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  1. I recently started managing Sterrett Street Studios that is adjacent to this and live across the street in William Street Lofts. It’s been interesting to say the least. I am curious what sort of ROW they have to place this trolley on Sterrett, I have heard they plan on making these 1 way streets w diagonal parking, but haven’t seen anything official. Does anyone know anything about this? Parking does get a little crazy during shows at last concert. Anyway I thought this plat map from 1864 the city sent me last week was cool, Sterrett is second street and I thought you all would appreciate a look inside a unit at William Street Lofts, the old Bienville Furniture Company building. IMG_7962.mov IMG_9302.tiff
  2. This has a similar lighting system as the Omni Dallas, it was only on the west and south sides last night FullSizeRender.mov
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