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  1. I was wondering if during these recent heavy rains whether there was any problem getting in and out of SCR along the local roads like BW8 feeders and such? Also, since you live in SCR, do any parts of the detention ponds and lakes ever foul up?
  2. I have never seen Clear Lake blue...muddy green at best. it is prettiest at night, when you can see all the lights and can't see the color....then you can imagine it being blue during the day. Bay Oaks is the best neighborhood in the area and probably in the whole Houston area. Very country club atmosphere. Homes start around 400K up to around 2 million. One of the best golf courses in the area. Very quiet and family-oriented area, not a whole lot of excitement though. None of that suburban urbanization has really hit Clear Lake yet. I'd like to see something start up though. They should build more housing around Baybrook for the urbanites who have to work in the area like me. There really is none at all except for apartments. I think some upscale condos or townhomes by Baybrook would sell like hotcakes.
  3. Uptown signs are as unique as they come. Never seen them anywhere else. I used to live in that area and would always find myself admiring them while sitting in traffic. Had friends down from Chicago who thought they were pretty cool. In fact, they'd fit right in Millenium Park if anyone has been there. They go well with the chrome artdeco streetlamps as well So if $10K is all it costs, then I say add more of them! It adds to the city's image. Houston would also look great with the lighted white on green street signs in some other cities...I think I've seen them in Vegas and/or Orlando.
  4. I know about the proposed plans for new HCA and Memorial-Herman clinics at 288/BW8. Just wanted to get an idea of how easy/hard it is to get medical care in Pearland at the moment. If you could comment on primary care vs specialists that would also help. Thanks!
  5. Found it. http://www.houstonpress.com/Issues/2001-09...ature_full.html This was before SCR was built, but its interesting to see all the issues that were being dealt with at the time. I actually called the Department of Engineers of Pearland. The floodplain administrator there has only been working there for 4 months, so he doesn't seem to know much about what happened during Allison. But he says SCR is the driest area in Pearland, given its detention lakes, ponds, and basins. This article seems to confirm that, though I don't know if anything's been done for the downstream communities, since if there were to be run-off from the SCR detention lakes into Clear Creek, those neighborhoods wold be affected. He confirmed that SCR is in an "AE zone" which is high risk, but the detention system makes is an "X" zone that is not flood-prone. He said it is built to withstand more than a 100-year flood.
  6. Thanks for the info. From the map it appears that SCR and Silverlake is at the edge of the Clear Creek floodplain. I know SCR wasn't really there during Tropical Storm Allison, but does anyone know how Silverlake fared? Also, anyone know the elevation of Pearland above sea level?
  7. Can anyone give me info on whether Pearland is in a flood zone? And what are the general requirements for flood insurance in this area? I heard from an insurance "expert" that the entire Pearland region is a Flood Hazard Zone "A," which supposedly designates an area that is at high risk, and that flood insurance is required in the area. Can anyone shed some light on this or refer me to other resources? Thanks!
  8. Frenchie's Italian on Nasa Rd 1 and El Camino has been a long time fav for me....nice and quaint with great food.
  9. Question for Shadow Creek Ranchers: Do the streets ever flood in SCR?
  10. Good news for those with young children living in Shadow Creek Ranch (Alvin ISD). Mary Burks Marek Elementary was rated "Exemplary" by the new 2006 TEA accountability ratings. Manvel JH was Recognized Alvin HS was Acceptable http://www.tea.state.tx.us/perfreport/acco...2006/index.html
  11. The new TEA accountability ratings are out: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/perfreport/acco...2006/index.html Pearland ISD, (Clear Creek ISD) Clear Lake, are "Recognized." Fort Bend ISD (Sugarland) is "acceptable" Of course, there are exemplary gems within most ISDs http://www.fortbendisd.com/testing/2006account.pdf
  12. I would up that number to 200, considering there are 3 large commercial developments (Promenade Shops at Spectrum, SCR Town Center with HEB, Pearland Town Center with Dillards and Macy's) off of 288 + 3 local strip malls within SCR (SCR Village, SC Island Plaza, Plaza at Reflection Bay). Salesperson at one of the SCR builders estimated 80% of their home buyers are actually Medical Center employees. The new HCA and Memorial Hermann complexes should keep that number high. I think as commercial developments increase around SCR, even more Medical Center people who previously avoided Pearland will be moving there. I know physicians who wanted to live in SCR, but decided not to because of the lack of commercial development. Apartments will go up anywhere there is increased commercial development. Uptown/Galleria area has seen a proliferation of luxury apartments as has Clear Lake over the years. Sharpstown is ghetto because the whole area is kind of ghetto. I don't think there are any real high-end neighborhoods in that area. Apartments in Pearland are required to support the local "industry" (commercial, medical) workers as Pearland sees commercial progress. I definitely think Pearland could become the next Sugarland/Woodlands. That's part of the reason why I'm building there. After all the new residential and commercial developments mature in 5 years, Pearland could start to crack the top 100 small town lists like Sugarland, League city, and the Woodlands.
  13. I vote for Fung's Kitchen Sunday Dim Sum. The carts go around on the weekends. I will say that their Hargaow and Chiu-Mai (most common dumplings) aren't that great. They have the most variety and the more uncommon adventurous dishes are the best. There is also a new place called Yum Yum Cha Cafe, a quaint small cafe in the Rice Village Shopping area between the old and new sections that does pretty darned good Dim Sum. Its a made to order kind without the carts, which I actually prefer, because the food always comes out piping hot. Pretty authentic as well. The tripe (for all you tripe afficianados) was one of the best I've had. The Hargaow and Chiu-mai here are one of the best in the city. Man, I'm getting hungry just thinking about all this!
  14. Thanks for all the replies and info. Any areas of Pearland that flood? Heard a rumor that y'all could confirm or dispel. Someone mentioned to me that they thought the Silverlakes neighborhood doesn't take care of its retention pond/lake areas very well. After all the lots were sold, the developers didn't really care about those public community areas, and they have been neglected since then. Anyone find that to be true?
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