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  1. Houston Arts and Media and Story Sloane’s Gallery will be co-hosting the first annual Houston History Book Fair & Symposium on Saturday, Nov. 13, at the historic Heights Church of Christ at Heights Blvd and 16th Street. The event runs from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., and admission is free. It is the only comprehensive symposium event dedicated solely to the history of Southeast Texas. There are plenty of authors committed to attending this inaugural event, and all will be there throughout the day selling and signing their various books on area history. Every half hour throughout the day, a different author will speak in the church library about the topic of their work. There will also be a panel discussion, sponsored by Arcadia Publishing, at noon in the main event hall during which four Arcadia authors will answer questions and discuss the process of researching and preparing a book on local history. The event is designed to be a fun way to draw attention to Houston’s history and raise awareness for ongoing HAM projects such as their HAM Slices of History videos, the Neighbor to Neighbor Oral History Project, and the multi-volume Historic Schools of Harris County. It will be the first time that HAM’s new full length documentary "Houston: A Nation’s Capitol" will be available on DVD. All attending teachers with ID will receive a free gift of historic posters courtesy of Story Sloane’s Gallery, a photo gallery specializing in images of our past with an emphasis on Houston from the early 1900s till the 1980s. More information at http://www.sloanegallery.com Door prizes will be awarded throughout the day. Attendees are encouraged to stay and listen to speakers as long as they like. Here's a schedule of speakers: 10:30 – Carol Vance - "Boomtown D.A." 11:00 – Bill Hobby – "How Things Really Work: Lessons From a Life in Politics" 11:30 – Naomi Carrier – "Go Down Old Hannah" 12:00 – Arcadia Publishing Authors Panel Discussion, Main Hall Four Authors on preparing your book on local history: Brian Davis (Lost Galveston), Ron Goodwin (African-American Houston), Sallie Gordon (Courtlandt Place), Anne Sloan (Houston Heights) 1:00 – Ed Cotham – Four Gulf Coast Civil War Titles 1:30 – Kurt Voss - "Elissa: The Tall Ship of Texas" 2:00 – Jim Bevill – "The Paper Republic" 2:30 – Michael Botson – "Labor, Civil Rights & the Hughes Tool Company" 3:00 – Doug Weiskopf – "Rails Around Houston" 3:30 – Dwight Watson – "Race & the Houston Police Department: 1930-1990" http://www.houstonartsandmedia.org/book%20fair.html Why am I mentioning this? Well this event was partly my idea so I'd like to see it become an annual event. I'll be there all day so drop in and say hello!
  2. In the last couple of days it's been demolished.
  3. His book is popular, but unfortunately, it's out of print. Oh it can be found online, but that's about the only place to find it. However, a few months back I purchased a copy of Byrd's book at an estate sale for 25 cents. I already had one copy of his book, but no way was I going to pass up getting another copy at that price. I haven't decided what to do with it. Maybe I'll give it away on the blog.
  4. I've been meaning to write about this one. It would show up in the "unsolved murder" stories well into the 1950s.
  5. Neat, I can see Astroworld and Colt Stadium
  6. Sure do! You can find them all over here. http://blogs.chron.com/bayoucityhistory/sigman_byrd/ One thing I haven't been able to find is a photograph of the guy. Chron and Press files don't have pictures of him. The best I could do was this scan from an article that appeared in the Press after the Texas City explosion.
  7. I doubt it was censored. The originals would almost certainly be available for viewing at the Texas Room. I was wondering why poisoning wasn't listed under suicide. I always find that manner of suicide appearing in the papers. Maybe I just missed it.
  8. "Carrying a dirk" That's something you don't hear too often.
  9. Thanks for passing that along. You haven't heard anything yet! I should have the next post up on Monday. There are some other, non-Marvin stuff I'll post after I run through "The Roving Mike" this month. In all, there's about 8 hours worth of audio I'm dealing with here.
  10. Speaking of the Gulf Bank area, does anyone know where the old Humble tanks used to be on U.S. 75? I'm working on an upcoming blog post that has a reference to the Humble tanks north of Houston. I was thinking it's that Exxon facility south of I-45 and Gulf Bank today, but I wasn't sure.
  11. The same thing happened to the old St. Joseph Maternity Building. The building was demolished and a portion of it was used as the entrance to the park that sits on the site today.
  12. I could go up to 40 photos. It's just that space becomes an issue at that point I guess. The focus of the exhibit is on an individual (the photographer in this case) so I'm not sure if a bar or coffee house is the best place to stage a photo exhibit like this.
  13. Can anyone out there recommend any galleries here that can host photo exhibits? I've checked a few here in town but they're either closed at night/weekends, or too small or way too big. I'm looking to display at least 25 photos with some added elements to the exhibit. It's part of a project I'm working on that has a tremendous local history bent to it. Thanks for your help! J.R.
  14. Good stuff. Kinda reminds me of the store at Cypress Top, without the lunch counter.
  15. I just call the freeways by their numbers, unless I'm trying to be real specific in regards to directions or locations. I've never heard anyone call 288 the South Freeway, or 59 the Eastex Freeway, or I-10 East the Baytown East Freeway (though I like the BEast nickname).
  16. Smith was still part of Aldine by 1958. I've seen a picture that shows a black family being rejected from admitting their children to the school.
  17. No memories of Victoria Station though it sounds familiar. And yep! I remember the chip baskets, too! I'll check and see if we have any Greenspoint Mall photos sometime.
  18. The public doesn't have access to the Post or Chronicle archives. There just isn't enough staff to accommodate outside researchers. And, yep, the Chronicle has the Post morgue, including clip files and photos. The HPL only has the negatives.
  19. I get more reaction from the Then & Nows than any other blog posts I do. If I could, I'd do one every week!
  20. It was my pleasure! The Google Images/Life magazine collection also has some color photos of the monorail available for viewing.
  21. Over the last 30 years, I'm sure my parents and I have spent enough money at that Monterey House to keep it in business. I remember it looking very different back then (no windows if I recall correctly, dimly lit) compared to today. I also remember the Sound Warehouse next to the Scooby Doo (later a BBQ?) restaurant. Eventually the Sound Warehouse moved across the freeway to the newer shopping center.
  22. I heard there have been some delays and/or disputes. I seem to recall work won't be complete until after 2009.
  23. There's also a name discrepancy between those two street markers on Cortlandt/Courtlandt in the Heights.
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