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  1. Crockpot and Gavel, What was it directly before it became a BW3? I seem to remember BW3 was opened in about 1998 or so. My friend owned/operated it, obviously I need to track him down and ask him directly! For some reason I want to say it "Giffs", from Giff Nielson. But maybe I'm just confusing it with the Dan & Nicks iteration. I remember walking through it when it was becoming BW3 and I think they kept a lot of the sports memorabilia from when it was Giffs (or whatever place I'm thinking of). I'm pretty sure it was a sports bar right before it became BW3 (but maybe the
  2. I'm putting this issue to bed. The weather ball did NOT come down in 1964, as every reference to it indicates. Here is another picture from 1968, from the John Wayne movie "Hellfighters". It show both the Gulf sign and the Weatherball in the background. No disputing the date of this one, since it is a major movie with no special effects.
  3. This thread is way old, but the cinema was called PLIT or maybe PLITT. No idea what that stood for, but it was built around the same time that Welch Middle started up, in the very early '80s.
  4. This is driving me crazy... I found a picture from the Houston Chronicle in 1969 (assume taken at same time?) that shows the weatherball, along with several buildings that didn't exist until 1967. In addition, it shows the Gulf "Lollipop" sign, which didn't go up until 1966. So this must mean the weatherball didn't get dismantled in 1964 (a LOT of places mention that same fact). Could they be wrong? Does anyone know for sure when the weatherball went down?
  5. Yeah I do remember that place. Used to eat there in the late '90s. Since that whole area was torn down, it's hard to remember what it even looked like. Don't remember the picture, though.
  6. It is mentioned several times that the weatherball was taken down in 1964. But I posted a picture (on a new thread about the weatherball) showing the weatherball in the same picture as many other buildings that didn't exist until 1967. Can anyone confirm when exactly the weatherball was taken down? Many sources say 1964, but that just can't be given that, in addition to the aforementioned buildings, it is also in a picture also showing the Gulf Lollipop sign, which didn't come about until 1966.
  7. You are absolutely correct. Here is the blog where I got the address, and I blindly just copied it, but they are incorrect!
  8. This photo is attributed to the Houston Chronicle , 1969. The Texas National Bank Building (1300 Main) is on the left side of the SHELL sign with the "weatherball" still on top. Everything I've read says the weatherball was removed in 1964. But the building behind the SHELL sign (1200 Travis) wasn't built until 1967. Also, the TENNECO building wasn't named that until 1966, so what am I missing here? Also, the Gulf lollipop sign wasn't erected until 1966. So it MUST be that the weatherball was NOT dismantled in 1964, as all the sources would indicate, because it is still in this picture.
  9. Confusing picture. The "weatherball" on top of the Texas National Bank building (921 Main @ McKinney) is visible on the left side of the picture. Everything I've read says this was removed in 1964 (and ended up at Astroworld of all places). But the building directly behind the Shell sign, wasn't built until 1967 (1200 Travis). This picture was posted on a Facebook group and is notated as being published in the Houston Chronicle in 1969. What am I missing here? EDIT: I'm not sure it belongs in this thread, so I started a new one with the same picture.
  10. Does anyone remember the other Pig & Whistle? It was also on Richmond but more to the west, maybe around Fountain View area? I think it closed in the early '90s maybe? Where was it exactly, anyone remember?
  11. This was in the semi-recent past, within last 10-20 years or so. There was an Italian/Pizza place either on Westheimer or possibly Memorial, probably just outside of the Beltway (Energy Corridor). I remember they had a collection of basketball player's shoes. The big shoes, incredible sizes. They had many dozens of these shoes displayed on the walls of the restaurant, along with pictures of the players. The pizza was forgettable, but not the shoes. Does any one remember the name of the place? It might still be there, but I doubt it...
  12. Slightly different topic, but does anyone know how Riceville School Road got it's name?
  13. I'm not sure, there is a facebook page related to it. I think the photos are personal contributions from private collections. There is usually and attribution when the photos are posted on facebook (and this is usually to a personal name and relation to photo)
  14. this picture is being discussed on a Houston facebook page (from Traces of Texas website). Anyone have any idea? It is labeled as an undated house is houston. Obviously looks like some sort of rooming or boarding house?
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