: 1967 - mid 1985, was located behind the future Schulman 6 Schulman 6: 197? - 1995, 1997 - 2002(as College Park 6), now Blinn College classrooms. Bryan Premiere 15 + IMAX: 2006-present, Opened as a 16 screen theater, one was converted to IMAX around 2013. College Station Campus Theater: 1940 - mid 80's; vacant until converted to club Shadow Canyon, then Midnight Rodeo, now Daisy Dukes. Cineplex III: 1980(?) - 1996, where Harry's/Piranha Fitness Studio is now; was a Lazer Tag briefly after theater closed. Parkway Theater, Park Place III(?): 1984(?) - 1992, became a few clubs/pool halls, then bought and remodeled by church Carmike Post Oak 3: 1984-2000, later mall location of Rockie's. Cinemark Movies 18 & XD: 1993-present, opened as a 16 screen theater "Hollywood USA", converted to stadium seating and added two theaters 2003-2004, converted to all recliner seating 2016-17. Star Cinema Grill: Opens 2018. Coming to Century Square development. Updated information from the 2013 B/CS Eagle article Early Bryan theater owner Bill Schulman dies at 86 as well as information gleaned from Cinema Treasures and Frank Mills' profiles of selected Silver Screens in Texas
  14. Blinn College, Texas A&M celebrate RELLIS Campus groundbreaking
  15. Making progress for future RELLIS campus
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    Park West Apartments

    As of one week ago: Front- Back-
  17. Alliance Residential Company Acquires Nine-Acre Site for 261-Unit Luxury Apartment Community within the Atlas Master Development of Bryan-College Station, Texas link
  18. Stella Hotel nearing completion.
  19. Planned development continues in the east side of Bryan. University Dr will be extended east, once it crosses Boonville Rd, it will be entirely within the City of Bryan city limit. From City of Bryan website:
  20. The Stella Hotel in late July, I'll try to make it out there again later this week.
  21. Nice pictures, thanks for the updates. Both of those buildings are in Bryan, the southern portion of Atlas will be in College Station, though by agreement Bryan will receive a direct benefit from taxes from that area as well.