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  1. I assume I'm not the only one that is familiar with the new residential construction at westheimer and east rivercrest. A huge house, something that looks like a pool house and a basketball gym. It's right across the street from that Yao Ming Restaurant so we assumed he or his family owned it but hcad says Mike James of the Rockets is the owner. I've always loved Rivercrest, but having the property fronting Westheimer seems a shame. When they first bulldozed the trees there we thought they were putting up another bank or jiffy lube.....
  2. He should have designed the overhang to pull down and cover the glass.... that would be neato.
  3. my kids have been watching the british version of this for quite a few years... I'll have to check this out. Is it the exact same claymation just different voices?
  4. I love this house... and the neighborhood in general. I know one of the owners across the way on S. Braeswood, same block. Also a mod. No idea on the designer.
  5. This house was designed by the same architects that I currently have helping me on some remodeling, Glassman Shoemake Maldonado (Carrie and Ernesto). They also designed this one you've undoubtedly seen on Bissonett: They also remodeled these two: Bluebonnet Institute:
  6. I got my 2007 notice in the mail a few days ago, and thus this post. I paid a good clip more than the county's appraisal value.
  7. There is a cap on annual increases in appraisal value, isn't there? I thought I heard something in the 10% range. I just bought the property last year so all the past tax info is pulled from HCAD: In 2002, the appraised value was increased by 2.83%. 2003, 9.98% 2004, 2.38% 2005, 0% 2006, 10% 2007, 13.48% << We are currently awaiting approval of our homestead exemption. Could this be why they can increase our total value by over 10%? Also the letter from HCAD states that "the more active areas of the county have increased as much as 14.5% over last year." Isn't this statement counter to the cap? What am I missing? Should I protest this? The difference between 10% and 13.48% is about $9k that I will end up being taxed on.
  8. Thanks for all the comments. When we bought the place we couldnt believe that they were hiding their house behind all those bushes and the paint in the original pics of the house looked so much better than what I just painted over. Next? Hmmm. We are either going to spend some time putting in a patio and resurface the driveway (currently looking at pea gravel or permiable pavers).. or... work on going to a split zone HVAC. Really we are still in the "design" phase.
  9. That is correct. The fascade is mainly a split brick, as in it came as one big brick and they would split in on site to give it that rough edge. The brick size is pretty average in depth and height but the length is about twice as long as what is normally used today. ps. I just switched to bigger images to see more detail (hopefully).
  10. Lowbrow


    Anyone care to guess the architect of this 1961 home on Nocturne: They've got a floating ceiling in the dining room, a neat garden nook behind glass in the car port area, and just the right amount of glass all around. Nothing too similar in the neighborhood, although plenty of other mods. Anyone?
  11. OK so here we are with the BEFORE and AFTER The pictures are taken almost exactly a year apart. You can see we've been "landscaping" as well.
  12. Most excellent change, Allison. I love it, as I love the rest of your house. Not sure if you've noticed but we just painted the exterior of ours. A very dark flat brown ("scortched earth" or something like that) which looks good against our light brick (and mimicks the original color of the house much better than the previous tan color). We really haven't done much else since you were over last.
  13. I'm going with a very dark brown, nearly black, paint... I think it is called scorched earth... or burnt earth... or something like that. I'm also guessing flat will be the period choice. While the metals were shiny, they liked their woods as natural as possible. I just replaced the cedar on the garage side of my home today and it looks beautiful! Seems a shame to paint over it at all. But I just can't afford replacing all my cedar and solid staining the entire house.
  14. I'm getting ready to take the exterior of my MCM back to a very similar color to the original. Does anyone have a suggestion for the texture? I never even thought of it until asked by the painters. Anything more period than another... satin, gloss, etc?
  15. Thraxton house would be a great addition. An aside, we are currently going through some redesign on our Traviata house. Wish me luck. Interviewing architects atm.
  16. Top 5 would be: Boston - went to BC for a year and absolutely loved the city, mobility, art, education, diverse cultures (although mostly caucasion) San Fran - lived in the bay area for 3 years, love the freaks, diversity, weather, sailing, etc etc Portland - visited a few times and would love to live there for a spell San Diego - I grew up just north of SD and always loved it and have really enjoyed me few short visits since. New York - Its where my family is from and I love to visit, probably never to live Honorable mention goes to places like Baltimore, Austin, Houston, Albuquerque, Denver, DC, Richmond, Charlotte NC, Wilmington NC and San Diego. Dont really care for: LA Dallas Miami Las Vegas
  17. Does anyone know exactly which direction they are going to expand. Space around there seems limited. I definately wouldnt mind some kind of parking structure where kids dont need to walk across that street to get in.
  18. The Glass Bros. Watermelon Stand has been in the fifth ward since the 50s. I believe it may have closed recently though. At Lorraine and Chase http://www.hottowncoolcity.org/view/site/detail/50/
  19. Is Shagnasty's still out on East Beach?
  20. I plan on calling John when I'm ready for that phase of our project. Allison's terrazzo does look very sharp.
  21. In grad school, I was building some scientific instruments for my dissertation with an engineer at his workshop over the course of a week. On the final day I showed up to finish manufacturing our last microchip and there was ATF and Crimescene tape all over his workshop and home. All the doors were wipe open and there wasnt a soul around. I had to go find a newspaper to find out that he had been raided the night before and all his gear confiscated for allegedly growing, transporting and distributing hydroponic marijuana. That was kind of awkward. They also confiscated all my phd gear as well. My grants were through the office of naval research, so they were trying to nail him with theft of federal property as well. Needless to say, I never saw my equipment again... and I never did finish that phd.
  22. Does anyone know the name of the architect that designed the "new" mod on (2348?) Maroneal St., just west of Greenbriar? I've driven by the house quite a bit and absolutely love it. The living room is completely exposed to the street behind glass. If anyone has pictures, I'd appreciate if you shot them to me (lowbrow909@yahoo.com).
  23. I had to hit refresh 32 times before that ad came up. Pretty low rotation.
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