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  1. You could probably get a villa at La Colombe d'Or for that. Romantic, private and great food. Built in 1923. I loved it but one of my friends thinks its over-rated and old.
  2. Sylvio Fagundes or Brutus Brynmar
  3. Nearly cut and paste for me. Especially #8 and #10, maybe replace Zoolander with Happy Gilmore and add The Natural. My closet movie is Highlander. "Its better to burn out than to fade away!"
  4. Ahh.. Been going to Hunan Village for years. Mia's is really good too, as is Mo Mong for vegatarian fare. We really like the Veggie Penang and Veggie Basil at Thai Choice out at Westheimer and Wilcrest.
  5. I think that I am using the same guys as Jason. Champion Contractors 713-898-9817 They haven't started my work yet but I hear good things.
  6. .... gets to go to the courthouse and get the official plat.
  7. If you can solve the dispute with something a bit more basic, you could use the HCAD website to see the basic lay of your plot. Go to http://www.hcad.org/maps/Houston.asp and just keep clicking the map until you get to the pdf file with your neighborhood facet. I also support the idea of going out and finding your stakes. You should have gotten everything you needed in your closing documents.
  8. Hey Jason! Yep we finally went through with it. There really isn't too much work to do. Some restoration and some renovation. Most of the philipine mahogany is in good working order, although I am going to have to work at removing the faded ghosts of all thier artwork (or find similarly sized pieces). We want to convert part of the garage into a mudroom/bathroom and air condition the utility room. The kitchen needs some restoration to former glory as well as the second bathroom. The masterbath is amazingly small and utilitarian, not sure what to do with it. The garage doors are original 5 panel but falling apart. The only exterior work needed is finding new doors, replacing the cedar around the doors, and painting the trim. I favor the single piece, cantilever doors but think I'll have a hard time finding the hardware and anyone with the install know-how. I spent most of the weekend pulling down 80s era tracklighting, drape hardware from the valence, about 100 nails evenly distributed throughout the house, electrical wiring on the outside of the walls instead of inside, and using that liquid gold on the mahogany to get it to shine (I love the stuff). There is a sunken dining room. Know anyone that still pours terrazo?
  9. Texasdago- Thanks for the info. I was wondering how they came by that number. That one 2 doors down from me, does it have a little earthen greenspace with a ficcus right off the kitchen? Jeebus- Working on getting my pictures off my camera. I should have my home computer and network up in the next couple days. Thanks for the interest.
  10. Very interesting. I'll have to make a drive by.... or something.
  11. Lowbrow

    Got Gas?

    I wouldn't put too much faith in the estimates handed down by oil companies or these oil rich countries (read national oil companies). How many times have oil companies had thier hands slapped for over estimating reserves? It almost ruined Shell a few years back when they had to reassess thier reserves. Doing so is no small undertaking. I work for an oil field service company and we continually run into our clients wanting us to use the most optimistic numbers we can come up with. If I can increase the reserves for the business unit, they all get bigger bonuses. As for the national oil companies, they have the added reason of politics to increase thier estimates. Political clout. From my perspective they can be the hardest companies to work with of all. The amount of bureaucracy is amazing. How many politicians do you think want to drag us through thier offices when we are visiting to do just a little amount of work? No small number, I tell you. Everyone wants a peice of the pie... and some of that clout.
  12. Lowbrow

    Got Gas?

    The first thing that comes to mind is china.
  13. Thanks for that, everyone. We have the original blueprints and they were approved in 1959. I believe construction started that same year (per the original owners) although when our appraisal came back it said it was built in 1962. I doubt it took 3 years to build. We do fear for the mod exactly behind us. It was bought with cash by an architecture/engineering duo two years ago and absolutely nothing has been done to it since. No move in, no rental, no restoration. Rumor is that they wanted to try to split the lot but have run into problems.
  14. I am very excited. My wife, myself, and 2 daughters closed on our MCM in Memorial Bend yesterday. We are about 2 weeks from adding a son to that list. We bought our mod from the original owners who designed it alongside the architect William Wortham. Thanks to Michael Brichford (of Memorial Bend fame) for bringing this gem to our attention just days before it hit the market. Very little needs to be done to this house. I'll update anything we do here and on LottaLiving.com. Here some pics care of Michael's website: Cheers.
  15. Lowbrow

    Got Gas?

    Perhaps I should have said "world averages of today". I do wish taxes were higher on fuel here in the states but that isn't what I am talking about when I am talking about $5.00 gas. I'm talking about $100+/barrel oil really. Although we are already comfortably into the viable oil sands margin. I'm not sure exactly where the frozen methane (clathrates) margin is... I dont think anybody does. By hitting these margins we effectively expand our reserves and hopefully add some stability to the market. Again, I'm a rock guy, not a economist.
  16. I'm sure forging a signature is above and beyond but most closings do include a document (that you probably signed) that allows the title company to fix clerical errors found after the closing. No idea on how this impacts your legal situation.
  17. Lowbrow

    Got Gas?

    Tar sands are feasible now. Just look at Alberta's booming exports. Alberta is the new Iran. I wholely believe if we treated our neighbors (Canada and Mexico.. oh and Venezuela (lol)) we could become western hemisphere dependent only. But that wont happen as long as our stand on Globalization (venezuela), Immigration (mexico) and Soft Lumber (canada) remain what they are. Also the chinese are growing really friendly with canada lately.. they are even building them a nice little pipeline to the west coast for exporting to asia. Go China!
  18. Hey, thats how I first picked up on the fact that "Rushmore" was filmed in Houston. I was like "Hey theres no advertising on that bus... hey thats a metro bus... hey thats Rice University" Cha-ching.
  19. Lowbrow

    Got Gas?

    I'm no economist but my view on our status is rather bleak. Not enough to keep me from buying a new home but enough to make me decrease my excess spending. I work in the oil industry and I believe the price of gas in america is still held pretty low for the consumer. I think we americans live in something of a bubble (not the kind that pops but the kind that seperates us from more natural economies) that will dissolve over time now that we have competition in many markets. Five dollars a gallon does not seem outrageous to me. I think that will bring us more in line with world averages. It will also make other sources of petroleum economically viable. More frozen methanes, more oil sands, etc. My hope as an American to retain some standing in the world community is tied to education and science. I am very troubled with the "brain drain" we currently see with most of our technical grads moving back home (ie not the US). H1 visas are way to hard to obtain and greencards even worse. This all ties into immigration issues that I could talk about all day so I'll stop there.
  20. Memorial Bend is zoned to Memorial High, Memorial Middle, and Rummel Creek Elem. All are great schools and the Bend isn't crazy overpriced like much of the 77024 zip area. Although I believe there are even less expensive homes bordered by I-10, Beltway-8, Gessner, and Memorial. They are probably zoned to Frostwood Elementry.
  21. Thanks for making me look this up. http://archrecord.construction.com/news/da.../060302asia.asp Dated March 2, 2006 Taniguchi's $40 million, 35,000-square-foot Houston project (RECORD, January, 2005, page 34), set to open in 2010, is still in pre-schematic design stages. But models show that it will likely include some of Taniguchi's signature elements, including a long, rectilinear building fitted with large, flat overhangs, overlooking a rectangular pool. The pool, large windows, and two gardens, says project development director Margaret Bott, will utilize Taniguchi's ability to "create nature in the building." The structure will include a 300-seat theater, a caf
  22. Now who thought up putting sidewalks in the Heights??? I love the changes. Lots of businesses moving into the area. Interesting restaurants and the like. I went to the Heights the other day for dinner and all I could think was... I just traveled to the heights to have dinner... wow.
  23. Turn east on beechnut off the beltway, go a block down on the right hand side, old converted school bus.
  24. I did try the Lupe's near 59 and Kirby and didnt think the fajitas were up to snuff.... but I've been to the Lupes out on I-10 about 10 times in the last couple months and 9 times out of 10 it was just amazing. (The marinade is lime based, u08)
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