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  1. I'm in Montrose but same here. This new dealership will only be 2 miles from me but I'll still be going to North Houston.
  2. 0%? Officers can't write tickets for running a red light?
  3. Not really. I generally consider Houston to be the hellhole.
  4. Wow, the OP was right. Absolutely horrible.
  5. Had The original on Colorado shut down back in 2007, IIRC. Its replacement has 2 screens. I see your point but I doubt that someone looking to start up such a business would consider a single screen to be worthwhile. I'd love to be proven wrong though. The Alamo's claim to fame IMO wasn't just serving beer. They also had good food that wasn't ridiculously priced, unusual films/videos and unusual events.
  6. There were several (mentioned in this thread) and it didn't seem to make a difference. What makes you think it's a modeling studio? http://www.b4-u-eat.com/houston/restaurants/reviews/rsv3004.asp It's definitely still there.
  7. It has been done for some time now: http://www.jillhunterphotography.com/numen/album Really? http://www.numendevelopment.com comes up just fine for me. Isn't the bottom the same metal as the walls and top? The containers have marine grade plywood as flooring (left in place and refinished for the guest quarters for the Cordell house) but that isn't the actual bottom of the container itself.
  8. That's it. They do the same thing for mopeds in Taiwan.
  9. There's nothing in your original post that explains why moving businesses (that wouldn't be open after hours anyway) to street level or opening tunnels after hours would make any difference. Nor is there anything in your original post that explains why demand for existing street-level businesses is so low despite your claims that there is unsatisfied demand. Perhaps you'd care to point it our for us? Precisely! All you have to do is look at current street level businesses. They're not suffering because of a lack of street level businesses...
  10. Wow, I certainly won't be over there for much... Guess we will see how these retailers hold out.
  11. takeshi

    Tea Bar

    I have a Rancilio espresso machine, a Technivorm for drip and two serious coffee grinders and I still go out for coffee. I guess YMMV.
  12. Kinda late here but one of the principals of Numen Development did this for a friend's house on Allston. I believe in that particular case the roof had to be raised a bit. However, it was very well done and you actually can't tell from the street that the house has a second floor, retaining its original look. Numen's working on pushing homes built from surplus shipping containers but they're certainly capable of more than just container-based homes. http://www.numendevelopment.com/
  13. So what do you drive (so I know to look out)?
  14. I'm still rooting for Chick-fil-a. Something like Panera or Einstein Bros would have been cool too. It's too bad about the Chili's though (bleh).
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