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  1. There was also a Gold's Gym close to the Bealls. It was owned by the same guys that owned that pizza joint at the seawall and broadway... I forget the name. I used to work out there every day while I was a waiter at Gaido's... nearly 3 years of it. After working out I would go eat at either the mall cafeteria or go to Luby's up on 61st street. -had my ear pierced at the Piercing Pagoda in 1990 -bought a cheezy italia summer suit at some shop next to GNC in 1991, very guido
  2. The La Leche League promotes breast feeding beyond toddlerhood... up to 4 years old I've heard. Personally, anything beyond 18 months seems excessive unless its an economic/nutritional decision.
  3. This property just popped up on my foreclosure alert emails... default amount 168k.
  4. A friend of mine lives on Nocturne. I love his house and many of the others in the neighborhood.
  5. This A9 map site is no more. Anyone know why? Bought? Homeland Security?
  6. Nope. Wish I did. I absolutely love the outside of that house but it needs a lot of help inside... of the deremodeling variety.
  7. Ive seen the newer dorms but perhaps you mean some other building? I heard they were building a new engineering building some months ago.
  8. In my 3 years on Pelican Island we had knee deep water across the campus twice. I spent one storm swimming around the ship channel trying to get all our sail club boats back (not my brightest moment). In the dorms we were allowed only pets that could swim. A roomate tried to build scuba gear for his guinea pig.
  9. Being a dredge spit doesn't help when trying to draw in developers. The mosquitos alone would keep me from considering living there. I know that back in the 90's they let the 3 mosquito populations thrive there while spraying elsewhere as a control to keep the species Galveston-wide from becoming immune to the insecticides. That picture is a bit dated, there are some more dorms now in the top right corner.. and don't they have a new vessel? I lived in the top long dorm ("C Dorm") for most of 1988 and then the next two years in one of the smaller dorms just to the left of it ("A Dorm" .... Very creative).
  10. As of last weekend the for sale sign has been down and I have wondered to no end what was up there. No more info though. No sale through mls. No nothing. If I see anyone on the property I'll ask for ya.
  11. I believe that is just a overflow pond. Part of the I-10 expansion as far as I know.
  12. Both my brother and I met our wives through eHarmony. I tried them all and hated them all until eH. Most were very hook-upish. It all depends on what your looking to get out of it. Good luck.
  13. I enjoyed parts of all 3 houses. The Traviata house was my favorite though. Did the figaro house sell? No longer a sign out front.
  14. Clary's is really an institution in itself. Been something of a secret for a long time. I'd rate it well above Gaido's.
  15. Is there a recommendation in there? I'm big on Malay and Thai, never had Filipino.
  16. 423 ISOLDE is no longer on MLS... I assume it is no longer being shown today? 12922 FIGARO is a very nice house and huge lot (backs up to mine)... but I've been told they are very firm on thier numbers. It was bought to be torndown but that got squashed. (yay!)
  17. Being as this is on the West side of the division you actually have a choice between Memorial High or Stratford. BTW, I love this house. They had a family of owls living in the back yard in the recent past. Not sure if they still do. Edit: I just looked at the listing... That is a good offering. Watcing the neighborhood and the scarcity of 4 bedrooms I would have thought +50k.
  18. I've been addicted to the Library of Congress site for a few months now. We utilize some of those images in our marketing.
  19. Memorial Bend is a great buy. It took me a year to get the house we wanted here, but we were very specific. Schools are Rummel Creek Elem., Memorial Middle, and Memorial High (also choice of Stratford if you are on the west side).
  20. I was paying $1250/month for a 1.5 bedroom apartment down there while I was going through my divorce. If it was about money I would have gone into Houston where I could get a better deal.
  21. 1965 Maserati Mistral Coupe
  22. ditto on that. screams birth control.
  23. Who went and what did you think? I missed it. My daughter's naptime always seems to overlap with these kinds of events.
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