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  1. I really wanted to see the Heatherglen house as we share the same architect, William Wortham. There was another WW house a few months ago (maybe a year ago), so thats 3 residences that I know of. Before going to these Houston Mods I was only aware of my house and a bunch of commercial projects he did. Thanks. His interiors are very destinctive, I'm fairly sure I would know immediately on entering one of his houses. (BTW, I loved the Colquitt house the other day... absolutely beautiful.)
  2. Lowbrow

    my mod

    Excellent new pics! As always, I love your house... and quite a few others in your neighborhood. Truly envious of your access to so much great korean and mexican food. Odelay... what do I got? La Madelaine and Cafe Express... I still don't know who your architect was....
  3. No, but I know lots of people that do it. It can actually be faster than flying since I am usually leaving from KLCC. I am actually really bummed that SQ have cancelled thier Executive Economy class on the Newark and LAX flights to SIN. I prefered it to business class on alot of other carriers. I'm currently looking for a good alternative... maybe business class on Eva. Flying through Dubai would take too long I think... although Emirates are star alliance which I like. Hmmm... emirates is not star alliance... they are just partnered with United which is star alliance. <later> After much searching I think I will try the moscow route... i'll let you know how it goes. Now to see if I can get upgraded...
  4. This makes me sad since I love the current building on the lot but I have to say that I never gave business to anyone in there either...
  5. Excuse the late reply. No, the house never did reach market. The story is a bit complex but think estate arbitration.
  6. I noticed that one about two weeks ago and have been keeping my eye on it. Not much progress in that time.
  7. I'm none too happy about the situation in Memorial Bend. The big build at Traviata and the beltway feeder south is going to have a stint on the market and I know of at least 2 people that would have happily bought the mod they tore down there. Now 2 streets away they are asking 1.4 million for one that is just starting laying foundation. I'm just shell shocked.
  8. Undergrad in oceanography..... kinda Grad in geophysics..... yep
  9. oh that would just make me weep... I'll be in malaysia...
  10. So what is the travel time from Houston to Moscow to Singapore? I usually fly Houston to LA to Singapore, although I was going to try the Newark route next time as I heard it takes the same amout of air time but isn't quite as packed as the LA flight. Although since my actual destination is usually KL, I'm thinking of trying the Houston to Tokyo to KL flight here in a few weeks.
  11. I lived in Galveston for 6 years back in the early 90s. DiBella's was a weekly occation, Clary's was for dates (much better than Gaidos in my opinion... Clary used to work for Gaidos many years ago). For more casual dining I also like Cafe Michaelburger... although they may have removed all the geat german food from thier menu by now. For seafood the Captian's Table used to have a great Stone Crab Claw night with all you can eat. The best pizza/calzones were found at Ginos around 51st or 53rd street back behind the fort crockett/San Luis hotel area There used to be an italian restaurant somewhere near 21st and strand that was known for the perfect date. It was named after the italian diva lady that ran the place (a painting of her young nude form used to hang above the OGC bar... for those of you that remember the old speakeasy)...that I have forgotten, she gave the best personalized service and the food was wonderful. My guess would be that she has passed by now and the establishment is gone. I did hear that the Skybar sushi place got a wonderful writeup in the New York Times. A friend says it is the best sushi in the Greater Houston Area.
  12. I had a ethiopian coworker in from our Oslo offoce a few weeks back. He got to walk a bunch of my coworkers through the exhibit, I just wish I could have joined them.
  13. You also have to figure in the vertical distance to the fan unit. If t is on the first floor as many are you are having to pump air further which requires more energy.
  14. I've been down there a few times and never noticed any of these....
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